Adrenochrome, Child Sex Trafficking & Ukrainian Biolabs: Jim Caviezel Tells Steve Bannon U.S. Intel Agencies Behind Deadly Slave Trade by

Adrenochrome, Child Sex Trafficking & Ukrainian Biolabs: Jim Caviezel Tells Steve Bannon U.S. Intel Agencies Behind Deadly Slave Trade

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel, who starred as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s epic film The Passion of the Christ, spoke with political strategist Steve Bannon on Tuesday about disturbing child trafficking networks exploiting kids worldwide.

Caviezel joined Bannon’s War Room to promote his new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of former government agent Tim Ballard going on a rogue mission to rescue children from Columbian sex traffickers.

Speaking with Bannon, the actor explained he’s been in contact with several law enforcement agents and 30 Navy SEALS while working on the film and that his sources have informed him of a lucrative trafficking scheme used by globalists to get high off human adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound created when human adrenaline is oxidized, first popularized by writer Hunter Thompson in his hit book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

According to Caviezel, adrenochrome is used as a drug by the elite as it is ten times more potent than heroin and has some qualities that may make the user appear younger.

The actor also said his government sources told him Mexican drug cartels are selling barrels of human body parts to be used for extracting adrenochrome at $77,000 a pop to a network of Ukrainian biolabs.

Infowars readers should be familiar with the Hunter Biden connection to the Ukrainian biolab network as well as the labs being linked to the Pentagon, CIA, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama and others.

In fact, Hunter Biden’s laptops revealed he once texted his dead brother’s widow, with whom he was having a sexual relationship, to see if she believed he had “children burned alive in DONETSK” or “children killed in Donetsk, Ukraine.”

The message likely referred to Hunter’s connections with Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who has been funding the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion behind war crimes such as illegally shelling civilians in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

During his interview with Bannon, Caviezel mentioned the Azov Nazis in Ukraine and said their alleged human body part trafficking network appears to be run by Western “three-letter agencies.”

The banks and intelligence agencies are also reportedly running multiple “sex islands” similar to the infamous Jeffrey Epstein Island.

The global child trafficking “business” has reportedly reached a $152 billion yearly market.

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4 thoughts on “Adrenochrome, Child Sex Trafficking & Ukrainian Biolabs: Jim Caviezel Tells Steve Bannon U.S. Intel Agencies Behind Deadly Slave Trade by

  1. So, Caviezel’s talkin’ to Bannon in his Safe House. That is to say, playin’ it safe. Will either go the distance? Has either read The Talmud?


    1. If Jim “commits suicide” in the near future.. you’ll have your answer. And I certainly don’t consider Bannon a safe person to talk to!!

  2. I think its a distracting psyop the adrenechrome thing, considering you can buy it online for around $11 per milligram.
    Also consider all the deepfake AI crap now out there. It’s easy and everywhere. It’s becoming impossible for the layperson to make a distinction between real and deepfake in almost anything. And that’s what they want a duality where everyone is second guessing themselves resulting in insanity.


  3. A few more things. Realrawnews runs a lot of the over-the-top adrenechrome articles.

    Want adrenochrome, just get it here

    The other big problem I have with this ongoing thing is this
    OUR was founded by self-proclaimed “Man of God,” former CIA and Homeland Security official Tim Bollard. A Utah Mormon. Seems like OUR is run by CIA bad actors laundering money among other things.

    Mormons are suspect of him as well

    Me, I don’t trust any of this baloney.

    Just another narrative to make you look away from the ‘jew’.


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