99ers and HR 589 Supporters – Must The Show Go On?

Once again Barry Soetoro is being compared to Ronald Regan as he comes forth with a new batch of spending cuts.  I guess you could compare the two in that they both represent rich elitist traitors.  So without a mention of the 99ers or anybody else living like a dog shouldn’t in this country, here they go again. 

Just as a precursor I will let you neo-cons and your new Regan know something right out the gate.  We 99ers and those still left in the middle class are way past tired of being trickled on by the corporate elite.  What every American needs to understand is that Obama and his crew, Boehner and his crew, and Rand Paul and his crew all defecate through the same hole.  We have to see them for what they are; a troupe of actors.  They are handed a script, they practice their parts, and then they put on a performance.  In each performance some wear black hats and some wear white hats and all are shooting for an Academy Award. 

There are people out there that will deny this until they are blue in the face.  To you I say why haven’t the bankers who stole $26 trillion from us been arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed yet?  I’ll tell you why; because the corporate elite are not subject to the laws they inflict upon the rest of us. 

I have to wonder if the meeting between Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, and John Boehner is going to be a part of the next act.  Or has it been completely cut from the production? 

This whole situation would be completely laughable if there weren’t so many people suffering the most egregious deprivations as a result.  I hate to think of the pathetic people out there who are so institutionalized into the system that they are looking like complete fools for going along with the unreality.  

99ers we have a whole summer ahead of us, yet we do not have a moment to spare.  Gas is about to go over $4 per gallon and it is not because there is any shortage.  It is because that dollar in your pocket is growing more worthless with each tick of the clock.  These people think we are so damn stupid that we cannot see the muddy elephant standing in our living room. 

Our enemies have intentionally eliminated tax revenues by putting 13 million of us out of work.  And now they say we have to cut spending at the same time we are giving more tax breaks to the filthy rich, in order to gain jobs and a recovery.  This is a mathematical impossibility and by God they know it. 

They are getting ready to completely eliminate the middle class and starve us into slavery.  There can be no other explanation.  No one is that stupid.  Even these mush minded, pea brained imbeciles like John Boehner and Rand Paul can do third grade math.  This is a deliberate destruction of our country and we are just standing around with our hands in our pockets letting it happen. 

It is time for action.  I hope there are some people out there who are going to protest on Easter.  And if there is not I’ll leave you with this, you’ll get out of this revolution what you put into it.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Oil is being treated as something that all of the speculators have to own such as gold, silver, and real estate. Everybody wants some of it, this will drive the price to $5.00 a gallon, probably sooner than later. Hate to say it, but probably by summer time easy. Britain has already gone to $8.00 a gallon. The rich are manipulating the price of oil to shut out the middle class.

    1. Just to add one more point, if the idiots in Washington would change the tax set-up to a retail tax system, whereas you are taxed only upon buying something, just as you would buy anything normally through normal living, Americas problems would be over. If you want to buy a ham sandwich you are taxed, if you want to buy caviar and champagne, you are taxed etc.

      America would have so much excess cash available all of our problems would be over. And retail items could stay at the same prices easily, just put a determined tax on top, Americas’ problems solved.

      Why isn’t Washington doing this you ask, simple, they would loose all of their power over us. People, we need to wake up and demand a tax change such as the retail tax alternative. So simple of a solution that it is mind boggling, such a simple solution. Wake up America!

      99er’s would then have enough insurance money to guarantee us all time until things change for the better. This could be implemented tomorrow.

      1. Mark,
        This would all be good and fine except for one thing. The rich elite do not have to buy retail. If the retail tax was implemented they would simply insist on their constitutional right to barter and you would see a truck full of caviar being traded for a Mercedes Benz.
        I believe before we can correct anything, we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve, tell them to shove their debt, and start making our own currency.
        Just a thought.

        1. Gotta love that Federal Reserve!


          The retail tax alternative would at least be an easier system as to what we have now I feel, what we have now is a joke. Taxes will be with us forever, there are currently 10,000 pages of loopholes in the current system. I bet that still, we would have much more money available if implemented. A trial period could determine the results. A lot of people buy high ticket items on impulse.

  2. Great article (as they All are), Henry.
    Did anyone see today’s speech. We couldn’t watch it. Watched “Liar, Liar” instead. 🙂

    1. It was like watching a dog chase his tail, Charlie Sheen doing stand up, watching grass grow, watching Chris Matthews for a whole hour……….blaah…blaah…blaah

          1. Thanks Henry. Guess I should have said “wouldn’t” instead of “couldn’t watch it.” LOL

  3. The BS we are being fed is amazing, I never realized what a dog n pony show it really is untill today listening to obamo-the middle class is being F’ed royally-OMG, the rich people have been on a great role, never been better, AHH the good life. They must be asking “why are these little pion’s bothering us? Screw them!, we control everything as we should”. We 99ers should just stop our complaining and SHUT THE F up.

  4. This is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War and to commemorate, slavery will be reestablished. They have been working towards this end for years. Take away our humanity, our hopes, dreams and pride and you’ve got a broken person. Take away our source of income and you have a desperate and helpless person. We are being treated like the slaves were. We are being sold on the block to the highest bidder. Maybe it’s not quite as blatant, but we are being sold and the masters are the corporate heads. They want to break us, reduce us to nothing so that we are no more than beggars in the street. Unlike a century and a half ago, this slavery is not based on race, it’s based on class. If you are not rich are will become a slave. The Plantation and the field hands at the masters mercy. But today there is a big difference, all us are educated and can read. Information is available to us and we know what they are doing. We have to have another Civil War in order to free us, of course not as violent but with our strength and determination. Unlike the unfortunate slaves we do have power and we will abolish this slavery before it is firmly established. My heart goes out to all former slaves because they were human beings, with intelligence, personality, feelings, talent, hopes and dreams. This country will always have the stain of slavery on her record. Let’s not have it sneak up on us again.

  5. Just a thought, could we try to boycott the rising price of gas by not driving so much? If we cut the use of gas in half the oil barons would feel it. What about cutting back on meat as well or some other commodity such as grain. I had a boss who used to say “I’ll hit you where it hurts, in the pocket book”. We should do something to diminish profits, that always gets peoples attention.

  6. http://www.jwjpdx.org/jwjnews/2011/99ers-unemployment-rally. These rallies like what is going on in Egypt, Libya, has to happen here in more and more numbers . They will not listen till we get to them and that is with numbers together cause we damn sure want even scratch if its few of us we need to break the door down of these politicians and that is the only way for them to listen. God speed my brothers and sisters and hope you all the blessing of the all mighty. Ameen.

    1. John E. Turner,
      It is good to see 99ers doing something. However I have made it clear in the past and I will make it clearer right now. I am a 99er, but I will never except any form of socialism as a condition of getting a job or an unemployment check. The people on that video you linked to want the government to employ us all. That is socialism.
      We could solve our every problem by simply returning to our Constitution and bringing the criminals that stole our present and future to justice. I agree with ending the “free trade” agreements and I agree with unemployment extensions because they are insurance we bought and paid for. But as for government funded projects we already have too many.
      If money is to be invested in the 99ers let it be through interest free loans regardless of credit. It is our turn to be the entrepreneurs and the 99ers who create new businesses will not discriminate against 99ers. We could do all of this with a hand up rather than a hand out.

  7. It is Official! Meeting tomorrow for HR 589!
    Rep. Barbara Lee
    Looking forward to meeting with SpeakerBoehner tmrw AM to discuss aid for long-term unemployed workers.
    Tweeted from rep Babara Lee
    Hope something comes from it.
    Good luck everyone!

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