Settle for the Scraps from Obama’s Table

First Published 9-16-10

When you decide to build a house there is a procedure to be followed.  Number one, you plot the site.  Number two, you design and draw a site plan.  Number three, you submit the plans to the planning department and apply for a conditional use permit.  If you receive the permit you may begin construction.  Question:  is the permit really necessary for the construction of the house?  I would agree with those who say no, but I am also a realist.  Thus I realize in this screwed up country of ours the building permit, right or wrong, is a necessary step in the procedure.  If you do not think so, try building a house without one and see what happens.

Did I believe the Step Two I put forth in my last article would accomplish anything?  Yes.  Did I believe that Harry Reid would introduce the legislation and Nancy Pelosi would support it?  No.  Did I have a reason for Step Two?  I never do anything without having a reason.

This is already a lame duck congress and to petition any of them for anything and expect a result is ludicrous. This is evidenced by Senator Harry Reid’s refusal to introduce the Tier 5 legislation and by his coming onto the house floor yesterday and introducing legislation to end “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who have entered our country and received a free education at the expense of the American taxpayer.   It’s the “I have a Dream Act”.  In the future these illegal immigrants will be taking the jobs of your children and grandchildren.

So why is Harry Reid courting the votes of gays and Hispanics?  I’ll tell you why, because they know how to unite and come together as a single force in pursuit of a single goal and although they do not immediately achieve that goal, they do score victories along the way up to and until the goal realized.  These small victories are achieved through compromises made by their foe.  In short, they just keep pushing until they get what they want.  These people do not ask for the compromises and they sure as hell do not beg for them.

In reading the comments section in reference to yesterday’s article entitled, “99ers Seeking Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Step Two”, I see that there are others who have a better plan.  Now I will step aside and let you show me how it’s done.  I will not be another cowpuncher pushing the herd.  Because when you have too many cowpunchers pushing the herd from different angles the herd scatters and you go nowhere.  Now all of you get to copying your bills and if it is possible try and capture some of your tears in a bottle and get them sent to your so called representatives.  This will create at least one job for the garbage service that will truck your letters over to the local recycling center.  As for your tears, I guess they can always water their plants with them.

As for the Americans Want to Work Act, I tell all of you out there who were on the verge of coming together as a united force, the legislation is and always has been a foregone conclusion.  It will be passed, and when you are getting up at daybreak in order to report to the local facility for day laborers where you will stand all day with the illegals waiting to see if some business wants to employ your labor for the day at minimum wage (of which they will only be paying half), or sitting in front of a computer at the minimum wage work bank, filling out the same applications you have been filling out for the past two years in the same way with the exception of having some Fabian socialist dictating to you as to what you must change about yourself to become employed in the new Socialist Society of Amerika  maybe you’ll think back and realize what might have been.

I will continue to write articles depicting the plight of 99ers, the unemployed, and the poor, but will offer no further suggestions.

May your chains sit lightly upon you and may you receive enough nourishment to survive and exist via the scraps from Obama’s table.

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