7,201 hospital admissions ‘with’ COVID during the last 7 months in England


One thought on “7,201 hospital admissions ‘with’ COVID during the last 7 months in England

  1. COVID DOESNT EXIST !! The sickness is caused by CLIMATE CHANGE you know the constant spraying of Toxic Chemicals in the Skies above you to control the weather, after awhile it begins to work like Bug Spray or Pest Control. It could be the new Covid 5G TOWERS they installed, once they are turned on & cranked up they will give the victim Covid like symptoms guaranteed. It could be your Water Supply they POISON with Fluoride & other chemicals. Maybe its your GMO TOXIC FOOD products they love to POISON BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN, FRUITS & VEGETABLES as well. If they tricked you into taking thier DEATH JAB CLOT SHOT that would be a big health problem. Maybe none of the above mentioned causes applies to you & your body is simply excreting or removing the built up toxins in your body naturaly the way it is suppose to work on its own in regards to COMMON COLDS or FLU. Dont worry either way I am sure king chuck will give you a proper cremation after the ( WHITE COATS = Doctors, Lab Technicians or you Local Butchers) rob your corpse of any of its useful organs or body parts they might want to use in thier ritual ceremonys, research labs, or sell on the Global body parts market for a profit. Just remember you are chucks Servant so act accordingly.

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