2 thoughts on “A Civil War Could Be Coming In 2017

  1. Rioting and burning a few city blocks does not amount to a civil war, plus whose going to hand the ghetto punks enough ammo to last longer then a few hours? What percentage of liberals even own a gun or know how to use one?

    This is not about a civil war this is about cracking down on protest, free speech and alternative news. My guess is there is something planned that will be very unpopular and the foundation is being laid for cracking down on dissent.

    The media pundits have all flipped the script same as eight years ago, I’m really tired of these pri(k$ and their old worn out mind games.

  2. Bring it!
    Reason why I say that is because these pukes couldn’t organize a play date for their brats
    They are all fighting for a personal view of something they still are too stupid to understand
    It will be short lived and might just clean out some of the scum in this country by them even fighting among themselves due to the complete disconnect from reality
    If California wants to split from the USA
    I say let’s get it going ASAP
    Let them see what it’s like to no longer have the support of the rest of this country
    They would fail as a country in less than two weeks and more than likely starve or die out of their own debt
    No more tax dollars from my state to California
    And when they have their next disaster
    No help to come from outside the border

    Those Libs will eat each other in a flat second
    As much deserved
    This also proves what’s being brainwashed into our kids by our public school system
    This too should be dismantled before the commies and socialists destroy all our children

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