2 thoughts on “America – On The Brink Of Civil War

  1. You know … I just have to wonder about something. Maybe this is a daydream, but, we know the military officers chosen by “Mr. Wonderful” *snark* have passed a litmus test saying, “Yes they would fire on U.S. citizens”.

    But, I wonder how many of them just agreed to get a good paying job? And another thing I wonder about is the military personnel under the command of those military officers. How many of them just said “yes” to the litmus test to get “a job” because there are no jobs out here?

    If the officer was loyal to “you know who” and gave the command, how many of his/her personnel would actually turn about face and fire upon the person who gave the command instead of firing on the U.S. citizens?

    I know … my imagination runs away with me sometimes, but I DO think about these things. One wonders . . .

    . . .

    1. I think you have a point with that line of thinking. I do think that the reason they have foreign troops here, is to do the shooting of Americans in the event our guys won’t do it….And I really believe our guys will not, but the foreign yahoos would.

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