American Delusion: Israel is our Great Friend and Ally

3d230d44-320x285Veterans Today – by  Preston James, Ph.D

Almost every Members of Congress takes an Oath to Israel upon assuming office, despite the fact that many know that Israel did the 9/11 Nuclear Attack on America and so many other False-flag attacks?

Yes, there is undeniable convincing evidence that Israel did 9/11/01 with the help of Traitors in high positions in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, and FAA.  

>What must be done as soon as possible to save the America from World Zionist foreign-based invaders and parasites who run illegal espionage fronts like AIPAC and the like before they completely destroy our Republic?

>Why is the American Congress completely compromised and functions as an extension of the Israeli Knesset even though this is in violation of numerous espionage laws and the US Constitution and everything our Founding Fathers believed in?

The two-part answer to these important questions is surprisingly simple, but most USG officials are scared to death to talk about this and it is actually the Elephant in the Living room no one will admit to. 

1. Most members of Congress are afraid they cannot be re-elected if they go against the WZs or Israel in anyway or afraid of ending up murdered like Senator Paul Wellstone. This make them notably two-faced, violators of their Oaths of Office and functional Traitors to America.

2. Israeli espionage fronts which serve the interest of the World Zionist Organized Crime Syndicate WZ/OCC must be completely identified for what they are and are doing to parasitize and destroy the US Constitution, American Rule of Law, and control and compromise the US Congress and most Institutions of the USG.

Powerful Israeli espionage fronts inside America Like AIPAC have unlimited funds.

There are Powerful Israeli espionage fronts inside America Like AIPAC have unlimited funds provided by a large International Organized Crime Syndicate and the private Rothschild Fiat Banking System. These espionage fronts have been buying, bribing and controlling Members of Congress and many USG Officials for a very long time.

In fact most new members of Congress have been manipulated into taking what amounts to a loyalty Pledge or Oath to Israel in order to receive adequate fundraisers and campaign funds before running a successful election. This involves going to forums at Synagogues and filling out forms in order to get adequate these adequate campaign contributions.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney is one of the first of a few to tell the Truth about Israeli complete control over the US Congress and this cost her winning re-election.

Great American Heroine and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who could not be re-elected because she is one of the few that honored her Official Oath to Uphold the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and resisted all efforts to be compromised and manipulated by the Israeli espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC and the like.

Listen to her tell the raw truth about this monstrous and illegal Israel espionage against America on behalf of the World Zionists (WZ’s) Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

If a Congressional candidate refuses to take this Oath or Pledge, it is highly likely that a competitor will be heavily funded and positioned to win the election. Folks, this is clearly espionage against the United States of America and a most serious threat to our American National Security.

This compromising of the US Congress is a most serious threat to our National Security alone justifies the involvement of the US Military High Command to take action and arrest and fully prosecute all the AIPAC principals and others responsible for this Israeli espionage against America.

This especially needed right now since our current Administration is compromised like the US Congress and the FBI, neither of which will take their required and appropriate legal and Judicial action to arrest and prosecute these individuals now committing Treason, Sedition and espionage against America inside America..

Yes, the clear solution right now is for the US Military High Command to indict and arrest the principals who reside in and visit America who are responsible for this of these illegal Israeli espionage through espionage fronts like AIPAC, while simultaneously requiring all foreign lobbying groups to be registered as foreign agents to be closely monitored and fully prosecuted under existing espionage and National Security Laws.

Sadly, because the US Congress is almost completely compromised and “owned” and manipulated by the Israeli Lobby inside America it will never do anything. the large amounts of Israeli lobby campaign funds, perks and offshore “set-aside allocations” will prevent any indictments, arrests or prosecutions even though all of Congress knows this is completely justified and begs for such action.

CaptureThis unwillingness and inability of the US Congress to act is the current situation because the USG including the FBI which is the first responsible entity is completely compromised by the WZs and Israel refuses to do its job and has allowed these Israeli special interest lobbying groups which are actually large WZ/Israeli espionage fronts to operate unrestricted.

This allows these espionage fronts like AIPAC and the like to commit serial acts of Espionage, Treason and Sedition as they serve the needs of Israel and their master controller the Rothschild World Zionists based in the City of London (and now embedded all over the World) and place the interest of America and the American Citizens on the back-burner.

