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It is obvious by now to us all that evil is trying to take over common sense, and that everything that has ever been dear to our hearts is poison to our enemy’s. The sick minded trying to take global control must eliminate everything that has brought happiness to hundreds of millions and replace it with fear.

Our happiness makes American Nationals strong, our guns and ammunition makes us unstoppable. It’s becoming clearer by the second that if we don’t understand what’s coming, then we don’t deserve our freedoms, it’s just that simple. All of us here at the Trenches understand this and must walk strong among the ones who don’t.

Things aren’t getting any better as it seems that in a few days we are going to have another election determining who will muster up the mantra for the evil few among the millions of the good minded among us. We will take out the evil, the Bill of Rights will be reinstated.

Death to the new world order, walk strong among the weak and reinstate the Bill of Rights.

11 thoughts on “A Message

  1. Anybody doubting our resolve on this web site, or who wants to play word games, or instill any kind of doubt whatsoever is going to be removed, recently a few of us have choosen to resign themselves from our site, for whatever reasons unknown to me or Henry, John or whoever . Maybe they are tired of being a part of this site, or tired of members here within.

    We have seen people come and go over the years, butt hurt and angry. This happens in life, peoples thoughts change over time for reasons only they can explain.

    Henry Shivleys family have given us a place in which to communicate while coming together, have kept this house open for over a decade now. But understand this, its not a place to play butt hurt games and start to try and divide, its a place where we come together and bring back that which has been stolen from us, its going to require war, but only when the time is right, and only then.

    Henry and his family have stuck their necks out a country mile; to this day Im in awe of the honesty and respect Henry has always given to this site, and its message.

    You wanna come here and start to play any kind of games whatsoever, your history, gone, shown the door. You might be asked first what your problem is, and believe me, we all have our problems, but when it comes to this sites resolve and its message, indecisiveness has no quarter. Either your in, or your out. That goes for myself as well, I get it, Im not perfect either.

    All we have is each other, let’s show ourselves and everybody else the respect the Henry Shivley family deserves.

    BTW, Henry and Laura are the final authority here, I have zero say in anything, I just want to make that perfectly clear, its the respect thing with me, total and complete devotion to the cause and its message.

    There is no other place like the Trenches….

    1. Yep, some come and go. It will be the same when the SHTF. That is when we’ll see who is and isn’t for the Bill of Rights.

  2. Very tight Mark, not much can be added. Henry has, like windex, cleaned a window for many, and our bill of rights is and has always been the thing obscured!

  3. Honestly I do not know what I would do without this site. (Been away from computer, camping, the last couple of days.)

    1. Camping, love it..Wish I could do more of it. Sometimes I just park my truck at a scenic view point in the rockies, just gaze out at the beauty of it all, shut her down spend the night and just take it all in, amazing country we live in.

  4. Well I’m in it to win it , mostly for my family going forward . And for this family too
    likely we all have our misgivings and the brainwashing that occurred over our lives is nothing to take lightly, Its definitely something we all should fight off. and all should fight for the Full Boat being the Bill of Rights
    I came here for the education and what I can learn from all that come here , will never say I’ve got all the bases covered , Hope I dont ever piss anyone off trying to stay on top of it all.

    Guess I’ll stay as long as y’all will have me

    1. Very frequently your comments cut to the bone, razor sharp, exposing new terrain. I cannot tell you how much I learn from you and how contagious your determination is. I just don’t know how I could have cultivated the fight within myself without seeing all the fierce commitment in the Trench. Being here, I became a whole other person, one I now respect, one willing to fight, fight for birthright, and for the freedom of generations to come. Glad you’re here, EOTS, and also all who are willing to fight.


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