Rejoice, Hallelujah the Recession’s Over

First Published 9-21-10

The mainstream propagandists report, “The recession is over.”  In fact, unbeknownst to you but beknownst to me, it has been over since June of 2009.  See, all you detractors out there who heckled me last year in June when I said the recession had turned into a depression?  Who’s laughing now?  Can anybody out there believe these people?  Are they on the same planet as we are?  Maybe the economists who came up with this ridiculous assertion did their studies on Wall Street.  The recession is over on Wall Street. In fact it never happened, as the CEOs, who destroyed our economy, saw record bonuses and were paid quite well for the dirty deeds they perpetrated on the rest of us.

The facts are that every economic indicator shows that we are still in a decline.  Sixty-seven thousand jobs were created in August and the economists I have heard speak say 100,000 new jobs per month are needed just to hold job loss at its current rate.

I have to wonder if these other economists who compiled and evaluated the information and came up with the conclusion that the recession has been over since June of 2009 are employed by the same people who employed the climatologists who concluded that our planet was experiencing global warming.  That’s right, the international corporate mafia who needed global warming to be real so that the United States would sign on to the Kyoto Treaty in order that they could start buying and selling carbon credits and taxing the American people literally for breathing.  By the way, has anybody seen the Gorechuck lately?

Also in the news, it would seem that both the Democrats and Republicans are holding brainstorming sessions in reference to how to deal with the tea party and independent voters.  Maybe the worm is turning.

In other news Christine O’Donnell, Republican candidate for Senator from Delaware, was accused of practicing witchcraft in her younger days.  I think I will go online and see if there is anything I can do to help her get elected.  Maybe a witch is just what we need.  I think we could use a witch in our Senate, as it would seem that it is going to take some kind of magic to get us out of the mess we’re in.  Now, before you go jumping on the comments section to call me an occultist, make sure you did not support the policies of Ronald Regan, which Papadoc Bush labeled as “Voo-Doo Economics”.

And, last but not least, at the top of the hour, Fluffy the Cat got her paw cut off when she missed the mouse and hit the trap.   Surgeons at John Hopkins University Hospital have Fluffy in emergency surgery. A Spokesman for John Hopkins said surgeons believe the limb can be reattached, and though it will take many months of rehabilitation, Fluffy the Cat is expected to fully recover.  Now that’s what I call investigative reporting.

Stop laughing. It’s not funny.  How many of you out there can conceive the reality of the following:  We live in a country where the rich person’s pet eats better and has better health care than the poor person’s child,  where sport stars earn more money than brain surgeons, and Fluffy the Cat can dominate the news.  Not so funny now, huh?

“Recession”, I do not think that word means what they think it means.  In fact I tried to look it up in my old Winston dictionary and it could not be found.  However, I did find “depression”, with one short definition: “dullness of trade”.  I then went to my old World Book Encyclopedia (1966 edition) and again could find nothing under the heading “recession”.  So, not being a quitter, I tried “economics” and still no mention of” recession”.  I did however find this excerpt in reference to “depression”, “The economy does not grow at all during a depression.  Total spending drops, production slows down, and people lose their jobs.”  Do you suppose it could be possible that somebody just made up the word “recession” in reference to economics so they could keep from saying that other dirty word, “depression”?  You know, like when you say frick instead of f**k.  I can only conclude from the aforementioned that what they know and don’t want to tell us is that we are all fricked.  There is an old saying, “Don’t urinate down my back and tell me it’s raining”, especially coming up on an election.

I was personally responsible for 16 people changing their party affiliation to Independent today.  I hope all you out there have done at least that much, if not more.  Everyone has to participate and hammer away if this campaign is to have an effect.  I have to believe that, as there are realistically 30 million of us unemployed, there has to be someone from every occupation among our ranks.  We have to use our heads and our skills.

Here are a couple of ideas.  Call into your local talk radio and announce the 99er campaign for Independent registration.  You computer geeks start making video blogs and post them.   Don’t forget about public television.  There are many forms of communication, so use your brains and go forth and do.  There is only one way we are going to get out of this mess, the American way. We are going to have to work our way out.

Everyone say a prayer for Fluffy the Cat.

Donations for Fluffy the Cat can be made by going to and pushing the donation key.  Checks and money orders can be sent to Henry Shivley in care of World News Heard Now.

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