Cop drags shackled woman through courthouse by her feet

Published on Feb 24, 2015 by RT America

Courtesy: Bill Gelin/JAABLOG

A Florida police officer dragged a shackled, potentially mentally ill woman through the Broward Countya courthouse by her feet, ignoring the woman’s screams that she was in pain. Dasyl Jeanette Rios, 28, had just taken part in a hearing to determine her mental competency to face charges for non-violently resisting arrest when Christopher Johnson, a Broward Sheriff’s deputy, forcefully removed her. The officer says he feared she would cause a disturbance in a public area after being disrespectful to the judge.

3 thoughts on “Cop drags shackled woman through courthouse by her feet

  1. In truth they are not beating and tassing her. Sometimes such is best. They are showing restraint and at least proving they can bring themselves up to the standards of at least a 1/2 wit.

    1. That’s just plain stupid. So if I put ankle cuffs on you and drag you by the chain its the right/humane way to treat someone. I hope someone you know gets treated this way. O and she was in for resisting arrest , and we know that no one has ever been falsely charged for resisting arrest.

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