Self Sufficient Farm

First Published 9-19-10

Our country was founded on the concept of the 360 acre self sufficient farm.  The idea was that if you were a self sufficient citizen you could not become dependent on any government which might want to use that dependency to infringe upon your freedoms and liberties.

Question: if all you have access to comes from a 360 acre farm, what about the things you want that cannot be produced on a farm?  Answer: our forefathers provided us with a free enterprise system.  This is how it works.  Let’s say I’m not a good farmer or I don’t like farming; so as my property is located on a river, I decide to build a mill for the grinding of wheat into flour.  The farmer growing the grain pays me a portion of the flour milled for my services.  The flour I earn from local farms I trade to other farmers and entrepreneurs working under the same principal for my basic necessities and those little extras I might want if I can afford them.  If the farms have a good yield everyone prospers and as new generations are born a rich and powerful nation emerges.

So what went wrong?  This nation was unnecessarily spurred on to grow faster than it needed to.  This growth was financed and perpetuated by greedy foreign groups (the international corporate mafia), intent upon capturing our wealth.  By pushing the growth faster than it would have occurred naturally, local economies became regional economies, which became a national economy, putting the flour mill on one side of the country while the farm was on the other, thus creating the middle man. (I do not mean local merchants which would have emerged by necessity via entrepreneurship.)

Now the middle man began buying the grain, shipping it clear across the country to be milled and for this service charged a portion of the flour which would have under normal circumstances been retained by the farmer (the producer) and the miller (the manufacturer).  In order for the middle man to operate as he owned neither the farm nor the mill, capitol became necessary which necessitated credit.

Say hello to the banks.  Now we have added middle men and banks to the equation.  Now the farmer who produced the grain and the mill owner who manufactured the grain are receiving much less of the flour.   The farmer and the mill owner are now reduced to borrowing money from the bank to produce.

That is when the self sufficiency ended and the dependency began. The bank had established the power to make or break the farmer and mill owner by controlling interest rates.  We had a government in place that was instituted for the sole purpose of protecting the freedoms and liberties of the farmer and the miller.  The bankers having established their power base through the lending of the capitol. Then began what we now know as lobbying (buying our so called representatives).

Our legal system in this country was, in the beginning, English Common Law, which in essence is public law for private purposes.   The manipulation of our so called representatives by the bankers has allowed our English Common Law to be replaced by Roman Civil Law which is private policy being enforced as public law.  The effect has been to strip us of our freedoms and liberties and reduce us to corporate property, slaves.

So how are we going to fix this mess?  First we have to eliminate the international corporate mafia, their banks, and monopoly money from the equation by ending the Federal Reserve and re-establishing American owned local banks using American money backed by American resources.

Next, in our distribution system, we must return ownership of every train, plane, boat, barge, and semi-tractor and trailer to individual Americans, like the person who owns the farm and the person who owns the mill.

We must institute tariffs on all foreign goods in order to bring our business base back within our borders.  Simultaneously we would have to institute a 98% tax on any and all moneys taken out of our country.  This may seem a little excessive but it would insure that when the international corporate mafia was driven out it would only be allowed to keep 2% of the wealth it has stolen.  Personally I think 2% is a little generous but if it would allow us to get rid of them without a war, I would approve.  The middle man will disappear as a natural consequence.

Now, as a self sufficient country and with our freedoms and liberties in place, we would become a great nation again.  Then and only then should we consider engaging in international trade and only if some other country can create something we feel we need that cannot be created in our own country. (I can’t think of a thing..…well maybe coffee)

It has already been stated in modern terms how this can be accomplished.  Take the $28 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia back and boot their sorry arses out. Destroy NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and all other treaties sending our work out of this country.  Then put high tariffs on all foreign imports, a 98% tax on all wealth leaving the United States, drive out every foreign national here illegally, and seal our borders.  Then reinstitute our common law courts, allowing us to enforce our constitutionally guaranteed rights which will destroy the Roman civil law.  And after that, bliss.

I personally walked two miles through the small town I live in stopping to talk to people I know and have gotten eleven other people to come on board in the “Change Political Affiliation to Independent” campaign.  If everyone else out there is doing the same, we are going to knock their socks off this week.  All of you 99ers at this point have probably realized that doing things that you are not accustomed to can make you feel a little awkward. Shake it off.  Go forth and do and we will prevail.

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