Italy Following Greece into Second Round of Austerity

Does everyone remember back when the Euro was being made the new European currency?  The Euro was introduced to the world markets back in 2002.  Since then look what has happened.  The international bankers have used it and the debt attached to destroy Europe as surely as the dollar is being used to destroy the United States.

It looks like Italy will be the next world power to suffer for the international fraud committed by Lehman Brothers.  Are the Italians working any less hard than they were back in 2002?  Are they producing less?  No, but somehow their country will go bankrupt if they cannot get another bailout at 30% interest.  This is deliberate destruction.  How the countries of this world allow themselves to be lulled into this trap escapes me.

I try to look at things in the microcosm.  If you have a community that is completely supported by farming and that industry goes down the tube, it takes the entire community with it.  On the other hand, if you have a community that is diversified in industry, wherein each individual household runs its own business; if one household is struck by an economic disaster, it’s not really that big a deal.  The other households in the interest of the community simply step in of their own free will and help the fallen household get back on its feet.

Our world operated with efficiency and prosperity under this principle for many years.  But now as we are watching country after country being destroyed, we can attribute this effect to a single cause, as all industry has now been transformed to produce a single product, currency with debt attached.  Now it is not individual mismanagement by individual countries that wipes them out, but manipulation of the supply and demand of the product, hence currency, by a handful determined to possess all of the true wealth that the debt on the currency represents.

And you can see the manipulation all around you.  People like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan preach the doctrine of smaller government, while at the same time putting their every effort towards a larger international corporate government that will, in the end, eliminate the smaller governments of the individual countries through a transfer of power from the bottom to the top that matches the transfer of wealth.  This doctrine is also backed by the rich elite who call themselves Democrats.

Every country would be better off operating on a national scale using their own currency.  Doing otherwise allows power brokers to base themselves in places like the United States and Germany.  And through international currency, manipulate markets around the world with the end goal of transferring more wealth and more power to themselves at the expense of the individual peoples in the individual countries that own the natural resources, from whence all real wealth is procured.

I do believe it was Amsel Bauer Mayer Rothschild who said, “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.  The implication has proven absolute.  A handful of elitists have taken control of the resources of the world, using nothing more than paper and ink.

It looks like Italy will be the next country to be picked out of the herd for slaughter.  And make no mistake, we here in the United States have made our own place in line.

God curse the worshipers of mammon.

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