Note: It is important to understand the notable difference between World Zionists which may or not claim to be of the Judaic faith and Judaics in general. It is a known fact that most World Zionists are not Judaics and have no Hebrew Bloodlines, but impersonate Judaics. These impersonators use Judaics and Israelis as cover for their massive Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC). World Zionism (WZ) is a secret form of Satanism associated with a worldwide occult network that uses children for numerous pedophile human compromise ops (video-graphed honey traps) and semi-annual ritual sacrifices.

These WZs have conned and manipulated many Judaics by instilling a paranoid racial delusion in them that most Goyims, Christians and especially Islamics want to exterminate them. Of course we now know that it was the WZs that pre-arranged the German Internment camps in the first place to create this paranoid racial delusion. If most Judaics ever find out for sure what these top twelve WZs actually are doing, they would reject them 100% and run from them and get as far away as possible.

By supporting criminally insane WZ Likudist mass-murderers and oppressors of Palestinians and manipulating Congress to use American Soldiers to fight numerous illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual unwinnable wars against Islamics, they have been creating a major self-fulfilling prophecy against Judaism all over the World which will soon come home to roost.

It’s time for all Judaics who are not already awake to this to wake up and prevent this from happening by clearly rejecting the World Zionism and the Likudist oppression, blockading, asset-stripping, land-theft and genocide of Palestinians.

Why is this WZ Israeli compromise of the US Congress, the US Department of Justice, the FBI, the Administration and the Judiciary such a big deal?

The answer is three-fold.

1. The first reason is that Israel (at the direction and order of the WZs) planned, deployed and used their massive influence to cover up their attack on America on 9/11/01 which was nuclear. The evidence for this is now completely clear and substantial, and any honest Grand Jury would immediately indict the Top Principals at AIPAC and the other WZ/Israeli espionage fronts. But since our US Department of Justice and our Judiciary is completely compromised at all levels, no appropriate Grand juries will be allowed to be set up until we arrest and prosecute all principals of the WZ/Israeli espionage fronts inside America.

pile-(R)2. The second reason is that the WZs are continually using the Israeli espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC to attempt to manipulate America into fighting more of their oppressive, illegal anti-human Mideast Wars which are unprovoked, Unconstitutional, undeclared as is required by the US Constitution and are perpetual and un-winnable.

3. The third reason is that an adequate indictment and prosecution process would quickly remove the top leadership of the Illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which is serving as a major parasite on the fruits of American labor and accrued wealth and unless this is done soon the economy of America will become damaged beyond repair due to the massive Israeli asset stripping by their crafty manipulation of their phony Counterfeiting system of Fiat money.

4. And the fourth and extremely important reason is that the WZs have used their powerful Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC and the like to use nuclear blackmail with their usual Samson Option threats for more 9/11/01 nuclear attacks on America if the Administration did not let them consolidate American Law Enforcement and the Alphabets into one large Israeli Occupation Army Homeland Security (DHS) inside America.

Homeland Security is an WZ/Israeli Occupation Army that is a direct threat to the Liberty, Freedom and safety of every normal American and must be completely disassembled and eliminated in order to preserve the US Constitution, Rule of Law and America the Republic.

Numerous Intel insiders fear that the WZ’s who set up and now run DHS will deploy it against mainstream America and use it to transform America into GAZA II the largest open-aired Prison camp in the World with the American populace asset-stripped, oppressed, starved, tyrannized and mass-murdered like they have done and are still doing to the Palestinians especially the Women and young kids they have been filmed using for sniper practice.

Consider this. If the IDF allows one of their snipers to kill 13 Palestinian children in one day and brags about it and has posters joking about an IDF Bulldozer “turning Rachel Corrie into a pancake”, it is reasonable to expect that unless these WZ/Israeli Espionage fronts who are invaders, compromisers, blackmailers and parasites are stopped by the US Military High Command, they will use their DHS to begin doing these atrocities and genocide against Americans here in America.


High_TreasonWhat we have now in America is a society based on a foundation of Big Government Lies and False-narratives dispensed by the OCC’s CMMM. The result is that the average Americans head is filled with untruth by which they based their political views, political actions and voting on. Their average modal beliefs are based on these Big Government Lies and false-narratives which is a virtual Sea of Lies.

