Activists and police misconduct websites are considered “extremists” by police


According to a Virginia Police PowerPoint presentation titled, “Domestic Terrorism and Extremist Group” the police are ‘secretly’ classifying citizens as “extremists” and “subversives.”

The Virginia Police presentation, is proof that Americans are being classified as “extremists” based on their political activities.  

According to Public “the PowerPoint presentation was obtained from the public website of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. It is believed to have been authored by a representative of a city police department in Virginia.”

The ‘secret’ presentation was never meant to be seen by the public…

“The following material is Law Enforcement Sensitive and should not be disseminated outside LEO circles.”

According to the presentation, police are told to keep their activities a ‘secret’ by never visiting websites from their home computers. In other words, if police use only government computers the public will never know if their being spied on.

Numerous ways Americans can be considered an extremist:

You’re an EXTREMIST, if you want more police accountability and no police abuse.

image credit: Public Intelligence

Police are warned they will be recorded by “very articulate” citizens, who know the law “especially search and seizure”.

You’re an EXTREMIST, if you want less government spying or think corporations aren’t people.

image credit: Public Intelligence

Also, If you consider Obamacare, gun control or increased taxes to be an issue, you’re an extremist!

You’re an ANARCHIST, if you’re a college-aged youth, who believes in less government.

image credit: Public Intelligence

You’ll also be considered an anarchist, if you’re a liberal or you believe that bankers should be prosecuted for mortgage fraud etc. If for some reason, you believe in organized labor, eight hour workdays and the right to go on strike you’re an anarchist! (page 33)

You’re a SUBVERSIVE, if you want to change the status quo and you’re tired of the way things are.

image credit: Public Intelligence

You’re an EXTREMIST, if you think there should be less animal drug testing and animals shouldn’t be abused.

image credit: Public Intelligence

According to the PowerPoint presentation, police think anyone picketing or handing out flyers is an extremist. They’re M.O. (Modus Operandi resembles anti-abortion activists”.

The police, claim “PETA isn’t an “EXTREMIST” website but its good for situational awareness.”

What they’re really saying is, Police should use the PETA website to spy on how legal activists operate!

Police are also instructed, to “detain and identify” animal rights activists, collect their literature and record their license plates.

Police are being warned, to remember to smile because activists will always record police activity! 

This is ludicrous, when was the last time you saw a cop smile when they’re being recorded?

Below, is another asinine list, illustrating how citizens can be labeled as terrorists or extremists by the police.

image credit: Beforeitsnews

Wake up America, it’s extremely doubtful that Virginia is the only state doing this. What’s next jailing or exiling people for their political activities?

2 thoughts on “Activists and police misconduct websites are considered “extremists” by police

  1. Tell me more about “good cops” rescuing people.

    It looks to me like the idiot cops are being taught that anyone who isn’t a good commie, is an extremist threat.

    This makes EVERY cop a traitor to this nation, in addition to being a criminal for covering up the crimes of his fellow cops, even if he’s not committing crimes himself.

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