99ers HR 589 Supporters – They are Not Going to Give, They are Going to Take More

Senator Rand Paul was front and center on FOX News Wednesday morning announcing plans to attack Social Security.  There is a little bit of tongue twisting propaganda that we are going to straighten out today.  Rand Paul’s and John Boehner’s crews are expounding that they will not raise taxes and in fact are going to cut taxes further for the rich corporations.  Here is the truth.  When the cuts in Social Security and Medicare are made the elderly are going to have to go to their retirement accounts to make up the shortfalls.  That is a tax on retirement accounts. 

Rand Paul says he wants to cut food stamps.  I know nobody gives a damn about the poor so let’s look at it from a different angel.  Families in our military saw an increase in the need for food stamps from $24.9 million in 2007 to $73 million in 2010 and that is just what was spent in commissaries.  So when Rand Paul says CUT food stamps, what is coming off of the other side of his forked tongue is a new tax on the net income of our military personnel, who are already being compensated at such a low rate that they have been forced onto food stamps.

Rand Paul, John Boehner and company also want to cut many government programs that will result in job cuts.  I know what you are going to say.  That’s less in taxes we have to pay for their wages.  And that is a natural fact.  However consider this.  Those federal workers will no longer be paying taxes and the money their paychecks represent will no longer be a part of our economy.

Middle class, they are not going to give you one damn tax dollar back.  The only difference there is going to be is that instead of your tax dollars going to support jobs and fuel our economy, they are going to go straight to the Federal Reserve to pay on the interest on the debt created by the theft of the $26 trillion the corporate elite stole.  And as the revenues are removed from our economy you are going to see your taxes rise as more people go on reduced food stamps.

Rand Paul, John Boehner, and company are already talking about widening the tax base.  At present the filthy rich, if they pay taxes at all, are paying 35%.  A family of four making about $16,000 is paying about 10%.  So let’s widen that base with a flat tax of 20%.  That means the grossly rich will be paying 20% on their profits while that family of four has their taxes doubled on their income and even the poorest of the poor, living under the poverty level, will pay 20% on the measly $5,000 they were able to scrounge in a year.  As for the middle class your taxes will stay the same, however you will see your wages dwindle as a result of the increased competition for your job via the layoffs in the public sector.  In the end 90% of us end up at the bottom.

The Rand Pauls and John Boehners want a return to the feudal taxing lords.  You’ve seen in the old movies where the filthy dirty peasant child walks up to the tax man and hands him two rabbits to pay on his family’s taxes.

I’ve got news for you Rand Paul and company.  You are not going to hypnotize us into staring at the one tree you put forth while ignoring the forest around us.  You are a fraud.  You know for a fact that the Federal Reserve is unlawfully taxing the income of the American workers and you turn a blind eye to it while putting your every effort into cutting corporate taxes on PROFITS which can be taxed lawfully under our Constitution.

  • Illegal taxation of income
  • The illegal Federal Reserve
  • The unconstitutional Patriot Act
  • Illegal immigation

These are all crimes that are being committed right in front of your face. 

I, Henry Shivley, in this open forum do accuse Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, in fact I accuse every member of the Senate, Congress, and Administration with violation of United States Code: Title 42, 1986 for their failure to stop and correct the blatant violations of our Constitution and our law.

I further accuse all of violation of their oath of office and constructive treason against the Constitution, the people, and the Republic of the United States of America. 

If our country was being ran the way our founding fathers intended, I, as a citizen, would be able to take these charges into a common law court and prosecute them, which brings us to the grossest violation of all.  And that is being complicit though failure to correct in the absolute takeover and destruction of our common law courts by the international corporate mafia.

99ers, poor, working poor, and middle class; stop falling for this fraud.  It is a mathematical fact that there are not enough resources on this planet to pay off the world’s debt.  Even if there were a way to pay our debt down through the euthanasia of the poor and the elderly the Federal Reserve will never allow it to be paid off.  If we get close they will order us into a war that will put us right back where we started. 

