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Ed.’s note: Have readers ever taken a few minutes to wonder how it is that a country like Ukraine can be so screwed up on many different levels? Consider for a moment it was George Soros financed NGOs that for the past 25 years wrote many of the text books used in schools in Ukraine and believe it or not, published in Canada. Of course, Soros is a highly paid actor, the face of the real “movers and shakers behind the curtains“. The public schools in America are nothing but factories of ideological propaganda for the left and Americans call that “getting an education.” The plan is to make students ideologically radical especially with LGBTQ political programming which is nothing but pure poison creating a disaster in public schools across America. Welcome to the immigrant industry… 


Source: Gefira


“Never before has a criminal phenomenon enjoyed widespread international support by governments, political parties, religious and civilian organizations, popular opinion, and never before has a sovereign state renounced to exercise control over its borders.

These opening words by Gianandrea Gaiani are a fitting introduction to Francesca Totolo’s latest book Inferno Spa. Gaiani is no stranger to the business of illegal immigration, being an author of several books on the subject. He was interviewed by Gefira in 2017 when the Italian government was then still a center-left pro-migrants coalition. Totolo has agreed to an exclusive interview for Gefira and we recently met her in Florence, where she was presenting her new book.

Francesca Totolo is a freelance investigative journalist and collaborates with a variety of Italian and international press agencies and websites. Her investigations have been published both in Italy and abroad. We could easily call Totolo a diligent – and outspoken – journalist as her new book, which she wrote with Dante’s Inferno in mind, involves just that: solid, painstaking, diligent research and fact-checking. The result is the equivalent of an encyclopedia of who’s who in the business (Spa is the Italian acronym for joint-stock company, equivalent of the German AG) of the immigrants’ industry, an industry which moves an unending flow of human beings and money.

She has divided her book into different sections, entitling them with some of Dante’s appellatives in his Divine Comedy: first the ferrymen or Charons who deliver thousands of human beings to the other bank, then the hypocritical NGOs followed by the traitors to the country at all levels, sided by the omnipresent politically correct mainstream media and well-funded organizations of all sorts.

All these infernal characters have in the end one Master Mind, who acts like a modern and nefarious Virgil: George Soros and his mind-boggling network. Totolo is ready to point out, at the conclusion of her book, that Soros is himself an actor, albeit of the highest level, lending his face to higher “movers and shakers behind the curtains, who have already decided that the original European population must be replaced.

GEFIRA: How long have you been working on this subject and what are your primary sources?

FT: Actually my interest was sparkled by the initial articles of Gefira (late 2016 – early 2017) that documented without a shred of doubt the smuggling of immigrants. The book is therefore the product of two years’ research. Since then I have been reviewing one by one these NGOs, their websites, and even asking them directly to disclose information, especially about their finances: needless to say I have been faced with the utmost denial, or, at best, with strictly sanitized reports which said nothing about their financial sources. What struck me about some of these NGO websites is that they put themselves above the law, with absolute certainty of impunity.

GE: What about the so-called mainstream media, the big newspapers: what about their sources when they write about this topic?

FT: Their main sources are the press releases from the NGOs themselves. Do you need to say any more than that?

GE: What – in your opinion – do all those NGOs have in common?

FT: All those international NGOs such as Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have certainly one thing in common: their financial source, which is Soros. Their role has been, and continues to be, making the Italian people feel guilty if they don’t accept immigrants: legal or illegal, they must be accepted no matter what. So these NGOs, or modern Charons as I like to call them, have effectively – directly or indirectly – smuggled into Italy something like 700.000 people over the last few years. It must be understood, by all means, that something like this is a planned operation since its very beginning.

GE: Which is when, in your opinion?

FT: Let me just say that: as early as 2008 the association “carta di Roma” was founded in Rome. It can be considered the first NGO directly financed by Soros in Italy. What is the purpose of this “association of journalists”? To “promote correct information about immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers in Italy”. Doesn’t that make you inevitably think that Soros knew as early as 2008 what would happen three years later in Libya and was therefore paving the way for a “change of the paradigm”?

GE: What about the galaxy of Italian NGOs financed by Soros?

FT: I put them in my book among the traitors to their own people. One of them certainly stands out: ASGI.

GE: What is ASGI?

