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First Published 9-18-10

I apologize for my tactics but I had to know whether you were an internet agent or not.  Obviously you are not, so my brother or sister, whichever the case may be, onward and upward, let’s take another step.

“Lexington and Concord.  On April 18, 1775, Lt. Gen. Thomas Gage ordered his redcoats to destroy the patriots’ main supply depot at Concord, Mass.  The move was to be secret.  But Joseph Warren, a doctor, saw the British troops leave Boston.  He quickly sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride the 16 miles to Lexington on the road to Concord and arouse the patriots.  “The regulars are out!” Revere warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams.  The two colonial leaders, who had been hiding from the British, fled.

“The redcoats arrived at Lexington in the early dawn of April 19, 1775. Capt. John Parker and his band of minutemen faced them on the village green.  “Don’t fire unless fired on,” Parker commanded, “but if they mean to have war, let it begin here.”  No one knows who fired the first shot.  But 8 colonists were killed and 10 wounded.  One Britisher was wounded.

“The British then marched on and destroyed the military supplies stored at Concord.  Minutemen opposed their advance, and a skirmish followed.  But the shots already fired at Lexington had brought out many of the colonists.  Farmers, businessmen, mechanics, merchants, and planters streamed forward to join the cause of the liberty, forcing the British to withdraw to Boston.”

(Source: The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.16)

It would be more than a year before the Declaration of Independence would be adopted, declaring America and all Americans to be free, sovereign, and apart from the crown.  The point is the American patriots had been fighting and dying for more than a year before any declaration had been made by an official government.

On this coming Monday, September 20th, we the 99ers and every other citizen, rich and poor, who supports our cause, must declare our independence.  How are we going to do it?  The same way the Tea Party did.  Only it’s not going to take us years, only days.

I have said from the beginning that we must take measures that achieve the maximum effect requiring the least resources, as we are depleted of resources.  This will cost some of us nothing and most of us only a little time and pride.  Starting Monday every one of us not already registered as an Independent must do so.  For those who are not going to want to do this, I ask you, what’s more important, whether there is a D or an R on that little card in your wallet or purse, or your future and the future of your children and grandchildren.  I am not, nor will I ever attempt to tell anyone how to vote.

So what is the method to this madness?  The Republicrats and Demopublicans, via the information compiled from their think tanks, have decided their strategy in reference to the upcoming elections.  They have calculated this using numbers in reference to their political base.  If enough of us change our political affiliation, we can cause such an effect as none of us has ever dreamed possible.  If we do not, I can promise you that the 99ers and the poor will not be represented in our next congress.

Step by step our actions to date have caused our numbers to increase and our foes have shown that they realize we are out here.  Now, not only will we throw a monkey wrench into their election machine that they have spent $2.3 billion constructing, but we will leave them pondering as to what we might do next.  Again, we must act as one.  We must spread the word to every venue.   If we do, there will be no denying the unity in our cause.

So starting Monday every one of you must participate.  Whether you are already registered Independent or not we all must go and seek out other 99ers and those who would support us, rich and poor, to join in this action.  We must also realize that there is going to be honest dissention on this one.  Every person who logs on to the comment section in opposition of this idea cannot automatically be considered an agent or troll.  We have already discussed how to tag an agent or troll so anyone who logs on who is in opposition but is willing to debate the issue must be debated and convinced as to the logic in reference to the impact and opportunities that will be realized if our objective is achieved.

That being said I will take on the first argument myself.  That is, “If I do this I will not be able to vote in the primaries”.  Many states do allow Independents to vote in the primaries.  And let’s be realistic, as they have not addressed our issues, they do not, nor do they intend to represent us.  The fact is the only people who care about the 99ers and the poor are the 99ers, the poor, and our fellow citizens who have stepped up in support.  If we want to change this we must let them know that they can no longer dismiss us while counting on our vote.

For this to work every one of us must act in unison.  So decide what’s more important to you, your political party or your people and remember that in the end, if you feel you must, you can ignore the individual candidates and the individual positions and vote that straight Democratic or Republican ticket.

The procedure for changing party affiliation is fairly simple, though it varies from state to state.  To change your affiliation online type into the search engine, “change party affiliation in (your state)”.  From there you will find your state’s website and the procedure to follow.  Or go to your local post office, ask for the appropriate form, fill it out, and put it in the mail.

Do this and get as many others as you can to join.  You may be wondering what my party affiliation is.  I have been since I was 18, registered as a non-partisan.  I believe this is the equivalent of Independent, however by the time Monday afternoon rolls around I will be registered as an Independent.   If we pull this one off in sufficient numbers we will become the mouse that roared.  So everybody as one, CHARGE!!! Declare your independence.  Remember; wait until Monday so they will know it is us.

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