Alabama Couple Names Baby Krimson Tyde, Is Shocked By Backlash

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An Alabama couple is shocked at the backlash they’ve experienced after naming their newborn son “Krimson Tyde.”

Summer and Steven Steele, who are from the small town of Andalusia, Ala., named their son after Alabama University’s football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. The couple told Alabama Media Group thatthey are “big Alabama [football] fans.”  

The baby boy, Krimson Tyde Steele, was born Dec. 17, and his story quickly went viral after being posted to Twitter on Saturday. Some of the reactions weren’t particularly kind:

Gawker Media’s sports news site Deadspin even published a list of baby names on Monday that are “better than Krimson Tyde.”

“I’m shocked, I didn’t think people would make such a big deal about it,” mom Summer Steele told Alabama Media Group.

While the couple has clearly dealt with a whole lot of nastiness over their decision, they are getting some crucial support: from a man who named his children “Crimson Tide” and “Alleigh Bama.” Seriously.

14 thoughts on “Alabama Couple Names Baby Krimson Tyde, Is Shocked By Backlash

  1. got another one… I know of somebody right now with a last name of Youngpeter…. lmfao.. I”m not kiddin…

    1. I stand corrected Digger. Yes, the kids are the ones who will have to live with why their parents named them the name that they did.

      Sssssssssoooooo … is Diggerdan … ah, never mind. LOL!
      . . .

  2. It’s not a tattoo. If the name bothers the kid she can change it later, and it’s not half as bad as the nick-names kids give each other, which usually get more use than the kid’s real name.

    As for the backlash, I’m with Digger on this one — “It is nobodys business what people name their kids”, but once it’s posted on the internet, it’s subjected to everyone’s opinion.

    Strange (or original) names are popular these days, and Krimson is a lot nicer than many names that are much more common.

  3. “Learn to work the saxophone
    and I play just what I feel…
    Drink scotch whisky all night long and…
    die behind the wheel.
    They gotta name for the winners in the world
    and I want a name when I lose…
    They call our panel the Crimson Tide…
    Call me Deacon Blues.”
    -Steely Dan

  4. This is no news

    Many people of the immigrant population in america have
    names most americans can’t even pronounce, or know the meaning of.

    That said, if this couple had a baby girl and named her krimson tyde
    it might earn her some teasing once a month during puberty, no?


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