99ers Launch a Counter-Attack

Well the multi-million dollar propagandists have achieved in assuring that every multi-billionaire can afford a new Mercedes Benz in the coming year.  So what is next on their agenda?  They are now expounding like evangelist preachers that the hands of the rich are being tied by that nasty old minimum wage.

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.  A typical family of four with both adults working 40 hours per week at minimum wage is $30,160 in a year.  After state taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and health care expenses are figured into the equation, the average family of four with both parents working is living at or below the poverty level.  This being said it should seem absolutely reasonable to all concerned that they should settle for less.

Make no mistake about it, the filthy rich are coming for more and they are going to take it from those least able to defend themselves; the working poor, the old, and the disabled.  I doubt there is one 99er out there who believes that he or she will ever see one dollar of the Social Security monies paid into the system.

As a part of the recent tax cut package the withholding rate for Social Security is being dropped from 6% to 4%.  This is happening at the same time that experts are warning that with the increase in demand on the system represented by the baby boomers the system itself is in real trouble.

When the 112th Congress convenes in January, I predict that they will take up right where their brethren and sisteren in the 110th Congress left off.  It is hard to believe that the people have allowed the reassertion of the Bush administration which was instrumental in causing the financial collapse.  But it is happening, starting with a murmur which will turn into a marching song for the rich.  The calls for tax cuts and deregulation for corporations are coming from every quarter.  Further calls for cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are also starting to move to the front and center.

The 99ers have become as an unwanted dog dropped on the side of the road out in the country.  And who has a hold of the leash, as leading the complicit public down the garden path?  The mainstream media.  It has become a detriment to any plan for fixing the abominable mess we find ourselves in.

Now I will suggest how the mainstream media might be attacked and defeated.  We have to remember that although it professes in every way to be, the mainstream media is not a government entity.  We can openly declare war on it, just like we can declare war on poverty, drugs, racism, or any other social ill.  It is absolutely a detriment to our society.

As sure as every mainstream propagandist lives somewhere, there has to be 99ers in the vicinity.  I propose that if you live nearby one of these mainstream propagandists, you take to the streets and investigate their activities.  We need to find their dirty little secrets of which I doubt there is one who doesn’t have a few.

A short video of one of them in a passionate embrace with someone who is not their spouse or maybe coming out of a strip club would make a sweet clip to put on YouTube.  Look everywhere, maybe you can catch one smoking a joint or putting a line of coke up their nose.  Use every means at your disposal, short of stalking.

These are evil people with evil intensions.  I will not believe that they just happen to be righteous in their private lives.  These elitists are openly attacking us.  We the 99ers must counter-attack.


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