A Shout Out

This is a shout out to all those who are stepping out today to do their patriotic duty, to get themselves to the polls and have their voices heard by VOTING. Oh, did I say “shout out?” Sorry, I meant to say SHAME OUT!! Yes, shame on you for still believing the lie. Shame on you for showing up to sanction a false enterprise that not only ignores your voice but makes things worse for you day-by-day.

Yet the bigger share of SHAME goes to all the so-called alternative news outlets on the Internet, those who claim free speech and truth in reporting. SHAME ON YOU!! All day yesterday, so many of you were screaming “DON’T FORGET TO VOTE, VOTE, VOTE,” adding on that “this is the most important election EVER!!” You know what’s important? THE BILL OF RIGHTS and the uprising that’s building to restore it to its rightful place as our SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. Keep dancin’ around that truth and dig your own grave.

We have a chance to reclaim our birthright and live free and it’s on our hands to bring it about. You who still vote, please know that freedom will not come from the ballot box. Haven’t you had enough of deception and demise? Walk away from a toxic system that is devoid of ethics. Real people everywhere are ready to end the slavery game and return to the power of THE INDIVIDUAL, where each man, woman, and child gets a shot at a life of self-determinism with no interference from out-of-control greed and power that is ever dishing up war, destruction and death. Voters, PLEASE STOP EMPOWERING YOUR OPPRESSORS!!

17 thoughts on “A Shout Out

  1. Nice!
    I dont need a leader or representatives so I dont ask for one.
    Voting is an illusion for retarded people to feel better about the tyranny imposed on them.

  2. Ha, seems the circus is unfolding as usual. Seeing so many headlines of “massive issues,” and “nothing is working,” and “tabulator issues with machines,” and “cyber attacks,” and “ballots lost in the mail,” and some saying, “Election night is going to take all week.” Guess that gives them enough time to place who they will where they will. Cover-ups take time. And lastly, and this one takes the cake: “Michigan voters told they have already voted in Detroit.” Such organized confusion. And they want us to restore trust in them? That’s like tellin’ Sam Whittemore to trust King George!! Ain’t gonna happen. No, Nay, Never!!!!!!!!!


  3. Every morning
    Wander out to the
    Septigog (outhouse) and vote
    *Sometimes two or three times
    before I start my day.
    Of course using anti hanging chad paper.
    * Depending on the menu the night before.
    (could have been purely hydraulic samiches)

  4. Hear! Hear! Let’s extend this “Shame Out!” to every other nation as well where the walking dead shuffle along to vote in their own rigged elections for the same corporate employees. Yes, I’m talking primarily about the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & every other “slave colony”! WAKE THE F*CK UP YOU PATHETIC, ABUSED, FOOLISH SHEEP!

  5. Yea I just had a coworker ask if I was voting. I just looked at him and said, “Are you serious?”

    I just don’t understand how people continue to vote even after they tell me that elections are rigged.



    1. Here’s what usually happens around the water cooler for some of us:

      “Who you gonna vote for?”
      “Me to know – you to find out.”
      “Are you even gonna vote? You know you get time-off for voting?”
      “Nope, and Yep.”
      “Why not?! Everyone should vote.”
      “Far be it be from me to complain, but, I wouldn’t know which A-hole to vote for. A-hole #1 does this, while A-hole #2 does the exact same thing but claims it’s actually just the opposite. Besides, political favoritism is not in my wheelhouse. ”
      “Well, if you don’t vote, you cant complain.” (Typical Totalitarian/Authoritarian/Communistic thought patterns)
      “I just did (you Moron).”
      “Well, I believe that those who don’t do their civic duty and go vote, shouldn’t be able to complain and don’t have a say in political affairs or discussions.”
      “As much as I like to say that ‘Morons should not have permanent access to food, water or air, let alone weapons’, I will defend their (your) rights to do just that. I may not like it, but that’s the difference between what many of us believe and what you believe.”
      “But, …. ”
      About this time the discussion ends ( if you can call it that), because someone leaves rather abruptly, allowing the other person to be disappointed in their desire to show that they are right in their (misguided) thought processes.


  6. It’s always good to know there are many who understand what the situation is. Oh, and Hal? I am making a batch of chili right now that will provide me with many votes!

    Remember, if you vote you can’t complain. Matter of fact, curl up in a fetal position and suck a barrel. You give consent to the enemy occupying govt and OURS as well, so be kind and save those of US who do get it a piece of ammo, ya pathetic cowards and traitors.

  7. Voting is the exact same circus as any stupor bowl or Olympics, vote for your fav even tho they are all controlled by the same clowns.

    1. It’s getting crazier and crazier. They’re holdin’ onto the seat of their pants, but all credibility is in the toilet. Emperor naked and so many know.


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