A Letter from Aging Patriots

Guerrillamerica – by SAMUEL CULPER III

I recently received an email from an older Patriot concerned about his role in the III% movement.  His email along with my response is posted below.

I am 59 years old. I am a Vietnam Era Air Force veteran who has never seen combat or fired a weapon at a human being. I am an Oath Keeper, in my own mind at least. In my younger days I was an above-average athlete. I was given my first firearm by my WWII combat veteran father at age 12.  

In the past few years I have been lurking the internet for III-per information and contacts. I fancy myself a III-per but the embarrassing fact is that I have no combat experience, and as I age I begin to think I would be more of a hindrance to an active III-per unit than a asset. I am still fairly healthy and strong. All my parts work. I can do about a 12 minute mile.

I have made substantial investments in AR platforms in 7.62 and 5.56 with ACOG optics. I also have built a Remington 700 (.308) long-range rifle with HorusVision optics and I am very accurate at up to 300 yards. I am sure I can add to that effective range. I have better-than-avaerage woodcraft skills. No plate carriers or LBE.

I have acquired basic handgun training and I am proficient but certainly no expert.

I have not been trained in the tactics of any kind.

Am I kidding myself to think that I could actually serve in an active III-per unit if TSHTF?

Would you have someone like me in a unit you were leading, or tell me to beat it?

I am not asking to be coddled. I am asking what it would be like to be you, if you had to choose between allowing an old man into a unit simply because he had gear and could shoot fairly well, but would surely slow down a unit of 20-year olds.

Thank you for your honest comments if you have the time.

– Aging Patriot

I understand your concern that you aren’t combat experienced but neither were most of the original III%.  And neither are most of the III% community today.  As a very unscientific estimate of the US population, it’s something like 1% in the military; of which maybe 50% have been deployed to an actual combat zone (I don’t know the exact percentage); and perhaps 10% of that fraction have trigger time.  Very, very few people.  There are active militias out there that have no combat experience among their ranks.  There are plenty of Americans like you; but combat experience isn’t a prerequisite to defend the Liberty and security of the Republic.

So the solution to lack of experience comes down to training: getting the fundamentals right, 100% of the time under duress.  Good training is a huge factor that determines the outcome of engagements and mitigates the risk of lack of experiential knowledge.  That’s the first step.  I’m sure there are plenty of retired Rangers who have decided to call the Blue Ridge their home and would be willing to train Patriots.  I don’t know anyone in that area but if you’re willing to drive down to Savannah, Man Alone Tactical is top notch.  They will hook you up with everything you need to know.

Honestly, from a gear standpoint, it sounds like you’re ahead of the game.  Plates are optional and maybe even discouraged, especially when considering your terrain.  Plates are great for urban conflict and CQB; not so much if you’re running up and down mountains all day.  Guerrillas are light fighters.

We need to differentiate between the militia and the guerrilla unit.  The militia’s job is to provide security, aid the populace, and deter encroachment. The guerrilla unit’s job is to operate in the rear of the enemy; to harass, sabotage, and generally wreak havoc with the intent to decimate the morale of the enemy.  A goal of the guerrilla is to produce fear before the invading army even steps outside the wire.But to answer your question, no; I don’t think you’re kidding yourself.  There are probably millions of Americans just like you and I’m not going to turn away anyone willing to help.  It may be the case that you’re not as fast as those twenty year olds who run circles around people twice their age, but there are plenty of areas where people like yourself can make critical contributions.

If you’re dead set on being a gunslinger, sign up for a Tactical Carbine or team movement course.  Go train, do some running and shooting, and if you can keep up, you’re probably in the money.  From the sounds of it, you’re in great shape for someone your age; and perhaps more importantly, it sounds that you’re committed to the cause.  It’s up to you whether you want to operate as a guerrilla or as the militia; but I wouldn’t hesitate putting you to good use, Jeff.


