Americans Must Let Go of the Status Quo

So who will run for president in 2016?  The mainstream propaganda machine is pushing this question in a futile attempt to get we the people to grasp onto the illusion of hope as the status quo continues the theft of the raw resources of the United States, the idea being simply keeping we the people in a state of indecision.

There is a lot of talk indeed of what is to come in the future, designed to divert our attention from the catastrophe that is the present.

  • It is a fact that $46 trillion has been stolen from we the people.
  • It is a fact that we have just witnessed a fraudulent election wherein the elite have declared that the rest of us are now subservient to their will.
  • 40% unemployment.
  • $16 trillion debt we do not owe.
  • Indefinite detention and military arrests for US citizens.
  • A looming UN gun ban that can only be enforced through confiscation.
  • 55 million of our people living in abject poverty.
  • An ever shrinking middle class.
  • A foreign invasion from the south.
  • China buying up the United States, wholesale.
  • Deteriorating nuclear plants.
  • GMO foods.
  • A food Gestapo to keep us from eating anything good for us.
  • And a pharmaceutical industry precipitating slow kill, soft kill genocide upon our people.

But not to worry, we can fix it all in just four short years.

If we do not reject these stalling tactics and start asserting ourselves against our enemies, we can only expect a slow death through incrementalism.   This is not rocket science.  If we want to bring our enemies to task the path lies before us.  Stop the flow of the spice.  Seize our natural resources.  Stop them from leaving our country.  This is the only thing that will force the hands of the tyrants.

Or shall we endure another four years of tyrannical deprivation as our enemies implement their police state at their leisure?  Our resources are the key.  It is the conquest of the wealth of our nation that is at the heart of the international socialist insurgency and indeed the capture of the resources of the world that motivates the international Zionist drive for empire.

In short, they want what we have and as long as we are not physically stopping them from the taking, why should they hurry?  This winter should bring a lot more around to our way of thinking, that is if we make it through this winter because there is a spoiler in the game, and that would be the US fiat dollar, which must, as a dictate of math, collapse.

I guess the only question really is, how hungry are going to have to get before we take up the initiative to save our own lives.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “Americans Must Let Go of the Status Quo

  1. Yep, they are already hitting the airwaves with who will be next president. Clinton? Christie? Another Bush? All the same corporate mafia families in power over and over again. Never anyone different. And the Bilderberg and the Bohemian Grove are the mother of all secret Mafia gatherings, which is why they ordered and controlled the police to take down any protesters, but got away with their own shit. Same shit different day. Ignore the real problems and keep the illusion going. Playing pass the ball. The DHS is the new mafia police, ready to take down anyone who dares go against them, all in the name of corporate mafia security. It’s high time we show them who’s boss. Hell, half of them only have a 14% shooting accuracy (NYPD). It can’t be that hard.

  2. The SCOTUS decision of January 2010 allowing the UNLIMITED funding of political candidates by corporations was an act of high treason handing the country over to corporations. Zionist Banks, the Military Industrial Complex, the Zionist Israeli Lobby, Big Chemical, Big Oil and Big Insurance now completely run the country for their own benefit.

    This is IRREVERSIBLE unless enough unfunded congress people go against their chosen profession and cease being parasites to rewrite the law. Given human nature I would say that the American dream of yesterday is irretrievable, it has sold its human soul to pure evil, its dignity like virginity once lost is not coming back and is infested by a cancer that eats its way through all natural wealth and all human values replacing it with a void where all are treated as suspected terrorists in their own land. No matter how many decent people rightly get pissed off the SCOTUS decision to give the country away is made and there is no turning back the clock.

    The constitution might as well not exist as the corporations choose the laws and the president.

    Sad times, the time of rule by the antichrist.

  3. In the new world order people will be classified as unpersons under the law having no legitimate rights. Americans can now be detained without trial, murdered by their own Government. That makes you an unperson under the law.

    Soon that will extend to personal property, it already extends to your right to travel, to be vaccinated, to be fed GM Foods.

    Sad times, the time of rule by the antichrist.

  4. In 1699 when Sir Isaac Newton was the master of the Royal Mint is was correctly deemed treason to debase the coinage and the sentence was hanging. In 2102 the treasonous FEDERAL RESERVE has openly embarked on counterfeiting the coinage without limit called quantitative easing to infinity. The wealthy educated class go along with debasing because the FEDERAL RESERVE pumps quantitative easing into the stock market underpinning their perceived paper wealth. While almost 50 million souls (one sixth of the population and growing) are reduced to food stamps to survive under socialism funded by quantitative easing and they also do not object to debasing the coinage.

    In the end both will be impoverished as the stock market manipulation is a banker illusion and the socialism is a banker illusion. Both will understand that debasing the coinage should carry a sentence of hanging, however it will then be too late as the banker house will have taken all wealth.

    Sad times, the time of rule by the antichrist.

    1. “The banker house will have taken all wealth.”

      There is no where they can run with it.

      Sad times, the time of rule by the antichrist.

      Only if you prefer to believe in christ. Otherwise it is just another dictator with bigger and better gadgets, but still afraid to be in the dark, by himself. Convicted to eternally waiting for the knife in his back by someone he thought to be a friend.

        1. Yeah, beliefs turn men in to gullible children, waiting for protectors to protect them from the evil boogie men the protectors told about.

          As Charles Bronson (Harmonica.) told Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West.
          “Men, yea, a dying breed.”

          1. No faith in something, no morals. No morals, no values. No values, no heart and soul. No heart and soul, all hope in life is lost.

