8 thoughts on “After reading the news…

  1. I would have to add to this….

    This would be a fine place to have a nervous breakdown. …and

    Take a dump without the hubble telescope. .

    Focusing on Uranus.

    1. Due to the planetary structure of all things in orbit and all things not, it would seem that, or one might conclude that, Uranus, and all other bio-diverse parts and areas could not possibly escape the Hubble Eye. Try as one may, The Great Eye focuses in, emphasizes detail, stores data, and at the very precise moment of ultimate impact, releases it to serve its broader purpose and reduce you to a biological entity with urges. The recommendation on the underground is simply this: HOLD IT IN.

      Certainly, over time you will observe a considerable change (increase) in your size and weight, and your face will appear contorted, but do not concern yourself with such matters, as this great Act-Of-Retention and amazing Strength-Of-Will on your part, will eventually render your mind to depart from your brain. There are those who have had some affiliation with you who claim this has already happened; others affirm it has not. I, as a dedicated and experienced scientist, certified in Planetary Movements was pressed to submit this conclusion to you as I did not want to HOLD IT IN.


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