Alex Jones Voting

At end of video, about 3 min. left, Jones says,”Eventually there hits a point when I go to Switzerland and all you dumb asses can sit here and go to hell.” Thanks for letting us know where to find you, AJ.

5 thoughts on “Alex Jones Voting

  1. Yep. At 30:30, and follows it with “But I would take all the patriots with me.”

    Yeah, because a patriot would expatriate and abandon their Nation?

    You’re showing your commie double-speak, alex joo-nstein.

    1. The beginning of the vid. he gives a super lame reason why we vote. I think he is insane personally.

      Yeah, his “take the patriots with him”, was a better redeem myself, because no one will send me their money anymore after I just called them dumb arses.

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