99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension Neo-Cons Excreting Self-Serving Lies

There has developed a new angle to the propaganda being put forth by the neo-cons who make up 20% of the top 10%.  They are now saying that if we support Ron Paul we are in reality seeking to split the Republidumb vote in order to reelect Barry.  Well I have a message for these puss buckets.  We don’t need you.  We are neither Republidumbs nor Demostupids.  What we are is the majority, the American people of the American race, patriots.  And I’m here to tell you that your days of enjoying a privileged status in our country are numbered.

You say we would split the ticket, though it is you who would put another neo-con like George Bush at the helm to facilitate the continued destruction of our Constitution and Republic.  There is not one person capable of critical thought that does not know that the international corporate mafia has taken over our government.

And you neo-con, in supporting the furtherance of the treason, are guilty of aiding insurrection against our Constitution and Republic with malice and forethought.  You are the members of the secret societies and social clubs who still retain your rights through status.  You are the business people who make more than a million dollars a year and drool at the aspect of those businesses making less than a million failing, because you know the wealth will migrate up and you will get your thirty pieces of silver.  You are the corporate lapdogs who spend your lives with your nose buried in the ass of the person ahead of you on the ladder, pushing with all your might to sleaze up one more rung.  And of course behind you is another neo-con with his nose buried in your ass.

Well those days are coming to an end whether you like it or not.  There are now only two sides of the fence and you can no longer tread the center, sucking up to our enemies while trying to convince us that we should listen to you because you are we.  You are not.  The era of the brown-noser is coming to an end and I can see why you fear our Republic being reinstituted under our Constitution.  You know that after this event occurs you are going to be forced to compete on a level playing field where the good old boy, butt buddy, secret society, social network will no longer determine who succeeds.

There is no doubt that you are going to fall when the cream made up of the American people of the American race rises to the top.  And remember this.  We live among you, we know who every damn one of you are, and you are going to answer for your participation in the assault on our Constitution, our rights, and our liberty.  Then we will see if your thirty pieces of silver was worth it.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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