All Animals are Equal but Some are More Equal than Others

The Golden Truth   There’s not a lot to say about the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare other than, “okay, now how does the Government pay for this?”   That plus now that the SCOTUS has upheld the ability of the Government to “mandate” how you have to live your life by calling the individual mandate a “tax,” where exactly will our Government draw the line on regulating everything you do?

Quite honestly this is probably one of the most depressing events I have witnessed with respect to the abdication of individual liberty – and the annexation of power and control – by the Federal Government.  The fact that this particular SCOTUS put its stamp of approval on this move toward a totalitarian system is quite shocking.

Initially the precious metals were blatantly smashed when the decision was announced.  This is because once the dust settles, the toughest question is “where will the financing for Obamacare come from?”  Several close studies of the entire legislation have suggested several trillion dollars will be required. Raising taxes on a declining income-earning workforce will not even remotely accomplish the task.  The Government already has an insatiable demand for the funding to finance its rapidly escalating spending.

The big banks backed by Fed know that this means more debt issuance and more money-printing and that’s why there’s been inexorable downward pressure on the precious metals once Asia – the phsyical gold buying part of the world – goes to sleep and the paper trading criminals in NY and London go to work.

The past 14 months have been extremely difficult for those of us heavily invested in the precious metals sector.  But the fundamental factors for doing so have become significantly stronger during this time period, punctuated by the affirmation by SCOTUS of Obamacare.   In the context of the globally collapsing banking system and the serially collapsing EU countries, when the markets fully understand what has happened in this country today, the precious metals will take off to new highs as it will become crystal clear that the only two possibilities going forward are to print or allow complete financial collapse of the western world.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?

7 thoughts on “All Animals are Equal but Some are More Equal than Others

  1. ““where will the financing for Obamacare come from?” … The past 14 months have been extremely difficult for those of us heavily invested in the precious metals sector.”

    Not one word has been written asking, “where will destitute Americans (the millions of homeless, jobless) get the money to buy mandated medical insurance when they cannot even feed themselves and their families? When they have no home to live in?” Is this the beginning of debtor prisons; where those millions who cannot afford high-cost insurance, will be stashed? Those millions “heavily invested” in just trying to feed themselves “precious” food.

    Why not an article about the millions too poor to worry about “investing in precious metals”? This question must be addressed. The rich guys on the Supreme Court surely didn’t bother to ask, or even consider, it.

  2. The constitution for good reason states that only gold and silver should be money, this is to protect the people from the entitled scum who operates the private banking cartel and through their fiat paper money make usury and every scam in the Wall Street book to rob the working people.

    Banks produce nothing and make profits through theft. Their theft is the wealth that is produced by the working person. Do not blame someone because they intelligently own the peoples money (either small sums or large) to protect their wealth from these banksters.

    Ron Paul would automatically introduce the peoples money, gold and silver, he would end the private FED printing of their money and end the IRS who collect taxes to pay the FED shareholders their due’s usury.

    Without these taxes on us and without the entitled making usury, making laws and making wars the poor would be on a more equal footing and instead of relying on a trickle down from the entitled would have their opportunity to create and earn wealth. It is a bottom up society that Ron Paul and the constitution demand to help everyone make a living rather than a top down society where the poor suffer the most.

    The Supreme Court are the entitled, they are the enemy of the people so why would you expect them to care squat about the poor or anyone else other than the chosen.

    Keep the fight with Ron Paul and wealth, liberty and justice will be open to all. United we win our divine right, all can prosper, divided the entitled ones always conquer and steal the wealth of the working person.

  3. @ it is I only

    There is no need to try deflect the conversation from the real issues which at this stage are way beyond schoolboy grammatical correctness, the meaning is understood and that is all that is important, this is life and our liberty seen from the trenches. Get a grip and make a thoughtful and powerful contribution from the heart like a patriot ready to defend his countrymen, we are interested when you are ready to open up the discussion.

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