A Big “We Told You So” Moment: Spain Admits To Chemtrail …

The Giza Death Star – by Joseph P. Farrell

This story is a big “we told you so moment,” because a major world government, in this case, Spain has apparently admitted to spraying the atmosphere in its airspace with aerosolized heavy metals.  What’s also interesting here is that this article, which was shared by T.M. includes a document or bulletin of Spain’s Ministry of the Interior from 2020, which in turn cites Royal Decrees from the same year: 

Now in a world where scientismists along with Baal Gates have gone so far as to want to blot out the Sun – what could possibly go wrong? – mere chemtrails seem a bit like yesterday’s apocalypse.  We’ve like so like totally like moved on, like ya know?

Seriously though, there’s something that caught my eye in this article, and I rather suspect it caught T.M.’s eye as well which is possibly why he sent it to me. It’s this:

Spain was the first Western government to officially include ‘chemtrail’ in its Official Gazette. The Spanish Ministry of Health authorized the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) units of the Armed Forces and also the UME to use biocides from the air. A month after the state of alarm was imposed, the Executive justified in the BOE that this technique is one of the “most effective” against the coronavirus since with “nebulization, thermonebulization and micronebulization techniques, all surfaces are reached with speed”.

The Executive also justified that the aforementioned units “have the personal means, materials, procedures and sufficient training to carry out aerial disinfection, since they are operations that they carry out regularly, with the exception that instead of using biocidal products they do so with other decontaminating chemicals.

On May 19, 2015, MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (ALDE) announced in the European Parliament that four workers from the State Meteorological Agency had confessed that Spain is being sprayed entirely from planes that spread lead dioxide into the atmosphere. , silver iodide and diatomite. The objective, according to the same MEP, would be to keep the rains away and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summer climate for tourism and, at the same time, helps corporations in the agricultural sector. This, in turn, is producing cold droplets of great intensity. (Emphasis added)

And just to make sure the point is not missed, the article actually cites the Bulletin of the Interior Ministry which in turn cites a Royal Decree:

Order SND/351/2020, of April 16, authorizing the NBC Units of the Armed Forces and the Military Emergency Unit to use biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health in disinfection tasks to carry out in the face of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.
Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring a state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, contemplates a series of measures aimed at protecting well-being, health and safety of citizens and the containment of the progression of the disease and strengthen the public health system.
Article 4.2.d) of the aforementioned Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, determines that, for the exercise of the functions provided for therein and under the superior direction of the President of the Government, the Minister of Health will have the status of delegated competent authority, both in its own area of ​​responsibility and in other areas that do not fall within the specific sphere of competence of the other heads of the departments designated as delegated competent authorities for the purposes of the aforementioned Royal Decree.
Specifically, in accordance with the provisions of article 4.3 of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, the Minister of Health is empowered to issue the orders, resolutions, provisions and interpretive instructions that, within its scope of action as delegated authority, are necessary to guarantee the provision of all services, ordinary or extraordinary, in order to protect people, goods and places, through the adoption of any of the measures provided for in article eleven of Organic Law 4/1981 , of June 1, of the states of alarm, exception and siege.
For the effective fulfillment of these measures, the delegated competent authorities may require the action of the Armed Forces, in accordance with the provisions of article 15.3 of Organic Law 5/2005, of November 17, on National Defense.
In the field of containing the expansion of the coronavirus, special attention is required for disinfection actions in facilities such as residential social centers, hospitals and other health centers, prisons, traffic management centers and transport hubs, tasks that Armed Forces are performing as one of their priority tasks.
The Ministry of Health has been publishing and updating the list of biocides
to be used against the new coronavirus, authorized and registered in Spain in accordance with the UNE-EN 14476 standard, which evaluates the virucidal capacity of chemical antiseptics and disinfectants. In particular, due to their special effectiveness, some biocides established in main group 1 of article 1.1 of Royal Decree 830/2010, of June 25, which establishes the regulations governing training to carry out treatments with biocides, are specified.

And so on.

One has to admire the cleverness of Mr. Globaloney in “stacking functions,” in this case, his manufactured climate hysteria and his manufactured planscamdemic: chemtrails are now an accepted means of disinfecting a population with “biocides”, and there’s nothing a population can do about it. Next step: aerosolize the quackcines, and dump them en masse on people.

And what a relief, too! Spraying lead dioxide and silver iodide would seem to be the perfect antidote to be spraying to inoculate the population of Spain against Russia=Bad Mr. Putin’s nuclear war threats. Just start spraying some iodine in the atmosphere along with some aerosolize thyroid pills and we’re all set, guys.

There’s another very obvious thing to note as well, though it’s one of those obvious things that one doesn’t notice until it’s pointed out. In the quotation above, the phrase “Royal Decree” is mentioned five times by my count, and that should give everyone pause, because decisions about many people are being made by few people, in this case, bureaucrats and a monarch.

Why… if this sort of thing continues, you’d think Spain was a monarchy or something, and that King Felipe VI was a member of the House of Windsor and Charles’ brother or something…

See you on the flip side…

The Giza Death Star

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  1. Lead dioxide….I thought lead causes stupidity..hhhmmmmm. hey but what do I know, I have a president that talks to and shakes hands with the dead a seems to enjoy getting his butt wiped after $hitting his pants.

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