99ers Ranks will Grow in 2011, Happy New Year

It is 2011, 365 days for the filthy rich to see how much more they can take from us.  Of course the propagandists are blazing away pushing their recovery lie.  People, we no longer have an industrial base, yet the rich continue acquiring more wealth, literally making bank on the stock market in 2010.  As we are producing very little that would represent created wealth, where are all these riches being accumulated by the wealthy coming from?  Well, there is only one logical explanation.

The wealth is being raked up from the lower tiers in our society.  This wealth is represented by profits being made through outsourcing of our jobs and liquidation of the equity we once held in our real property.  It is a transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the greedy rich.  And as they are stealing hand over fist they are spouting out of the corners of their mouths, “End regulation” and “Cut our taxes.”

They are also pushing for cuts in Medicare citing an old folks’ population explosion in reference to retiring baby boomers.  Although the baby boomers have worked and paid into the system all their lives it is being said benefits will have to be cut as the rich, uh, I mean the people, can’t afford to pay their benefits.

It is kind of interesting to note that the majority of 99ers are also baby boomers.  Another reason we were targeted.  I think we had better ask ourselves, if they are not planning on even affording us medical care when we reach retirement age, what exactly is their plan for us?

If we are in effect blackballed from the workforce what is left?  We can’t get welfare as our children are grown.  And food stamps, which are supposed to provide full nutrition to those who are receiving them, are now being identified as a supplement.  Let’s see, we can’t work to make money because there are no jobs, we can’t receive welfare, so just what are the food stamps supplementing?  What a joke.

They say the food stamps are now meant to provide three weeks worth of nutrition per month.  So what it has come down to is that the poor are going to have to starve one week out of every month in order to pay for tax cuts for billionaires.  And now that food stamps have been turned into a subsidy rather than an entitlement, well I guess it will sound better when they cut them even further.

The economists are saying they are looking for a good year in 2011. This begs the question, a good year for who?  Remember these economists are the same ones who sold us on IRAs, 401Ks, and real estate investments to insure prosperity in our golden years.  They continued to lie to us right through the collapse of the housing bubble, business bankruptcies, and clear up until the point that our retirements disappeared.  After which trillions of dollars were borrowed in our names and our grandchildren’s name under the guise of bailing them out while we were put out on the streets to starve.

And what did they do with the bailout and stimulus monies?  They invested them in China and India where they get slave labor and pay little or no taxes on their profits.  The fortunes that have been amassed in the past ten years are ill gotten gains.  They have stolen from us using methods that can only be described as a level of international fraud equating to treason against our country.  And they are going to continue to steal more as they are operating outside our Constitutional law with impunity.  Until we start identifying them and calling them out for what they are things are going to continue to get worse and the ranks of the 99ers are going to continue to grow.


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  1. Happy New Year Henry. Great article. Someone told me that if a person had not one penny of income they would qualify for food stamps. The majority of people do not understand that you need a child in order to collect food stamps. At least in this county you do. They are not interested in killing the kids, only the baby boomers. Our age group. Also, you have to submit an address and under a bridge or in a tent is not acceptable. We are dying right now Henry and we can’t do a thing about it. I know that I should not be complaining at all, since I am not suffering, but I am a 99er also and I will never give up. Well I received my second warning from facebook. They told me I am offending people by implying that the 99ers were stupid and deserved what they got. So now I am no longer allowed to voice my opinion. Also, they say once I have posted the comment about our site, to continue to do so is considered spam. I was informed that people on facebook were making a difference everyday and should not be treated as if they are doing nothing. I ask him for the dates that all of this was taking place because I don’t remember a damn thing about it. I should be ashamed for making them mad. Several people are upset with me which brings up this question, who gives a shit. We have enemies everywhere. This is going to be a year for the record books and not in favor of the American people. God help us all.

    Also if I add the comment CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION TO NON-PARTISAN STARTING MONDAY!!! Am I going to get threatened or do I need to worry about a bomb being put in my basement? Is this legal?

    1. Barbara,
      Trying to get someone to change their party affiliation is not illegal in any way. If we can accomplish even getting one million of the fifteen million out there to change their affiliation in unison it will show that we are united, can communicate, and exercise a strategy as a force. It is such a simple thing but if we can pull it off, I assure you it will scare the piss out of them. If one million 99ers change their party affiliation in a single week the following week there would be a Tier 5 and numerous promises of job opportunities for the future.
      As for Face Book, it would seem they are trying to exercise censorship. I guess maybe everybody should go on their Face Book page and put that simple statement front and center in bold capitol letters. And then put in bold capitol letters, “FACE BOOK IS PRACTICING CENSORSHIP” I think I will put it on mine right now.

      1. I am also on facebook and they have a section called causes and there alot of people starting causes that aren’t politically correct and some are even racist. The only way to battle them is with the right wording to start a cause as facebook has billions of subscribers and more readers even the Queen of England has an account.

