Alert: From a TV Producer

Been having a back and forth with a TV producer that produces a show called “Off Grid Living” here is what they want to film. Please notice item *8…..

1. feeding livestock

2. tending to gardens

3. tending to solar panels  

4. fixing wind turbines

5. making a bow saw

6. forging a tomahawk out of an old lawn mower blade

7. making mud bricks

8. firing guns at explosives

9. explaining, repairing hydro electric generator

10. building a survival shelter in the woods out of leaves

11. procuring clean water

12. explaining hydroponic system

These shows are put out there to insure that we all look like crazy people.

Please tell people that if they hear from these types to tell them to go away, Last year we heard from a producer that wanted people to use their own video cameras to outline the following

How many guns you have,

What security do you have

Where is your bug out place

and your views on the gobment.


PS when it came to item 8 I asked was he f#@ken crazy, and that he should contact Johnny Knoxville.

5 thoughts on “Alert: From a TV Producer

  1. Don’t you just love how they slip that one thing right in the middle there, thinking you would just gloss right over it.

    Yes, because all of us preppers have nothing better to do than to shoot explosives with our guns. WTF??

    Also, what kind of idiot would tell the entire world how many guns they have, what kind of security they have, where their place is and their views on the government?

    I mean really, do they think we preppers were born yesterday? Like we don’t know they are trying to gather intel on us.


    Thanks for the post Sheila. Good to know that our enemy doesn’t know everything and is still afraid of us.

    1. Apparently they believe they’ve dumbed down at least some of the population to the point that they may even get a few nibbles.

      Insanity can be hard to unravel at times. Kind of like that ball of spaghetti Henry’s always talking about.

  2. NC, the cops are shivering in their boots pondering what seemingly inconsequential event will light the fuse of revolution. No one can predict future events but the daily police beatings and ongoing pilfering of our resources along with what appears to be the planned destruction of our living environment can lead to only one outcome – the decimation of the oligarchs and the restoration of our republic through civil war.

  3. I made my first ‘bush-craft’ bowsaw back in november. It was fun and its nice to know how to just carry the blade and make the handle. 1lb and an awkward shape eliminated from my pack.
    Anyone ever check out Dave Canterbury school on youetube. Ill put a link to a vid on how to make a bow saw.

    A nail knot and lashing have changed my outdoor experience.

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