35 thoughts on “A Letter from Aging Patriots

  1. I hit 49 this year. I hear what this guy is saying. I do have US Army Infantry training, but no actual combat experience (thank goodness). My knees are gone, and my endurance has slipped a little, but I’ll be damned if I’m not good enough to help my fellow patriots. Run around a mountain all day? Probably not anymore. But I can use my knowledge of the world to make things happen a young buck wouldn’t be able to. I’m also pretty good at first aid, and don’t mind a little blood and bones. I can cook too, and everyone knows a unit runs on its stomach. Rear echelon may be my only option, but it’s a damned effective and important one. Bottom line, I believe there are a lot of people who don’t realize they will be part of the IIIper until the time comes, and they rise to the call.

    Reminds me of ma vs. the Black Widows

  2. I don’t know if this applies of not, but I am 53 years old and I have been doing concrete work for 35 years. Living in the desert most of that time. Out on the job site working side-by side with the youngsters out in the 100-118 degree temps in the summer, and working with concrete that does not wait for you, so you can take a break and rest. Kind of like war would be, where the war or battle is not going stop so you can rest and catch your breath. Considering that both the youngsters and the older folks have been working everyday and are in shape. I would have to say that the youngsters have just as hard of a time as we do, and complain a whole lot more than the older folk. Also, like right now, I am not working full-time and if I had to go back out tomorrow and work full-time, it would only take at max two weeks to be back in shape and keeping up with everyone else, and I even have permanent injuries to overcome, that they don’t. Most of the time I would rather pick an older concrete finisher that know the tricks and makes hard work easier.

  3. Im 58….never fired a shot at the enemy…got out and became a heavy industrial Electrician (26 years) Mostly Power plant construction….up until 4 years ago I pulled cable and walked steel 100-200 ft in the air and terminated High voltage. I’m retired now…..raise a huge garden…chickens and goats….oversee a small contingent group in my AO….. Bad back….two artificial joints. cant run,….dont want to!! tired of that sheet.
    I’m still very strong….knock yore ass thru a brick wall strong…..my eyes are still good…….
    No…im not front line….and I know it……but you slip thru..I got your ass.
    Anyway,..I cook,..I grow food,…I butcher,..I tan hides,…rudimentary clothing….Im EMT trained…a volunteer fire-fighter….A father and Grandfather to 7….(just had our last grand youngin Tuesday) Im ‘ornory…hardheade and Native AMERICAN…..I’m your best friend and Ally or your worst dayum enemy……..
    I cook some mean dang Coon”ass food…that Cajun to you Yankees out there…

    1. Yep oldvet, like you I am also 58 turning 59 soom. I also retired/semiretired. as the last job I had I was hit with some realy nasty chemicals and now I amslowly going bling because of it.I also have sever degenerative bone desease – if I step wrong or do somethig kind of reclessly I break a damned bone. I broke a few bones in my foot 1 1/2 year ago and it finaly was starting to heal and was feeling pretty good about a month ago and I started to do some clean up out side the other day and I rebroke the damned thing. Pretty painful, and I refuse to go to the damned doctors. Yep at my income I would be screwed if I didn`t own? my place. Life is hard but life is good old vet. CONGRAGULATIONS ON YOUR NEW GRAND KID earlier this week hey 🙂 Say Hi for me if ya could. I have no kids and my relatives all suck so I stay away from those masonic clowns so I am perty much on my own. Nobody to blame but myself I guess.

      1. Digger…hang tuff bro…you like a Number 1 in my book……you always been a straight shooter with me here …even when everybody else thought I was a troll and an asshole….(still am and ashole I guess…but im a straight up asshole) you always had a good and kind word for me and accepted what I had to say…without judgement…. We dont walk the same path….most of us dont….Yet I think if we stop and turn around…we’ad see each other a walking it the same way…just a different times…..Ya know?

