99er Unemployed, Do Not Let Evil Men Triumph

Weekly new unemployment claims dropped last week to 388,000 which is the lowest they have been since July of 2008.  Of course we have seen the highest retail spending on Christmas since 2008.  Do you think the two might have something to do with one another?  The fact is the number of people receiving long term unemployment rose for the week.

We will get to see the ugly truth when the yearly unemployment report is released sometime in the next two weeks.  The way the mainstream propagandists are back peddling from their positive growth dogma, I have to believe the yearly report will show unemployment to be unexpectedly high.

The propagandists are also once again reporting on the housing crisis.  Apparently it is pretty bad and destined to get worse.  This is a prime example of how the mainstream propagandists can make an issue of national importance literally cease to exist, during a time when it is advantageous to their bosses to do so.

When they were pushing for the Bush era tax cuts for the top 2% they made it seem as if the housing crisis was over, the recession was over, and if we would just throw some billions of dollars to the rich they were going to trickle on us and prosperity would spread throughout the land.

That was just a couple of weeks ago. Today they are saying the housing crisis is worse than ever, the filthy rich are more insecure than ever, and they are still going to trickle on us but it will only result in us getting wet.

It is my observation that the vast majority of our citizenry does not believe a single word coming out of the mainstream press.  So why do they continue to lie on?  They do so for the same reason the Soviet and Chinese do.  And that is to let you know that they are there and have established such power over you that it is futile to resist.

This is why the propaganda machine is the first thing that must be destroyed.  If we show them that we not only do not believe them but we will not tolerate them any further we can establish the first beachhead from which all further attacks can be launched.  If you are among those who would like to take up the fight, there are ways of targeting the propagandists.  You will find suggestions in the article, 99ers Launch a Counter-Attack.  We must start working to make a change.  In the words of Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and woman to do nothing.”

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  1. Hello my name is John I’m a welder age 59
    I’ve been working for 43 years
    I collected unemployment once before
    in 1973 for 4 months
    I’ve worked every week till 2008
    And after working the last 15 years and not gaining
    a more money or {hourly pay}
    but losing money every few years
    and losing benefits over and over again
    and now my last two jobs I had to pay in to my
    health benefits
    and now not being able to find a job.
    And the ones I do apply for do not come with benefits
    and my unemployment is gone I’m a 99er
    What was it all for?? Where are the jobs!!
    In last 2 years I’ve lost my saving
    I see the rich feeding off the middle class workers to the point of people
    are losing their home’s and car’s
    and their life saving.
    I’ve started over before but without a job,, this Bad
    I need a job
    I need the tier 5 unemployment extension
    until the jobs are back
    But I fear there is trouble in the
    future of America it is dying right in front of me
    John the welder

    1. John,I know what you are going through.
      I am also 59 and have been in construction all my life.
      For the last 20 years or so I have been a carpenter in remodeling/handyman type work.I had all the work I could handle until a few years ago and the bottom dropped out of my work. I could not compete with the lowball prices of the hispanics and my work just dwindled away.
      Now I am a 99er with no savings ,no medical and I NEED a teir 5 to help me through until I can get into some other profession and on that note….not even sure what to go into.
      Anything would do
      good luck

  2. Gentlemen, I’m in the exact same situation. I’m also 59. I was in telecommunications ( pulling cable for voice and data ) until Aug. “08, when I was laid off, due to the economy going down the toilet. I’ve been on unemployment before, but never longer than 3 months. Now I can’t even get a job flippin’ burgers. I’m a single Dad of a 14 yr old boy, my UI benefits ran out in Oct., and shortly, we will be homeless due to lack of income. We are not getting work because the rich Fascists running this county don’t want us working. They want us dead. And out of the way. Then they can get the 40 million illegals, who won’t complain about they’re rights or wages, to replace us. I discovered this website about a month ago, and it’s been an inspiration and a comfort, in an otherwise fucked up situation. Henry Shivley, the founder of this site, is one smart guy who really has his shit together ! Keep visiting this site, brothers, for info and comradeship. We’ll either hang together, or hang separately. God Bless.

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