What Now Batman?

First Published 9-17-10

So what was in the news today?  Well it’s kind of hard to decide where to start.  In the first two hours of observation I must have heard the words, jobs, employment, and poverty, twenty times and on every mainstream-propaganda broadcast.

Bloomberg reported new jobless benefits claims are down to a measly 450,000 for the previous week.  All right!!!  14.3% of Americans live in poverty equating to 43.6 million Americans which is the largest number of Americans in poverty in 51 years.  Oh yeah, we’re getting somewhere now.

New York Times/CBS poll shows voters distrust both parties, 81% say economy is in bad shape.   Chuck Todd, co-host of “The Daily Rundown” stated in part:

“If a new congress doesn’t solve anything with this anger and the unemployment rate doesn’t go down 2012 could be open season on the third party front.”

I wonder how this little tidbit could be exploited to the advantage of the 99ers by someone who knew what they were doing.

Fox News reported weekly unemployment down, but the 4 week average highest since November, 2009.  Stuart Varney, Anchor of Varney and Company, during an interview on Fox News Live stated in part:

“By recovery I mean the economy was indeed expanding, 5% growth at the end of last year, the beginning of this year 3%, the last couple of months just 2%, tomorrow we get confirmation down to 1%.  That is not a recovery, that is a spiraling down of the economy, hence the use of the word recession in the future by many economists.

Does anybody have any tea leaves I can borrow?

Steve Moore from the Wall Street Journal stated in part:

“I will say this Neil, I think that this is just the beginning of a tsunami, I think that tsunami is now headed right smack in the center of the Democratic Party and I think you are going to see major losses.”

Hmm, I wonder what all this could mean?

The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act passed the Senate this morning and would seem to be on a fast track to be signed into law.  Kind of seems like a lot of compromises are being made with no concessions from the 99ers.

Wow, I wonder what’s caused all of this.

Remember that the majority of the 99ers out there want what I want: the return of the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia, the repeal of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and every other piece of legislation taking our jobs out of this country, tariffs on foreign imports, the rebuilding of our industrial base, and a living wage job for every American who wants to work.  You may be willing to settle for the Americans Want to Work Act (a single scrap from Obama’s table), but the majority of us want it all back.  Well, I gave you the floor, so what now Batman?  Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

Keep calling and emailing everybody.  The tide is turning.

U. S. Capitol Switchboard:            1-866-220-0044




Nancy Pelosi’s email form:           www.speaker.gov/contact/

Harry Reid’s email form:               www.reid.senate.gov/contact/

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