        Thankyou my friend for the kind words about our newest little crumb-snatcher….man oh man…but aint we got a things to do and now get’r done with…
        Bro….take em easy with that fracture…..they had to heal….I know that sounds hollow to say…being you are alone…..I can correlate with your words there….my ol’lady left out 4 weeks ago…..got tired of the prepper/gonna survive the NWO///last stand BS and had her fill……..So Im kinda in the same boat now….but im sure my plight is no where as great as yours old buddy……Im far from ya…but I gottya ass if need be!!!..

        Pony up…..its a good day!!

        1. 🙂 thanks oldvet, we all are tough old dogs here. We all never give up and we never give in. We do and try our best as we see fit. we are all brothers here oldvet, keep the faith bro.

        2. Awe, I missed you too Digger. I must have been on this page awhile and other posts came in…(& on the phone)…. You are a talented guy there too! Pretty smart and a great heart too!
          Every body here at FTT is a pretty dang good and talented person I think! 🙂

          1. Don`t worry about it RT, geeze us that have been here for a while are realy cool/good people. I think that we are some of the best of the best. You guys here are like the family that I never had. I wish I would have grown up with ya`ll as kids. RT, we are family and never forget that, eh. We are the best!! 🙂

          2. Yep Digger, I feel like home here and you guys are family I won’t forget ever 🙂

            P.S. There wasn’t a reply link under ur post Digger, so had to do it under mine.

  4. Okay, I’ve got you all beat, even if not by much. I’ll be 60 next Friday, and if anything, I’m twice as mean and half as tolerant as I was when I was 30.

    Definitely a plus when it comes time to deal with those NWO scumbag communist traitors.

    1. #1 you were writing when I was hehe! You’re included with slugdiamond, Smilar & oldvet too 🙂 And a Happy Early Birthday to you!

      1. Thanks, RT. Truth be told, the way things were going this time last year, I honestly didn’t think (or at least wasn’t sure) I was going to see my 60th.

        And the best part is:

        IRON MAN 3 OPENS!!!

        I’m taking Thursday AND Friday off, and going to the midnight show on Thursday. The cool thing is, I can get there 1 1/2 hours early, be in the first five – ten people in line, and take my computer with me to pass the time. (on The Trenches, of course). I can’t wait, I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. Iron Man was my favorite comic book back in the day. 🙂

        1. You’ll make it past 80+ there #1!
          LOL! on the kid at Christmas, I def hear ya there! Is your Brother making you a batch of his home brew? That would be the icing on the cake! I hope you have an Awesome one!

    2. Well bro…..I’d a thought you was a younger buck than that…..60.. huh?

      That means..you meaner than a snake……smarter than a fox….brave as a timber wolf…..and harder headed than the rest of us…LOL!!

      YOU GO BOY!!

  5. No matter your age or place in the line, Each of us will have an Important part. We will do our best in whatever way is needed at that time, and time again.

    We all need each other and each others valuable talents to make it through. All of those talents will be needed, no matter age or physical condition, everbody has something or things they do like no other can and can teach others as well.

    Slugdiamond, Smilardog & oldvet you all sound (As oldvet says>) “Dayum” Talented! mho

  6. RT you so right….back when we was recruiting able bodies a cpl years back,…folks tried to say…”I aint never served” I’d always say….”well you can roll dayum bandages or load mags , can’t you?”

    RT…sir you are correct….Our lady liberty needs each of us seasoned SONS to do what it is we each do.

    KUDOs brother…Kudos

    1. Oldvet, RT is a lady. Sorry bro, I thought she was a he until she set the record straight. You just never can tell by posting names, (at least not most of the time), except with names like Angel or Cathleen, then it’s a slam dunk. 🙂

      1. OPPPPPSSS My bad RT…sorry ma’am….but hells bells you one of us…Sorry for the mix up there…but i’d still share and serve you up a bowl of Jambalaya anyday..