          2. I have faith in only one thing/thought.

            Whatever the action, NO Victims.

            Everyone else’s rights start where my nose ends. I don’t want to be a victim of them. They don’t need to be a victim of me.

          3. The only way, we all can pursuit happiness in all kinds of different expressions.

            The only reason they perverted the gulden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” wich gives others a moral obligation to interfere in your life as see see fit or needed. It should have been the complete opposite :
            “Don’t do unto others as you wouldn’t have them do to you”

            I don’t care whether religious people put all kinds of hardships on themselves. I just don’t think that if everyone starts flogging themselves since they think it will bring them closer to god, that their religious representatives in government should make laws for all including agnosts and atheists, based on said convictions.

  5. Hard to grasp on how many people don’t want to, or just can’t believe what is happening to them. Head in the sand mentality, scared to death to speak out or make a move in a direction that they’re unaccustomed to making or saying. Kids becoming autistic from flu shots etc. Unbelievable.

    Just look on how meek the Staten Island crowd has become. Not really retaliating at all considering the hell they were just put through.

  6. Sad times @ Trans Am, the gentlest force overcomes the hardest just as a woman overcomes a man. Christ was a Jew who grew up and instead of a selfish agenda promoted an agenda based on love. Try reading Lao Tsu, Tolstoy, TS Eliot or Shakespeare only because the truth is eternal and not restricted to any one religious sect.

    antichrist is anti all that is cherished: family, friends, trust, freedom, respect, dignity, morality, etc. Read the words I wrote without trying to deflect from them.

    The SCOTUS gave America to the corporations, the NDAA makes you a unperson, the COUNTERFEIT of the coinage is treason and it will enrich only the bastards private banking families that own the FED they are the counterfeiters that is why they benefit and everyone else loses, that is why it is TREASON: 1+1 = DUH! (two! – my friend)

    Believe in the Divine or believe in a world of mammon or Zion, it appears that you have chosen, it is not too late my friend to reflect and change your mind. Only the antichrist shows no compassion and makes you an unperson. A most wise philosopher said ‘we are all spiritual beings each of us experiencing a human existence’.

    Sad times, the time of rule by the antichrist.

    1. Sad times @ Trans Am(sic)

      Sad Times? These are the kind of times that make men, from creatures that dwell on the floor, in the dark, without sound, looking for scraps, and a bit of selfesteem based courage to stand on their own feet.

      And to be very honest.. If Obama turns out to be the Anti-Christ.. I see that as a very interesting development. Very interesting.
      Keeping in mind, during all the witch hunts in the name of whoever, and under the responsibility of whomever, NEVER a witch was found. So maybe its just me, but I don’t think that is going to happen. logical outcome: Back to an earlier statement.

      “Otherwise it is just another dictator with bigger and better gadgets, but still afraid to be in the dark, by himself. Convicted to eternally waiting for the knife in his back by someone he thought to be a friend.”

      Surrounded by a lot of people talking about sad times, rapture, the superhero and return of the prodigal son, while giving ceasar what is ceasars.

      1. @ Transam

        You are sad!

        No dignified person WANTS to pick scraps from the floor, no dignified person NEEDS to pick scraps from the floor.

        Undo the SCOTUS decision, the NDAA and the quantitative easing and restore the constitution. The world has an abundance, just let Natural Law work. The income tax levy to pay j-usury is $1.6 trillion per annum, the zionist wars levy from income tax are $1.5 trillion per annum. Abolish the bullshit IRS and return the Wealth and see what country we live in.

        Mammon or the Divine? You are part of the problem and part of the solution. Personally I would not accepts scraps from your table, I would forage and survive.

        1. @ Transam[sic] You are sad!

          You wouldn’t get the scraps. You would get your own plate. However, being a guest, you wouldn’t dictate prayer for the whole table. That would be something you can do in silence. As George Carlin stated about religion. “Keep it to Yourself.”

          Now beside that, but because you bring it up:
          “The income tax levy to pay j-usury is $1.6 trillion per annum, the zionist wars levy from income tax are $1.5 trillion per annum. ”

          Oh boy, it was never for the taxes, they couldn’t care about the taxes… The taxes were only BACKING for the loans. THE LOANS of what is it now 14 Trillion was the JACKPOT. The trouble is now that the taxes don’t cover the interest on the loans. This is where the pyramid game fell.

          1. @TranceM

            Your generosity overwhelms me!

            No thanks, I am not that kind of person, I prefer to always stick with the facts as I have presented and to choose the company I keep. The choice between a dinner plate on Lucifer or the abundance supplied by the Divine world is not a contest. I have had enough of zionism and the occult of Mammon. Best of luck!

            Regarding the return of $3.1 trillion per annum to the taxpayer not benefiting America, are you a complete Troll lunatic or do you really believe the nonsense you write?

          2. I rest this case.. Anyone else up to this?

            “Are you a complete Troll lunatic or do you really believe the nonsense you write?”

            Imagine for one sec that about 2012 years ago, they must have said the same thing. (If at least the part is true, that a legendary hero stood up to the system.) And for the rest, its not my task to de-program you from the BS that was pumped into you. The plate of food offer was genuine. I notice you prefer the life and tales of Job.

          3. The way I read the 1st Amendment. It guarantees the right to believe or not to believe. I will fight and die for either and there is no religious qualification to serve the Republic for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

  7. America created 175,000 new jobs per the Bureau of Lying Statistics in August and the world celebrated. Each day 15,000 people went onto food stamps ie 500,000 people went onto social welfare for the month of August and the world still celebrated.

    Sad times, the time of the rule of the antichrist.

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