Fan the Flames

First Published 9-13-10

I will continue to identify those in the upper echelon of the international corporate mafia who are hell bent on destroying our country in future articles, however as this article is posted on the  “Pass the Damned Tier 5 Now!” day, it is my intent to fan the flames.

When I was first offered the opportunity to write articles for World News Heard Now the offer came via an email from the editor.  She had read a comment that I had written in response to an article pertaining to 99ers, which was posted on this site.  When I first started logging on to the 99er/Tier 5 sites and blogs I have to tell you I was enraged by the apathy that was being displayed by most of the unemployed in their comments.  So I attacked the apathy as apathy is something we cannot afford at this point in the ball game.

What I have seen in the comments since my articles, “I’m a 99er, Give Me My Damned Tier 5 Now!”  and “No Mention of 99ers or Tier 5 Unemployment Extension” has rekindled my faith in my people.  I see 99ers and even those who are not 99ers not only standing up to but viciously attacking those who think they have an exclusive on the right to work for a living wage and who have tried to belittle and discourage us.

People, you have lit a fire, now fan the flames.  We are not helpless in determining our future.  One person standing alone can easily be ignored.  However when people ban together and become a large consolidated group they cannot.

I do not care for socialism or any other ism, as I am proud to live in a country that was and will again be a free republic.  However I do admire people like Lech Walesa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Russell Means (activist for the Native Americans), and Mark Koernke (militia activist).  They have all proved that one person can light a fire that unites millions in a common cause and have succeeded in doing what in the beginning seemed impossible.  One of the aforementioned lost his life and another spent six years as a political prisoner in doing so, but in the end their causes did succeed.

There have been a lot of comments in reference to my recent articles telling me to get off my butt and go to work.  The fact is I am being paid for writing these articles.  It’s not very much but enough to ensure that if the Tier 5 passes I will receive little or no unemployment benefits.

Will I quit writing articles if Tier 5 passes?  Not a chance, I will never cease until the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia is recovered; the banksters are removed, never to return to our shores; NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and every other piece of legislation sending our jobs out of this country no longer exist; our industrial base is restored and every American wanting to work has a job paying a living wage; or until I am dead.

I know that my country is on the verge of a French style revolution and millions of lives hang in the balance.  I do not think anything is going to stop the international corporate mafia short of a shooting war.  But if the guns are to be fired, for God’s sake let us aim at them instead of one another.  I believe violence should always be a last resort.  I don’t know if we can get out of this mess peacefully, but to not try cannot be considered as an option.  We must maintain the moral high ground.

So all of you 99ers and all others who are awake enough to realize that if this issue does not affect you now it will be affecting you in the worst way imaginable, in the near future, as this is not just about  Tier 5. Get on your computers and telephones if you still have them and do not just contact your so called representative from your home state but from every state and demand in no uncertain terms “Pass the damned Tier 5 now!”  Let the fire you have lit become a fire storm.

When our so called representatives want us to accept something that we judge to be completely unreasonable they often turn to one of their favorite catch phrases, “Do it for the children”.  I tell you now, do this for your children and your grandchildren.  This is not a catch phrase.  If we fail I promise you, our children and grandchildren will face unspeakable deprivation and even death.  So it’s time to get mad dog mean and attack as if your life and the lives of the ones you love depended on it, because they do.  CHARGE!!!

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