        1. LOL, #1 spilled the beans aye? hehe! It’s all good, hung out w/my Dad a lot and worked on cars Alot, and a pretty big tomboy til H.S. hehe! Still like working on cars and I do talk like a sailor sometimes, so it’s probably hard to tell. (Tho I do clean up okay hehe!)
          RT Hawk, was Red Tail Hawk (Redtail Hawks being one of my fav birds) I shortened it to RT Hawk. I was Ren that called in one day and asked JD about copper. I’m def up for some good Jambalaya Thanks! 🙂

    2. LOL oldvet, yep I can roll them dayum bandages 🙂 and the work they did on the mummies isn’t anything compared to the dressings I can do, smoooooth! hehe! Kudo’s to you my Brother 🙂

  7. 1. I didn’t know RT Hawk was a woman until #1 told stated it just now (lol) and
    2. I’m still in my early 30’s, so any wise, veteran experience from you guys is ALWAYS much appreciated.

      1. Hehe! NC, I guess I never knew it was an important thingy? 🙂
        Nope Digger, haven’t seen Angel post in a bit……

  8. shucks boys……..guess as a gent…i may and might jest need to clean up my mouth a bit..
    RT…yeah…the Red Tail Hawks were our kin folk pap paw used to say…..I love to see em fly by my house…. Mom and Pop had a chick this year….its flyin and cryin out loud…mom dont get far from it either…..all of ’em got they eye on my spring hatched chicks…old pop flys high a keepin the look see for trouble. as mom and jr look low for rabbits and such………..tells the story of true freedom…dont ya think? I sure love to look up and see it…sure is a sight…I sit back with a beer and fire the grill for some deer ribs……I use pecan or appl for the ribs….seems the birds like to smell it. Well I do anyway..and it makes the meat taste soooo good.

    Never considered the fact you was a girl…It dont matter. You do talk and sound like my baby girl…she is 21 goin on 40…called today and said she wouls come next weekend and wanted to take me fishin….I AM a lucky man….

    1. Sure beats the hell out of this concrete jungle I’m stuck in, oldvet.

      On the (slight) upside, we do have a pair of hawks that fly around the warehouse where I work. Get to hear them cry occasionally. Beautiful birds.

    2. oldvet, so if you clean up your mouth, does that mean I have to? LOL!
      Yep definately kin with me, I love’em. So beautiful when the sun shines through their tail feathers. I used to have a pair that visited me everyday @ work, about 5:00pm. I’d be inside and hear ’em coming. I’d go out and watch’em fly around for about an hour, Beautiful! (One of the first feathers I ever beaded too, darn good job if I have to say so myself lol) Now that I’m home one stops by and visits here 🙂 And Yep, Freedom I’d get lost watching them. Hehe 21 going on 40 hehe! Same with my boys (Sounds like you raised her good though!). Have fun fishing, boy I miss that!

      LOL! Smilardog, I did bet it looked like I was talking to myself. Specially since I resonded individually (Not only under my name lol) can’t imagine how it must have looked on the right under comments lol! My bad! Made me laugh tho! Learned I’ll have to group’em all together hehehe!

      Glad FTT is still up and running today! Ya’ll Have a Great one! Hope to be back later on.