  2. I don’t think we are ever going to be able to hold these people accountable. The economist who say we are going to have a good year in 2011 must be on drugs or this must not apply to certain American people. They know about us and the fact that we have no job or financial help, no food, no home etc., and they don’t care. What do you think is going to happen this year? I think, as long as I am allowed to think, that there will be a lot of baby boomers perish this year. Our only hope is to ignite. If we can ever get anything going, I think other groups will follow.

  3. The problem is our media. They cannot report on what is really going on in this country – they want to remain employed. I can no longer afford cable – the last time I saw an attempt at a serious “investigative report” was Dan Rather. Look what happened to him. This nation is facing a traumatic crisis, and our daily news is too busy asking if a celebrity is truly rehabed after a few weeks in jail. Is there on on-line news source that focuses on this nation? That promotes serious debate about solving our problems? That casts a spotlight on the plight of the homeless and unemployed and all the other problems that go hand-in-hand? Our government is not helping. Sure, there are lots of programs out there to help us, but after the red tape only about .002% are actually helped. Most employers won’t even consider hiring unemployed. You must already have a job to be considered for another job. You must be under a certain age because of the skyrocketing health insurance premiums. Your credit will be checked. If you are able to apply for retirement at age 62 (who wants to do that), then you cannot make more than $14,800 a year or your social security benefits will be penalized or even stopped. We are being herded into early perpetual poverty. Did you see the ex-Shell official all over the TV talking about the price of gas going up to $5 a gallon by 2012. When he was asked about what can we do to conserve gas, he had absolutely no response. He could only say that we need to open up more and more areas for drilling. Also, if he is predicting $5 a gallon gas next year, you can believe that price will be here this year – they just don’t want to panic everyone. How is this terrible attack on the citizens of this country going to be turned around when all we have done to “fix” it is extend tax cuts and hope that this time, this time, it will work. Create jobs, jobs, jobs? What else has been done to create jobs. Promises don’t create jobs.

    1. BJ99-MD,
      You asked about an online news source that focuses on this nation that promotes serious debate on fixing the problems, with all due respect and acknowledging that From the Trenches World Report is in its infancy, I was under the illusion that is what we are attempting to do here. Check out our Organized Resistance, Think Tank, Know Your Enemy, and Entrepreneur pages. If the finger strokes being hammered on the computers across this country asking what can we do were applied to these pages we might see results. So if you want to make a change, jump on one of the pages and go to work. Your compensation will be a chance to make a difference and change the future.
      As for the mainstream propagandists as you said their reporting is being influenced via fear for their jobs. It may sound cold but until they fear us more than their employers they are going to continue their complete blackout of the 99er issue.

  4. I am reading these posts, and with regards to switching your political party, well I am a bit confused. Were you once a REP, and are upset that they blocked legislation. Or, were you once a DEM, and are upset that they didn’t do enough for you when they COULD have? Or, are you now supporting IND, who don’t have enough power to do anything? Maybe Socialism where the working class is in more control? Do the 99ers even know what they want?…well, besides a new tier and more money of course, that we ALL know is for sure.

    I am searching around this website and cannot find information on a March on DC, or any sort of ACTUAL ORGANIZATION. Just more of the same. Don’t you all know that a nationwide rally at local UE offices won’t do much. The reason why is because the local UE offices CANT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. To get something done, you need to rally on the STEPS OF CONGRESS, where the REAL decisions are made.

    To the people who run this website. Why don’t you try to do something productive for the 99ers instead of providing just another outlet for 99ers to vent to other 99ers. I just don’t get it…it’s not that hard to comprehend. MARCH ON DC, GET RESULTS. It’s easy.

    ONE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH NO CHANGE IN RESULT. Pretty much EVERY article or website I come across with regards to the 99ers fits this versions definition of insanity to a T. Some may take this as being harsh, and it is a bit. Someone needs to wake up a bit and take some REAL steps towards getting positive results for these people.

    1. Huh?, Evidently you have only been a 99er for a day, if you even are one. The fact is we have been working the problem for many months now. Back before the congressional election we had as many 99ers as possible change their voter affiliation to Independent. We chose Independent to show a shift from the Dems and Reps and to confuse our numbers with the Tea Party to make the politicians wonder how many people were part of the movement. Now by changing our party affiliation to non-partisan, if enough of us do it, it will show a voting block that must be reckoned with. If you go to the other pages on this site you will see that we are attacking our enemy from many angles.
      As for gathering at unemployment offices you are the first one who has shown themselves to be stupid enough to think that we believe the people in the Unemployment office can change a thing. The Unemployment Office is where the government meets the people on the street and if the Nationwide Rally occurs and there are enough people raising the right kind of hell, it will have an effect.
      As for you, what exactly are you doing to correct the situation, besides sitting around and bitching because others are not designing their strategies to conform with your own ideas? There is a page on this site called “Think Tank”. If you think you are of superior intellect and have the silver bullet as to how to solve our problems with our current numbers and economic status, please jump on and enlighten us.

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