99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Ignore the Blame Game Prepare for War

Well this week has started out pretty much as predicted with both sides of the false left-right paradigm trying to use our misery to further their agendas.  They say we must raise the debt ceiling….or else!   The phony left says they cannot go forward because the phony right will not give in on tax hikes.  The phony right is saying they cannot go forward because the phony left will not allow them to take Social Security and Medicare unless the phony right agrees to tax hikes.

This whole scenario is as staged as a Broadway production.  All of these bastards in the one party system know that this country has already gone bankrupt.  Hell we have been living in receivership for a hundred years.

The bottom line is the filthy rich elite want to extract even more of our natural resources at even lower costs to them so they can procure even larger profits.  They have given orders to the one party system to facilitate their goals.  And the only way the one party system can do so is through a phony stalemate that allows them to enact austerity measures while blaming one another in the false left-right paradigm.

The fact is we are, right now in the deepest depression this country has ever seen.  And like every other depression the effects are being felt by the peoples around the world, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.

The big talk in light of the latest failing report on jobs is small businesses.  We cannot tax and we must deregulate for small businesses.  Bullshit.  If you think the corporate elite are not using every ounce of their power to destroy small businesses you are a fool.  Think of big business as well….like they are, a thief that has just run out of the bank with a bag of money.  What this thief wants to do is to try to blend into the crowd in an attempt to get away with his crime.

The corporate elite are trying to make the connection of small business, big business, corporate elite all the same.  Not so.  When the thief ran out of the bank with the money, it left the accounts of the small business people in deficit and destroyed them.  And that is exactly what happened after the bailouts.  Big businesses bought up small businesses for pennies on the dollar after they eliminated their access to capital.

Look at it like this.  I have said many times we should kick these big corporate bastards out of our country, which makes some people cringe as they seem to think that only those who have already become filthy rich through business can run a business.  If our free enterprise system was working under our Constitution in each industry, there would be a number one business, followed by a number two, and a three, four, and so on.

Then, if these monsters at the top decide that they are going to steal our resources and ship them overseas for manufacture we can simply tax them 90% on everything they have made here and throw them out down to the level of the small business operating in that industry.

Then we make all that capital available to those small businesses.  After which they would naturally expand to the level of the big businesses they are replacing.  And if we make it a condition of their being allowed to do this business that our resources are manufactured by us in our country, we cannot help but to prosper, each and every one of us.

Instead we have these big businesses stealing our natural resources while we live in poverty like they do in every third world country around this world.  They are now intent on not just taking the lion’s share, but everything.   And to do so they have ordered their minions that make up our government to enact austerity.  And they will do so.  While we are starving to death in the richest country on the planet they will be sitting in their chateaus in Switzerland waiting for us to become so weak they can simply come back in and take everything.

The propagandists are trying to put forth the appearance that we are all in the same boat; rich, middle class, and poor alike.  This is the bullest of the bullshit.  Does anyone think that one rich person is going to go hungry or even do without their luxury, not if but when the completion of the destruction of our economy is accomplished?

They want us to riot like the Greeks and are now seeing their aspirations toward this end falling apart, as we the American people of the American race are letting them know that there will be no riots for socialism, but rather a revolution for the restitution for our Republic under our Constitution and that no matter where they run we are coming after them and our wealth that they have stolen.  And yes, they are going to be punished for their crimes.

All we can do at this point is completely ignore what they are doing and start preparing ourselves for the battle.  If we can make it to 2012 and put Ron Paul into office…Great!  If not, we must prepare ourselves to attack on the first day we have to look into the eyes of one of our children or grandchildren and see the desperation that hunger brings.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Ignore the Blame Game Prepare for War

  1. Henery is right there is just one party and it is playing us for suckers.Trouble is we cant be heard because they control the media.the people with jobs have thier heads in the sand and wont look around at whats happening until they are thrown into our boat.

  2. Are we need to go hungry and dispread lake the French Revolution to do something with this government­?

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