99er Tier5 Frankenstein

First Published 9-14-10

Yesterday after spending many hours along with my wife and son sending over 300 emails to our so called representatives, I finally got a chance to look at the comments section for the article entitled, “99ers and Those Who Support Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Fan the Flames”.

I was very pleased to see that those who had logged on were carrying on a conversation that displayed the highest level of intellect.  Then the pretended detractors logged on.  Many of you dealt with them intelligently.  However, some were goaded into veering from the conversation, falling into their trap and entering into a urinating contest with them.  Most of you have shown a high level of intelligence by asking them, “Why are you here?”  You also have noted that though they say that we need to get off our butts and pound the pavement indicating that they are employed, any time you go onto the comment section, night or day, there they are.  So when do they work?  Well the answer is, they are working.

I know this because I have played this game before as I have been a part of many campaigns for many causes.  These people work for our enemies, are paid quite well, and enjoy their jobs.  Remember when I told you that all we really needed was solidarity and communication?  Well, one of the most effective tactics used in warfare is disruption of enemy communications.  The tactics are simple and easy to spot.  When they first confront you they do it subtly while interjecting an insult.  When you try to respond to them using logic and common sense, their next message will be an insult that they know you will feel you have to refute.  If you answer that insult they have you hooked and have achieved the desired effect, which is to disrupt debate and the exchange of ideas and information.

These agents have used, and will continue to use these same tactics to attempt to disrupt every online movement which is not a part of the status quo.   But dealing with them is simple.  I freely admit that I do not consider myself to be always right, so I would expect honest dissent and am happy to meet it with honest debate.

In keeping with that attitude, this is how you defeat them.  When confronted with their subtle intros answer them using logic and common sense.  If in their next statement they put forth an insult which is clearly designed to antagonize, simply ignore them and remove them from the debate.  Do not bother to read any further comments they post.  They will continually change their names and sometimes will pretend to be two people agreeing with one another.  If nothing else, look at it like this, they have nothing to do with your concerns, so let them talk to each other, or in this case, to themselves.

Now one person, who came on, kept asserting over and over again that Tier 5 was dead because Senator Harry Reid had said he would not introduce it, as Tier 5 could not be passed.  She kept suggesting that we give up on Tier 5 and concentrate our every effort on the Americans Want to Work Act which is essentially the Tier 5 legislation with subsidies for big business.   I tell you “Give Me My Damned Tier 5 Now!” is not dead and this is evidenced by the existence of the Americans Want to Work Act, Senate Bill 3706.

Our enemies did not get as far as they have because they are stupid.  They have realized from the onset that the 99ers, as they consist of many intelligent Americans, might very well come together and form an unstoppable movement.   The Americans Want to Work Act is the compromise.  When we have turned the heat up to a sufficient level the Americans Want to Work Act will be brought forth and passed.

I know you are asking why.  The answer is simple, as I mentioned earlier it contains subsidies for big business.  Once it is passed the demopublicans and republicrats can continue to point their fingers at one another.  The demopublicans will say, “Look they passed unfunded entitlements for those lazy 99ers”.  The republicrats will respond with, “They passed unfunded subsidies for big business”.  The false left-right paradigm will continue, and the American people will continue down the road to their destruction.  At the end of the day, when all is said and done, the demopublicans and republicrats will retire to one of their private clubs, and enjoy a good laugh at our expense over martinis.

We know what is wrong with our country and what has to be undone if we are ever to live in freedom and prosperity again.  We must break away from the false left-right paradigm and realize that those posing as our representatives can only be identified as a single party:  the corpora-demo-publicans, of the international corporate mafia, by the international corporate mafia, and for the international corporate mafia.

The only way that we are going to see the living wage jobs returned to this country is through the destruction of the laws that reward the sending of our jobs overseas, the instituting of large tariffs on all foreign goods and huge taxes on all moneys taken out of the United States being invested in foreign countries, and laws forbidding our natural resources from leaving our country except in the form of manufactured goods, and I don’t mean a board, I mean a table.  This will cause our industry to rise from the ashes reestablishing our industrial base.  Our country will be rebuilt and again be a land of plenty.

The only way we are going to achieve the aforementioned is to make the prospect of continuing down the road we are on unfeasible.   Like I’ve said before, I do not believe this can be accomplished peacefully, however we must try.  We must be forceful in our attempt in order to keep from having to become lethal by necessity.

That being said now we must soldier on.  I will be watching the news today and if there is no mention of Tier 5 we will take the next step.  Oh yes, there is a next step, and a step after that.  In fact there are steps that lead clear to the final solution if necessary.  However I believe that a few steps before we reach the final solution we will have the hairs standing up on the back of their collective neck and we will get the Tier 5 unemployment extension in one form or another.

Yesterday’s news was pretty much dominated by the debate over whether tax cuts should remain in place only for the middle class or remain across the board.  I watched a few senators speak, one of which stated that he was concerned about the plight of the middle class and that if the cuts were not across the board, it might bring about a class war.  Wait now, I think he missed somebody.  That’s right, the 99ers/the poor were not mentioned and he says he’s concerned about a class war.  I believe he’s trying to start one.

The poverty level for a family of four stands at $22,050 per year.  That means every family of four making less than this is considered impoverished and does not have enough money to meet their basic needs.  Tell me, what were you making when you had a job?  How much did you lose while living the life of luxury on unemployment?  And how long can you continue with no income?

Our numbers are legion and growing every day.  We cannot cease in our effort and for those who say Tier 5 is dead I say, we have brought it back from the dead.   If we continue to work towards solidarity in our cause and deal with those trying to break our communication we can and will win this fight.

One gentleman, after making a very intelligent comment added, “HENRY SHIVLEY IS THE MAN!”  When we win this battle it will not be because Henry Shivley is the man it will be because YOU ARE THE MAN and YOU ARE THE WOMAN that stood up and became as one with your brothers and sisters and showed the international corporate mafia that you are 110% Americans who will not be treaded upon.  God Bless the Republic.

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