9 thoughts on “A.I GOD – Artificial Intelligence Religion

  1. This technology brought to you by israeli joo anthony levandowski….

    What could possibly be nefarious or disastrous about something brought to the world by another “chosenite.

  2. I love AI.

    In fact…

    I just ordered a Japanese sexbot on Amazon.

    I can’t wait till she gets here.

    I think she’s coming UPS ground.

    But don’t get ur panties in a wad.

    I’m not going to use it for sex.

    I’m going to hack the cellular logic program and drop it at my x’s.

    Reprogrammed to beat her with her own smart phone.

    Then fk all her online facebook boyfriends.

    Infecting them with an incurable flesh eating Ebola gonorrhea STD.


    And don’t forget to like it on Facebook.

  3. From Japan, UPS Ground, eh? Those Japanese mailmen are likely the best in the world. Some say none can walk the ocean floor better than they. Swiftly, and exhaling and inhaling only every few miles. Postal Samurais, no doubt.


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