After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Horrified Americans Offer to Donate Ribs, Organs as Needed

Common Dreams – by Jake Johnson

While the social media universe was full of well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery after news broke that 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suffered a fall in her office Wednesday night and was hospitalized with three fractured ribs, no one could avoid discussing the horrifying political reality that—if Ginsburg is, goodness forbid, unable to return to work—President Donald Trump will get to nominate a third right-wing judge to the Supreme Court.  

“Should Ginsburg leave the court in the next two years,” noted Splinter‘s Paul Blest, “a man who was never elected by a majority of the country will get to reshape a third seat on the court—and with it, the country’s laws—for the next 20, 30, or even 40 years. And that’s all before Trump gets a chance at another four years in office.”

Fully aware of this alarming possibility, Twitter users generously offered to donate ribs, internal organs, and anything else Ginsburg may need to recover and stay healthy:

According to an official statement from the Supreme Court’s public information office on Thursday, Ginsburg went home after falling in her office Wednesday night but later decided to go to the hospital after “experiencing discomfort.”

“Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment,” the high court said. “Updates will be provided as they become available.”

Since Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation last month in the face of credible sexual assault allegations, conservatives have had a 5-4 advantage on the Supreme Court. As one of the four remaining liberal justices, Ginsburg is a crucial bulwark against the high court moving even further to the right and intensifying threats to women’s reproductive rights, the planet, and workers.

“Sending prayers for Justice Ginsburg’s smooth and swift recovery,” Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers’ Commitee for Civil Rights Under Law, wrote on Twitter. “She is a sharp mind and a force of nature who remains needed on the SCOTUS today.”

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11 thoughts on “After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Horrified Americans Offer to Donate Ribs, Organs as Needed

  1. I have no shame in praying for this traitorous Talmudic Zionist b*#ch to croak as soon as possible. It’s too bad she didn’t break her neck when she fell. I hope all her well-wishers an equally sudden death.

  2. Makes me wonder if she went on a bender and was so drunk or pissed off or both ,that she went into a fit of rage and did this to herself while flaling around in her office like a loon
    Sometimes Karma comes calling in the slightest of ways
    Heaven has a gate and a keeper they say (St Peter) and rules to follow to come in
    Hell just openes up and let’s anyone fall right in usually suffering before and after
    I guess time will tell

    I still think that’s Larry King in drag

  3. It’s hard on a young person to heal from broken ribs but at 85 don’t know . But again they get the bests health care

  4. My uneducated guess would be she suffers from osteoporosis from her humped shoulders. If that is the case, they may not heal back as they should. This may be enough to put her in retirement. She could barely stay awake before the fall.


  6. Ribs and Organs…..

    I really feel a need to donate to help judge ginseng burg.

    That’s why I’m going 2 donate a rack of smoked baby back ribs and a hammond b3 CHurch organ.

    So somebody can play a song for her …

    B4 she dies…

    And she doesn’t go hungry.

    1. For that evil stench, you’d hafta provide human baby back ribs, and we ain’t going for that. STARVE IT!
      Instead of a good Hammond, why not a cheezy Casio? Save the good organs for the artistic, not autistic.

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