CONTEMPT! – Fast and Furious – Where did the Money Go?

Oh my goodness, golly gee.  US Attorney General Eric Holder was found in Contempt of Congress.  So what now?  Well if the proper procedure is followed, the Attorney General for Washington DC is supposed to put together a case against Holder and take it to a Grand Jury.  But that is not going to happen.  You see, it just isn’t done.  Eric Holder is one of the criminal elite and stands above any and all US laws, including our Constitution.

Now, the Congress could appoint a special prosecutor to go after Holder for civil contempt.  This is not going to happen either, but if it did, then what?  Well the special prosecutor would take the case to the courts and at each and every stage, from the first call to order, every aspect would be appealed by Eric Holder’s attorneys.

Eventually, you know like in a year or two, the case would wind up in front of the Supreme Court.  You know, the Supreme Court that just ruled that private corporations can levy taxes upon the American people through Obamacare.

This country is finished.  Eric Holder will not be held accountable for gunrunning, drug trafficking, and money laundering as these activities are now considered lawful functions of our government.  And I am not naive enough to think otherwise.  But there is one little question I would like answered.

There can be no doubt that guns were bought by the AFT using American taxpayer dollars, well actually guns and now we find out grenades.  These guns and grenades were traded to the Mexican drug cartels for marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

Now this marijuana, cocaine, and heroin was brought into the United States and sold by DEA agents to the American public.

The money procured was then sent down to Central and South America where it was laundered and deposited in various bank accounts.

So I guess the billion dollar question is who got the money?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “CONTEMPT! – Fast and Furious – Where did the Money Go?

  1. It went into the retired presidents pool. Somebody has to pay for all of those secret service prostitute drug fueled parties. It can get ridiculously boring guarding George Sr. and his cronies all day long.

  2. Vote Ron Paul, Our last chance, Write him in..Aw heck, what am i saying Today’s court decision says it all. We have been bought and payed for

  3. I don’t think “the country is finished”. The federal govt. yes they are finished. Evil always destroyes itself. Hang in there, we don’t have to win, we just have to not loose. They will destroy themselves. Look what happened in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan. They just held on long enough. We can to.

    1. Let me clarify. When I say the country is finished, I mean the insurgency that has been worming it’s way into our body politic for the last 100 years is finished. There has been an injunction on the Republic since the bankruptcy of 1933 and we have been operating via Title 50, a federal statute that is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced upon we the people. as it is a statute and all federal statutes by law pertain only to the area encompassed within the District of Columbia. This is what is finished.

  4. I like this wesite there’s Truth here! However there’s too much Evil in this country. I Served this country for 6 yrs in the Navy and glad I got out. Concerning Our country we hve left the True reason for being in this Land and thatis because it was Established as ONE NATIONUNDER GOD. And we have left HIM out!! Don’t you know Judgement is comming there’s TOO much Evil here . It cannot be conquered by hUman Spirit or Strenght, But only at the COMMING of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

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