America around the World

United States Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, is busy today securing one of the borders of our homeland.  It is not the border between Texas and Mexico, New Mexico and Mexico, Arizona and Mexico, or California and Mexico.  It is indeed our homeland border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Yes, you heard me right, United States Homeland Security, according to Ms. Napolitano, is going to seal the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Napolitano flew to Afghanistan, taking with her our expert border agents, which have so effectively sealed our Southern border.  So what is our United States Homeland Security Secretary doing in a foreign country leading a crusade to seal their border while the entire population of South America is pouring into the United States through Mexico?

I guess the world has become our homeland.  At present our Federal Bureau of Investigation is also operating all over the world.  So I guess the world actually is our federal homeland.

And it only gets better.  As our economy is going down the tube and our own employment departments have become nonfunctional, our United States Department of Labor is awarding grants from a $20 million fund to Bolivia, Egypt, and Jordon to combat exploitive child labor.

The grants will fund projects that provide children with education and training opportunities, and help improve the livelihoods of families so they no longer need to rely on children’s labor. These projects will work with countries that have shown strong political will to address abusive child labor and tackle its root causes. They will collaborate with national partners to scale up and sustain these efforts, and will conduct rigorous evaluations of the impact of project interventions.           (Source: ILAB News Release)


Should we be surprised that agencies in our United States government are launching operations all over the world?  Of course we shouldn’t.  Whether we were listening or not the mainstream media did report that we are seeing the ushering in of one world government.  If the United States has to be destroyed in order to accommodate this great achievement, well you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

Face it, you have to be realistic, the whole process of distributing our standing army every place in the world except here in the United States where it is most needed began literally back at its inception.  As the illegals flow across our Southern border and the individual states along that border are being denied 3,000 troops to try to stop the invasion, the American taxpayer is paying for 28,000 troops to absolutely seal the border between North and South Korea.  I’m sure it says somewhere in our Constitution that it is sworn duty of the American representative government to protect the people of South Korea.

The fact is we are paying to quarter troops in over one hundred countries around the world and as they are American troops, which is a branch of the Executive, I guess the separation of powers clause would dictate that our Congress and Senate be allowed to operate in these foreign countries also.  This is insanity beyond insanity and every day we grow closer to the point of no return.

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  1. Our government is out of control ours They are to busy getting into other countries business and dictating that they are Gods of the world to take care of their own people who I might add are the ones who are paying their wages it is a sick situation,but they are profiting by it somehow because they never do anything that doesn’t put big bucks in their back pockets. Money talks so Bullshit can walk.

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