A New Marijuana Industry Complete with Foreign Labor

Colorado and Washington have passed laws making the recreational use of marijuana a legal activity.  This would seem a blow for freedom but like everything else in the United States, there has to be a drawback.  For starters it is being said that the Mexican drug cartels are angry about the legalization as it will cut into their profits.

I do not believe so.  In fact I have to think that a lot of Mexican insurgents voted in those Colorado and Washington elections for the marijuana initiatives.  If you follow the news you know that year to year there has been an increase in massive marijuana grows on public lands by the Mexican drug cartels and of course there have been some big busts to go along with the grows.

We all know that at the top of the United States illicit drug cabal is the US government and as the government is corporate, the emphasis is absolutely on profit.  Bearing in mind that the drug war is being conducted under the same profit theology, let’s look at these new legalization laws.

As the prohibition ends and taxation steps in and in considering that we are only talking about two states in fifty, what is to stop the drug cartels from setting up their illegal grow operations in Colorado and Washington exclusively?  Of course this would be all sanctioned by the drug lords in the US government and those in league would have a monopoly on the industry, with the elimination of all competition, with extreme prejudice.

I predict we will see the average citizens in these states being raided by federal authorities and having their properties confiscated, while the Mexican drug gangs grow, manufacture, and ship their product all around the US, unmolested.  The higher quality marijuana grown in the United States will fetch a heftier price, especially considering the elimination of a need for transport across the border.  Both Seattle and Denver are major transportation hubs, with I-80 the main artery from east to west.

Any time it appears that the elite are loosening their stranglehold on our freedom and liberty we do not have to look far to find the duplicity behind their actions.  It should be interesting to watch as the tide of Mexican pot workers makes it way north.

17 thoughts on “A New Marijuana Industry Complete with Foreign Labor

  1. I dont agree with most of the story. You say ” Colorado and Washington have passed laws making the recreational use of marijuana a legal activity. This would seem a blow for freedom.” A blow to freedom? I don’t smoke but I see it as freedom. The drug cartel doesn’t want to be involved in legal activity, there will be no profit. The only thing that causes violence and death with the drug trade is the illegal part. If drugs were legal and taxed all the profits, cartels, hard core violence would go away.

    1. Tim,
      If you were going to do a commercial grow for national distribution, would you do so in the state that put you in prison for possession of a seed, or would you do so in a state where you might get a couple of years max for an industrial grow?
      I’m probably wrong and in reality the government loves us and is just trying to free us. There is just a few of them that are bad, right? And of course there are no drug cartels in Colorado and Washington, all honest immigrants just trying to make a better life, right?
      You are naive.

      1. Concur. The smuggling of B.C. bud is big in Washington & street wars are fought between the Mexicans, Russians & Americans for the control there. Native Americans are doing medium grows on the Reservation lands & there are some grows on National Forest lands that are heavily guarded by Cartel thugs.

  2. Back in the 60’s and 70’s (when I went through my “smoking” days) we were all wondering when the government would grab onto the cash cow of growing it legally for the income potential. I see the time has come now … 42+ years later.

    Also for those who see it as Freedom. It’s just the opposite. The government wants us all drugged up for ease of control. It’s part of the dumbing down process keeping people in the dark. Wake up!

    1. Our govt. wants control of our thought, and – as has been my experience with herb – I am less likely to be led on to a lie, ya know like the ones the govt. allways are caught telling. Actually, I think herb makes you – at a small dose – makes you think more clearly. You see it has been proven to make your body utilize the oxygen in your body therefor better thought process. Also not to mention all the other med and other uses for the plant.

      1. A couple hits of the good stuff, I’m done. That friggen tie weed used to flatten my ass for the day. Then somebody would pull out the honey oil. Good bye………….

        1. Sounds like me talking about that honey. That tie stick – 5 – 6 in. opiated blue tie stick that was going around back in the mid/late seventies, rember it – as good or better than that train wreck or headband or BC bud now days.

  3. Yeah, they got the War on Terrorism now, to keep you and your rights firmly separated. They can detain/arrest you now, or just plainly execute you with no reason given.

    The drugs are the SOMA slowly being reintroduced in society. To keep you smiling with that big government dick up where the sun doesn’t shine (George Carlin.)

    I guess they took Marijuana way back when since so many people used it.
    They would have made it general by just making breathing air illegal. But knew they wouldn’t get away with that.

    This whole thing is about neutering or fixing (In name of the Children’s safety.) the Bill of Rights, without the sheep noticing what it was really about..

    1. ?d#@k? And I thought this was an “adult” site.

      I read people here calling for things that might cause thousands if not hundreds of thousands or god forbid millions upto billions of wiped out lives. Annihilated for some political hype du jour meme. This is “good” language, with “good” words, “good” political correct words.

        1. Actually no… If it was only about words. who cares, its just words, good or bad pending on indoctrination or morals trained by parents, teachers, dogma, media, government officials into the wide open minds of our young ones…
          All them lives, dreams, wishes, happiness, knowledge, warmth, light. are much more worthwhile fighting for.. Even for the ones that haven’t been born yet and are waiting for their chance to experience this what we don’t even notice anymore.

          My previous statement about them lives stands. And the sick minds wanting it all for themselves.

        2. You wouldn`t think TranceAm was speaking for himself? I do not think that I was wiped out by my heavy drug use back in the day as well any any one else I know. They are rather sucessful people, so to speak. I think the drug laws wiped out way more people and destroyed more peoples lives than any drug ever did, first hand experience I have for over 45 yrs.

      1. That wpuld be – I think that it is spellled – toucher pot. They used to dip bud or inhect or dip joints in embalming fluid/formaldihyde. Thai stick is Thai stick and what your friend said was not thai – it was toucher pot.a whole different animal. They also used to step on pot with PCP and call it different names, remember the old smack weed? Thai weed is Thai weed.

  4. This is a step towards actual freedom and a step in the right direction. Marijuana is way safer than things like alcohol and can be used for countless reasons than just getting high. The plant provides medicinal strengths big pharma cant compete with.

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