3 thoughts on ““American Citizens Before Migrants!”- Heckler at AOC TOWNHALL in Corona Queens Gets Booed

  1. This video is clearly & quite obviously communist propaganda & fake new. The video starts with a man wearing a Yellow Hat & a Communist Cuba T-shirt as he waves an American flag while yelling about American citizens. First of all we are sovereign nationals not citizens. If you notice their is a man to his left wearing a Blue puffer vest & a man to his right appears to be wearing a Blue Indentured Servant mask. The Yellow & Blue colors work on you subconsciously & also represent the colors on the flag of Ukraine. The mask symbolizes & is used as a disguise or costume to hide identity as well as to show submission, & can be used in rituals, secret societies, pushing an agenda or he could just simply be an ignorant individual etc. You will then notice another man in the audience wearing a mask as a chin strap begin to instigate Booing as they shuffle the communist Cuban away from the stage. AOC begins speaking & then another audience member interupts her about 1:36 in the video of her voting to give Ukraine 1 Billion in support/aid package. This is when the blue puffer jacket, yellow hat, blue mask, begin to work subconciously in your mind or a subliminal advertisement if you will. The same chin strap mask wearer suddenly jumps up again this time yelling ” Wait Your Turn ” Then AOC goes into her Spiel or Spell how she wants to eliminate the US Debt Limit so the politicians can have a never ending supply of Jewish Fiat Currency printed by the not so Federal reserve. This would amount to an opened ended or no limit credit card for politicians in order to roll out communism as the end goal. Remember the intials AOC simply represent AOC=Always On Communism. This video was nothing more than an advertisement designed & carried out with many of the Actors I mentioned above, whom many of which are paid subversives or employed by 3- Letter Agencies to carry out their communist agenda.

    1. Furthermore I suggest we bring back our Common Law Courts described in the Bill of Rights to eradicate communism legally from theses united States of America once & for all. The printing of paper currency & coins backed by gold & silver should also be carried out immediately in oder to end the Feral Reserve & save the county. Any sovereign national of these united States of America who even beLIEves we owe a debt to a Hijacked, Out of Control, Government Corporation needs mental health care. It could be easily compared to paying off a complete strangers credit card debt of an individual that resides in another county that you have never met or even know for that matter.

      1. lol.. its true Mark and I appreciate your comment! Gold and silver are still the only true monies today and have been so for thousands of years. You have a bank when you own physical silver or gold. Your brother Ken

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