  9. Turned 65 last month. Viet-Nam vet spent 1969 with 101st airborne division in country. Really gung-ho at first; Bronze Star, Vietnamese cross of gallantry and a few others I forget the names of. After 3 months in country; I got to know some of the natives and realized that war was not “defending” our country, but the intended GENOCIDE of a proud ancient culture (JUST WHAT THIS “WAR ON TERROR” IS DOING TODAY). I then realized I really was a “baby killer”. So: I became one of those anti-war protesters I used to beat up!
    “Ancient” is something this empire will never achieve. Our “pride” is invested in conquest and brutal occupations of defenseless people, we never pick on anybody who can defend themselves. If they knew how resilient and resourceful the Vietnamese were; We never would have gone there. THE BEST WAR WE EVER LOST …….TILL NOW.
    I still work full time, have to because Medicare costs over $300.00 a month for the supplemental insurance. Even though I purchased a prescription drug plan, it don’t pay anything until I’m $3,000.00 “out of pocket”.
    At 65 you are forced by law into Medicare, so: to keep as much of the same protection as your employers insurance afforded you; you gotta pay out the nose! Even then: the way Medicare works, you can’t get the same protections that could help ensure a longer or healthier life span.
    Medicare is set up by the jews, “big pharma”, to get as much of your money as they can and then let you die, or outright kill you, when that money runs out.
    I elected to keep working because I wanted to. When Medicare kicked in: I realized I HAVE TO! Just like the military: when they are done with you; they are “DONE WITH YOU”; PERIOD!!
    I have type 2 diabetes because of “AGENT ORANGE”, The VA denies all culpability. I have hepatitis c because of medical malpractice in their vaccination program because they were using those pneumatic injectors the medics didn’t clean between injections. They accepted responsibility for that because they didn’t have to pay disability. I was denied on the diabetes because they would have to pay disability on that. That is what the VA told me after my 2nd attempt to file for disability.
    They have a history of turning their backs on the veterans and mistreating them as well. Their “doctors” are from the bottom of their classes who failed state medical examiners licensing requirements, who consequently could not be licensed to practice in the private sector. Everything they make available for the vets is less than 3rd world quality, on purpose. Dead vets don’t draw disability!
    Back to Medicare: as a diabetic, one of my meds “Janumet” is $250.00 a month. Because of the terms of that “prescription drug plan” (that is government regulated) I have to pay full price until I am $3,000.00 “out of pocket”. Under my employers insurance, it cost $20.00 (which is denied by government regulations after 65) I had the choice of paying my utility bill or buying that prescription. My BSL is now around 250+ If your utilities are cut off; the government declares your house as “uninhabitable” and condemns it. If I wanted to stay in my own home (paid off), I had to keep the lights on.
    If you are not a practicing jew or independently wealthy in this country: YOU ARE SCREWED!
    Having a whopper of an IRA, pension, or 401K, or any valuables in a safe deposit box or “secure” storage facility is no guarantee or safeguard from jew or government theft. In this country: if you can’t hide it: YOU DON’T OWN IT.
    Can’t you just smell the “FREEDOM”????
    I started collecting my SS as soon as I could so I’d have the extra cash for survival food supplies, fresh water and the weapons to defend my life, my family, my community and become free for the first time EVER!
    “Democracy” doesn’t come from the ballot box and these phony “elections”. To become truly free: the AMMO BOX is the only answer.
    As a machinist, toolmaker, gunsmith: I have a lot to offer as a true patriot. I can’t run 5 miles before breakfast any more, but; I’m still an expert with the M14.
    All of us, regardless of advancing years, have something of value to offer.
    It’s embarrassing to me that I actually believed the U.S. were “the good guys”. There are a lot of good people here. However; none of us ever had the chance to be in control and have this country be what the Fascist propagandists want the world to believe. We are anything but. The world is finally awakening to the charade. Many of us are too. Hopefully: it’s not too late.
    To Oslama Obama: TAKE YOUR “CHANGE” AND SHOVE IT! If anyone is your role model: it must be the likes of Pol Pot or Idi Amin
    These posts were really good reads! I feel like I know you guys and gals. It’s a real pleasure to see things like this!

    1. Kim,..you said; “It’s embarrassing to me that I actually believed the U.S. were “the good guys”.”

      When I enlisted I was all about the ” USA, Mother, GOD ,Apple Pie and Chevrolet” full of piss and vinegar thinking we Americans were the shat boy!! yessiry we had it going on…. I supported Israel and believed we were doing GODs work here on earth…..Killing Commies…Making the World safe for freedom…The World Loved us!!…

      Dont remember exactly what made me open my eyes and “SEE”, it was more a gradual thing as oppose to a single event I guess. But when the Iran-Contra event became known, I sat full up and started questioning everything I had ever believed…..even my religious faith.

      We have been lied to about every single thing in our life. Our History,..our Nation,…our Money…our very core beliefs..even our Nations founding.
      Even now the wall of lies has not completely fallen.

      Ignorance was bliss……you cant never go back

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