FT: I like to call ASGI the judiciary arm of Soros in Italy. ASGI (Associazione Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione) works not only to promote new pro-immigrant legislation, but to effectively counteract – by legal means – every law-enforcing measure by the Italian government with a plethora of appeals which are a stranglehold on the judiciary system, rendering it notoriously slow. They even succeeded in passing into law the right for every newborn, regardless of his legal status, to receive an 800-euro bonus from INPS, the Italian welfare agency. They also went so far as to defend in court multiple convicted criminals preventing their deportation to their countries of origin. And, as I have found out, Italian NGOs like ASGI are part of an international network of NGOs such as ENAR.

GE: What is ENAR?

FT: ENAR stands for European Network Against Racism, comprising various NGOs and associations. A network which receives funds not just from Open Society but also from the EU and from an American NGO, the NDI (National Democratic Institute), directly financed by the US government through the notorious and omnipresent USAID agency. All these agencies contribute to creating what we could call Orwellian newspeak.

GE: What do you mean by that?

FT: The aforementioned press association “Carta di Roma” now “recommends” that any possible reference to the ethnic origin of a criminal be removed from a published article. As a journalist, you could be now facing even criminal charges for using words such as “clandestine” or “Gipsy”, and the sole mentioning of the nationality of a criminal is “highly discouraged”. All of which is the creation and enforcing of newspeak.

GE: Newspeak that has to be implemented by the press and by compliant politicians devoted to the cause. Which Italian politicians do you name in your book?

FT: I could not start this list without naming Emma Bonino. She can be considered by all means Soros’s right-hand agent in Italy. She has founded “Più Europa” (more Europe), a party which receives direct funding from Open Society. It speaks volumes.

Please go to Gefira to read the entire interview.


Source: Russia Insider

Irreparable Damage: Soros NGOs Helped Develop the Curricula of Former Soviet States

by Alexey Komov | May 12, 2019

The following film, “Lessons of Standardization”, was created by Alexey Komov, Ambassador of the World Congress of Families to the U.N., and his colleagues, who together have been pioneering homeschooling in Russia, making use of tested home schooling methods in the U.S. A transcript of the video is included below.

Education is key to everything, it shapes every human being. This is fundamentally important for the future of any nation. People who after the collapse of the Soviet Union had a great influence on the educational system of the former republics have understood it rather well. For example, in the Ukraine during the last twenty-five years, many school textbooks have been written by George Soros’ NGOs and published by them in Canada. The result is quite serious and irreversible.1

Alexey Komov:

In Russia over the past quarter of a century the general level of education and literacy has fallen from one of the highest in the world to an all-time low. A key factor here is the accelerated destruction of the Soviet education system, without any meaningful replacement.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union many new concepts have been imported to Russia. Some of them had shown good results, but many had truly catastrophic consequences. One of the most striking examples is the reform of the education system.

A large influence on the new education curriculum was brought by NGOs related to George Soros. It is no surprise that there have been numerous attempts to smuggle so called “sexuality lessons“. In the turbulent 1990s, many brave new experiments have started in Russia.

Irina Shamolina, author of the “Classical Education in the Family” project:

The first school “reform” experienced by the parents and schoolchildren after perestroika was the prolongation of school for one more year. Why was it done? Nobody knows.

Then the entire set of manuals and schoolbooks were changed. Why for example have mathematics textbooks been replaced if they were producing superior results and our students were consistently winning many international competitions?

Afterwards, the testing system was introduced as the only way of assessing knowledge—despite the fact that it has proved to be ineffective in America and internationally.

Enlargement and consolidation of schools is currently underway. Several schools are merging into huge conglomerates. At the same time it is obvious that the more individual attention a child receives at school, the better. And rather small schools, where the principal knows each child personally, will always be much more effective than large conglomerates, where the principal or schoolmaster hardly knows all the teachers who work there.

Huge schools, endless tests, primitive textbooks, training up to 18 years of age… This resembles the American public school model. So, the current Russian educational system was imported from the United States.

And what do we know about the educational system of secondary public education in America?

Firstly, it is known for its huge budget, the largest in the world for those purposes, and the second largest in the country after the military budget—with just as shockingly low results: America is ranked only number 28 among the developed countries according to its general level of literacy.

So why has this failing system been duplicated in Russia? The question remains unanswered.

Please go to Russia Insider to read the entire article.

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