There is only one way to pay off this fraudulent debt and that is the $16 trillion zinc coin.  We pay off the lie with a lie and the next day we reinstate a Constitutional United States monetary system that does not recognize the zinc coin or one fiat debt dollar it represents. 

Do not look to people like Rand Paul and John Boehner for salvation as their intent has become clear and that is to save the top 10% and let the rest of us die.  As for you elderly people out there who have been supporting these little neo-con scum bags, beware.  They are smiling in your face with their arms wrapped around you, but you better realize they already have their fingers on your wallet.  And make no mistake, this whole debate in one big act.

Obama’s and Boehner’s intent is the same.  They are only putting on the act because if they came forward showing their true unification they would be facing a revolution before they could say don’t do that. 

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters – They are Not Going to Give, They are Going to Take More

  1. Folks,
    To learn that our soldiers are so grossly underpaid they have to use food stamps.
    The very men and women who sacrifice their lives for those in Congress to live free,
    live in luxury and have the best of everything…. cant even earn enough to eat…
    A new hatred is starting to manifest… someones going to snap… in its the air….

    1. Believe me, Marc, I’ve got that hatred smoldering in my gut. The shit’s gonna hit the fan this summer , and I’m looking forward to some payback.

  2. Hello Henry and thanks again for your inspiring articles. I was amused by the fact that some other sites have been decrying your thoughts and ideas as too extreme. There is no mention of the governments and congress plans for us as being too extreme. These people will stand there with the finger stuck up their backsides and believe that while they are being urinated on, it is only raining. We could make an argument that your thoughts and ideas are not extreme enough. Sincerely,

  3. Henry I always read your articles but this time I read nothing about the 99ers. Do you not care about us either. I am always hoping to read something that makes sense or of substance. If you have any real information about 99ers then let me know.

    1. Andrea Schott,
      Do you not think that everything in this article directly affects the 99ers? I guess I could have said, “99ers can look forward to waiting longer to retire, retiring with less benefits, having less food stamps to feed themselves with, and that if they can manage to scrounge any money together it is going to be taxed in order to pay for more corporate tax cuts.”
      Do you really need to hear the word “99er” every day? If so I apologize for shorting you in this article.
      99er 99er 99er 99er 99er Now is that better?
      Tomorrow’s article will be on the outcome of the meeting between Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor, if there is one and if we can get that information, and I will throw in a couple more 99ers just for you.

      1. They sure have been quiet about this meeting. The only info. I’ve found today was on the 99ers union site.
        4/14/11 “The meeting with Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Bobby Scott, Rep. John Boener, and Rep. Eric Canter has concluded. Rep. Lee said, ‘There was no argument about the situation.’ The conversation revolves around funding, emergency funding vs. ‘paid for’.” An official statement by Rep. Lee and Rep. Scott has not yet been released.

  4. OK Henry, i have to admit….. i almost fell out of my chair regarding Andrea’s post..
    reminded me of that old saying…. do you live under a rock ?. lol….

  5. Henry, I am sorry for that comment but I guess when I see something that says its about 99ers I do want to read more about our cause. Being a 99er myself I feel that the government is throwing us under a bus so that the Republicans can complain that the richest americans pay too much taxes. I want to know how the government is going to get more money out of me because I have no money.

    Sorry Henry, I was wrong.

    1. Andrea,
      No apologies necessary. In truth I was just having a little fun, and in the end analysis we are all on the same side.

  6. ok, children lets get back on the topic!
    when will we know anything regarding the meeting tommarro?

  7. I have to admit everything you have written here I could swear I just watched in a trk387 video? Almost word for word with the violations, charges, etc. Maybe just a coincidence…

    LOVE your pieces…


  8. I ask for your vote come election 2012. I have laid down my proposals on this site before. Please write in Mario Davis on your ballot. I will not let you down. I know that a change was needed but I really plan to help the poor by creating a new fiscal plan that ensures that those in need are taken care of. Don’t hate me but I already believe that our military doesn’t need to grow and I’m not going to keep giving those who are in the military a free ride. The true champions in this country are the teachers, the bus drivers, and those who take care of our kids in a daycare system. Please write in Mario Davis on your ballot for President 2012, I will be damned if I let our people down

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