91,600 Killed in Yemen Conflict As Congress Seeks To End Arms Sales & US Involvement In The War In Yemen

Activist Post – by Joziah Thayer

The death toll in Yemen has reached over 91,600 according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). The ACLED records that 4,500 direct civilian targeting events resulted in 11,700 recorded civilian fatalities since the US-Saudi led coalition invaded Yemen in 2015. Around 67% of all reported civilian fatalities since 2015 have been caused by US-Saudi led coalition airstrikes. 

2018 was the deadliest year on record since the war started in 2014 according to data provided by ACLED. The uptick in violence has been attributed to the United Arab Emirates offensive against the port of Hodeidah. Clashes between the Houthis who controlled Hodeidah at the time and forces backed by the United Arab Emirates led to the most intense violence to date in the Yemen conflict. The port of Hodeidah is one of the most important ports in the entire country because 80% of the aid imported into Yemen comes through the port of Hodeidah.

The violence in the port of Hodeidah became so bad that it garnered international attention resulting in the Stockholm Agreement, but this did not halt the violence. Intense fighting continued throughout Ad Dali, Hajjah, and Taiz while the fighting slowed in Hodeidah because of the Stockholm Agreement. According to ACLED, there was only a slight decrease in civilian fatalities during this ceasefire.

Read the rest and see the pics here: https://www.activistpost.com/2019/09/91600-killed-in-yemen-conflict-as-congress-seeks-to-end-arms-sales-us-involvement-in-the-war-in-yemen.html

3 thoughts on “91,600 Killed in Yemen Conflict As Congress Seeks To End Arms Sales & US Involvement In The War In Yemen

  1. This is the most unreported war. There is unimaginable suffering, not just from bombs but from starvation, while the Saudis next door live lavish lives in their palaces, joining in this Israeli aggression and using US military weapons. A very ugly triumvirate.


    1. ps: I wish that the Q-gang (psy-op extroidinaire) could somehow look at those children and know what their “hero” helped happen.

      4-D chess seems to always end in genocide.



  2. “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

    They weren’t on ‘the list’.

    But really… they were.

    Like Turkey.

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