Amazing How Childish Trump Is By Lying About Becoming Infected – This Man Child Runs A Country?

To buy this garbage coming from Trump is like buying the story from an eight year old kid who just brought home his report card with the grade F obviously changed to a B, easily figured out within seconds from the parent, ask me how I know…

This clown actually expected grown adults to believe this crap, and it goes to how much of a dumb ass we have sitting in the highest position of power in the United States.

It makes you wonder what kind of shit for brains morons blindly support this ass hat. It’s incredible to me how traitors like Puss Limbaugh and Shit Hannity can still talk about this ingrate with a straight face!

As we go forward with this Covid-19 con job, expect more of the same. I guess, we have truly seen what kind of useful idiot we have for a president, and how ripe he was for garbage like the Bolshevik masters to appoint this idiot for president.

My god, look what the hell is going on here…

5 thoughts on “Amazing How Childish Trump Is By Lying About Becoming Infected – This Man Child Runs A Country?

  1. Trump is the human hybrid Baphomet. That’s why. What Baphomet wants, Baphomet gets, no matter how vile and disgusting. No matter how many lies. It is all one big Baphomet curse.

    1. Believe it or not but when I was a high school math teacher one of my students pulled that “F” to “B” crapola, and when the parents showed up for the annual parent-teacher meeting evening the parent brought me the report card with the change on it! So guess what I did (with the parents’ permission of course)–I gave the kid and extra “F” in the grade book…..

  2. The meat puppet in the White House has always been the shell game. One shell is labeled Republican, one shell is labeled “Democrat”, and the third is labeled “Independent”. The game has been rigged from the start and the people who are stupid enough to play the game and vote are always losers.

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