A list of ways we can start to take back our country

take it back1. Start investigating the education programs at the library. Like in history and what many towns are seeing, the library is being used to push an agenda. So as an example, our town library is preaching hate towards those with obesity. They use meetings, filming events and widespread advertising throughout the town. The “obesity agenda” is part of the global agenda. The library also publishes and teaches about parenting as well.

2.  Look into the social programs that are established in your town. Ask yourself what the agenda is of each of these programs is and what the hidden message might be. We have many that I believe are linked to the global agenda. One is relatively new and it is called the “Wellness Coalition.” It is for a “healthier community.” They have the obesity program, suicide prevention/ mental health, etc. This coalition, openly states, it is what is teaching our doctors, teachers, administrators, police, psychologists, clergymen, hospitals etc. This is including who is “mentally ill.”

Basically, what they have been doing is infiltrating from the top and letting their agenda trickle down. If you think the media propaganda is bad, what they have been teaching the leaders of your community behind closed doors is most likely worse. Question any medical agendas that go through because those who want to rule have found that our desire to help others can be used to control others.

Also, there is already an assumption that “professionals” know best and are above the average citizen. I would recommend setting up “professional” training and making appointments to talk with your community leaders. Re-educate. When a person is turned in for “mental health” this person will lose all Constitutional rights without question, because it is for his/her own good. And remember this is not just tailored towards the mentally ill, we have noticed a huge change in how parents are being viewed. There has been a lot of propaganda that teach that parents are incompetent, negligent and need a village to raise a child.

***Research what your states mental health screening is for children. You may be able to snag a copy of the actually screening tools. This will give you an idea of the information they are collecting on families and how they are planning to label people. Schools, just like medical, are going to be used to police people and to control people.

3.  Look for any task forces being set up to consolidate all nonprofits under one roof. In our town, the Wellness Coalition is actually running this program as well. What is being done in many towns is that a task force establishes a new agenda that all the nonprofits will have to follow. Contact these organizations and express your concerns.

4.  Check into any transportation agreements that have been set up for mass transportation of people. Follow up with investigating all the connections.

5.  Examine all your States legislative bills closely. Ask yourself what is this for, can it be used for something else and could it lead to anyone losing their Constitutional rights without a trial, jury or crime.

6.  Scan through all your State departments and local departments to see what is really set up. So like the Department of Immunization or Suicide Prevention etc. In the 8 Stages of genocide, there is always governmental departments established and most people who commit genocide are normal people who have developed a justified hatred or belief that they are better or know better than a certain group of people. This will give you an idea of potential areas the government can use to subjugate its citizens.

7.  Organize with others.

8.  Write editorials.

9.  Post flyers.

10.  Set up training.

11. Put together a party to talk about these issues.

12. Have a movie viewing showing others some of what they might have missed.

13. Teach others how to read and see through the manipulation and propaganda by themselves.

14. Start a conversation with a neighbor.

15. Use bumper stickers, business cards, or t shirts.

16. Set up a booth at a fundraiser/bazaar that talks about this or set up a game to ask questions.

17. Create an awareness event.

18. Contact local churches, veterans clubs, libertarian parties, local shooting ranges, express your concerns and get theirs as well.

19. Work with others that may be different, but share the goal of stopping tyranny and keeping to the principal of individualism.

20. Reach out to local businesses that may share the desire to maintain freedom.

21. Try to set up informal survival skills basics for those who are interested.

22. Contemplate the technology that could be used against the population: bio, chemical, sound etc. Like the military, go over scenarios to help prepare mentally for what might come. Find like minded individuals and bounce ideas off of them.

23. Keep spreading the word and great job on all that you do. Thank you.

Sent to us by the author, Amanda from Alaska.

One thought on “A list of ways we can start to take back our country

  1. The public library of my city has become such a creepy manifestation of the nanny police state I cannot stand to go there anymore. Black uniformed guards, cameras throughout, special parking places for hybrid/electric vehicles only, signs all about telling patrons to remove hats, sunglasses, hoodies, and a stupid recording at the entrance that welcomes you to the library. The online account web site has been turned over to third party management. I started to sign up until I got to the point where the requested information had nothing to do with record keeping.

    Right after 911 and the controversy about FBI requesting library records, the library displayed a defiant poster criticizing the practice, but the library has now been compromised in every way. The agenda marches on.

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