99er Unemployed, 1.4 Million Jobs Outsourced

The Economy Policy Institute reported that U.S. companies created 1.4 million jobs this year.  There is just one small problem.  They were all created overseas.  If these jobs had been American jobs they would have lowered the unemployment number to 8.9%.

So why are American businesses doing their hiring overseas?  They say it is because of over-regulation and excessive corporate taxes.  Of course they fail to mention CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, which are American made laws that give incentives to hire workers in other countries.

Does everybody remember Obama’s trip to India, Indonesia, and South Korea?  I ask because it was a whole month ago.  Many corporate CEOs traveled with Obama, and oh yes, we paid for it.  And what was the purpose of this economic entourage?  Well, they got a free ride and an introduction from Obama to his world brethren, and they also got to pick out new sites for the expansions they were planning for their businesses after they secured the extensions of the Bush era tax cuts.

Harley Davidson will be building a plant in India.  And of the 15,000 workers hired by Caterpillar this year, half were overseas.

When are the people of the United States going to realize that our country is nothing more than a resource bank for the international corporations and our people are nothing more than a resource that can be purchased cheaper overseas?

The corporations are at present blaming our tax rate for their not creating jobs in the United States.  It is like this.  If the tax rate was cut to zero, the next thing coming out of their mouths would be that our minimum wage is the problem.  You see what they want is slaves.  Anywhere else they travel in this world they can look down at the people and feel that they are a breed apart.

Here is another one for you.  Coca-Cola has 93,000 employees but only 13% of them are located in the United States.

I was watching Stephen Moore of Wall Street Journal Editorial Board on Fox Live yesterday harping on about how we need to do more for businesses in this country.  I say this feces bag and all his billionaire buddies need to be tried for treason as they are literally selling out our country and our Constitution for a bag full of gold.

Dirt Bag went on to say that we have to start concentrating on one word in Washington, and that word is “Competitiveness.”  I will translate that for you.  The only way you can compete with Chinese slave labor is by instituting American slave labor. Well I’ve got news for you Stevie, you arrogant sleaze bag, with your talk you are tempting the guillotine.  I do not want a French style revolution in my country, but I can damn sure see what drove the French to it.

Moore went on to say that our government should not see the massive increase in outsourcing jobs as a reason to put up trade barriers, but rather a reason to deregulate corporations and cut their taxes even further.  Again, spitting on our Constitution, which says that it is the purpose of our government to put tariffs in place to protect our jobs and our economy.

After watching this elitist piece of dog feces I found myself out in the shed looking for my pitchfork and torch.  How these slime balls can get away with cutting the throats of the American workers and still be able to walk the streets of our country is beyond me.

We have the strength in numbers to not only defeat them but annihilate them.  When I think of three hundred million armed citizens eating all the feces that the rich can feed them, I want to puke.  There is only one word that encompasses this situation, cowardice.  No make that two, pathetic cowardice.

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  1. Henry — It just keeps getting worse. There must be some sort of legal way that we can stop the destruction of this country. The reason that these slime balls can get away with cutting our throats is because America seems to be full of cowards. We should have put a stop to this when it first started. I feel that we will continue to decline to the point where we can’t climb back up. I am not very popular these days and really don’t give a shit. If we are going to post about the destruction of our country we might as well post about the cowards that are allowing it.

    I have been posting this same message for months. Please go to the website — From the Trenches World Report and go to the Organized Resistance page and under Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance, leave your first name, state and the address of your unemployment office so we can organize active civil disobedience. This is for the 99ers and future 99ers. By not uniting we are letting them win. I am including the link but sometimes it is removed. http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/

    1. Barbara,
      When you post the link you have to put the www. in front of it or it won’t be a link.
      With the onslaught towards our enslavement there does exist the possibility that we will be ran over before enough people see the enormity of the takeover. That’s why at the very least, we have to get in their faces and belittle and insult them to the point that their natural defense instincts kick in. If they can get mad at us, maybe it will snap them out of their trance and get them focused on those who do not just want to insult them, but rather to destroy them.
      There is definitely a concerted effort to stifle the growth of this site but as we are impoverished all we can do is keep attacking the avenues available to us. My wife and I are going on as many sites as we can and posting links back here also. If we could just get one hundred of the 15 million out there to diligently do the same, we could force this site into the Google search engines.
      Anyway we must soldier on and stay in the faces of the stupid, whether they know it or not we are doing them a favor.
      Best regards, Henry

  2. Henry — I just have started putting in the link again because they were stripping the email address out of everything I posted. That is the reason I started naming the site instead of putting in the actual address. I will go ahead and put it back in with the www in front of it. Have you had a problem with this? It was always happening to me. When I check a site later in the evening people were asking for the website address because it was gone.

    1. I usually put the title of the site at the beginning of my comment with the link at the end. Some sites let you post links, others do not. We have been getting emails from people saying it is hard to find the site when it should be getting easier every day. It is good that they consider us a threat, but the stifling of our growth is bullshit.

  3. Joining and sharing links. Tis the least I can do. Something stinks of revolution, no? Just waiting to hear that we should all have cake. =P Keep up the good work.

  4. Companies are holding more cash than ever before. Is one reason because they’re saving so much mote by hiring overseas ?

    And if we citizens can’t make enough money to buy their products, who do they sell to if wages are so low overseas ?

    1. Scott, They will sell them to the Chinese. They may work for 40 cents an hour, but that 40 cents an hour will buy them a brand new car. You see since they have acquired our industrial base their 40 cents is worth about 20 of our hyper inflated dollars. This is how the international corporate mafia uses currency manipulation to control international affairs.

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