When Truth-tellers present the Truth and hard evidence exposing these Big Government Lies and false-narratives, they are simply rejected as false at face value without any detailed examination of the evidence. It is then an immediate “case closed” and the Truth-teller is rejected and marginalized, viewed as either a conspiracy nut, a crackpot or perhaps a domestic terrorist or potential domestic terrorist.

Because reality is socially constructed by the basic beliefs instilled in the public by the CMMM’s constant lying as well as the Big Government Lies and False-narratives taught in the public schools from curriculums determined and managed by the DC bureaucratic assets of the OCC, the deck has been stacked against the American Populace for at least 30 years.

It is a very sad situation when folks who try and communicate truths that everyone really needs to know in order to take their country back from the foreign invaders and hijackers, the enemy within our gates, are rejected and labelled crackpots and conspiracy nuts.

This however is now changing thanks to the Worldwide Internet and the millions of researchers who are cracking so many OCC False-flags and exposing the CMMM’s Big Government Lies and False-narratives. The Internet is the new springboard for the massive emergence of populism in many nations of the World now resulting in collective actions to take back ones’ nation’s sovereignty.

Despite all attempts to sabotage and restrict Internet freedom of communication, such efforts are doomed to failure. The CMMM’s Pandora’s Box has been opened never to be closed again, and the genie is out of the bottle forever and that’s that.

It’s high time for all Americans to realize that the World Zionist Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that runs Israel has transformed Israel into our greatest enemy, one that is now inside the Gates of America seriously threatening our very existence. It is time now for our US Military high Command to take action to arrest and fully prosecute the principals of these Israeli Espionage fronts in America.

Unfortunately Israel is neither our great friend or our loyal ally but is operating as a criminally insane, psychopathic nation taken over by crazed, incredibly evil and violent World Zionists (WZs) who are not only inhuman mass-murderers but are pathological liars, users, deceivers, war mongers, cry-babies, spoiled brats, Satanists and child-sacrificers.

Note: for a complete list of Gordon Duff’s pioneering 9/11/01 and Nuclear Education Series refer to this.


Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

8 thoughts on “American Delusion: Israel is our Great Friend and Ally

  1. Like many other loyal Americans, I believe, from my own research as well as that of others, much of what the author says is true. The problem is, what do we do about it when any organized attempt to resist is squashed by a cabal of zionist sympathizers and ignorant citizens?

    1. learn the KJV gospel of Christ. they subverted it with ci scofirlds bible to convince weak Christians to substitute israhell for Jesus

    2. This is what I do, Frank: most folks around here who consider themselves staunch supporters of Israel (as I used to be as well, in fact I once considered converting to Judaism…best decision I never made!), so when the subject of Israel or Jews or the middle east comes up I do these things–

      “So you think it’s okay for Israel to genocide Palestinians?” or “Do you think it is right to support Israel’s genocide of Palestinian Christians?” or “How can you support a country (Israel) that persecutes Palestinian Christians AND Messianic (Christian) Jews and vandalizes their churches?” or “So if you think God is blessing Israel then how come they had to try to invade Lebanon in 2006 so they could steal the Litani River, and how come Israel has been in a multi-year drought so that the Jordan River has stopped flowing and the Sea of Galilee is down 90 percent?” or “If Israel is the apple of God’s eye then why do they need the United States to keep on funding it?”

      Then, when these folks understand where I am coming from I lay the big one on them: Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Semites, but are Japhethites “grafted” onto the seedline of Shem (Genesis 10 I think), and are actually Khazar converts…and tell them to read Koestler’s “13th Tribe” (downloadable in PDF) or google Eran Elhaik’s genetic research on the origin of Israeli Jews.

      Well, for the most part it worked with my husband…

      As for the hard core Christian Zionists, don’t bother….they are under strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2) and would prefer to stay there…

      1. And then when they really get it, I ask them to read that book about the survivers of the USS Liberty by Mark Glenn (that did it for me once and for all) and if they act all wussy about maybe being called “anti-Semitic” I throw the Khazar thing back into their faces.

        I truly believe that the majority of Americans will eventually understand that nothing tops seeking the truth in all things.

        And folks who call me “anti-Semitic” (such as my husband several years ago until I blew that BS away!) will rue the day they did so! The truth does hurt!

        1. “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Prof. Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv U. exposed the AshkeNAZI jews for the liars they are. It was actually on the bestseller list for a while (in Europe, not here). I have it.

          Not bad, for a jew, anyway.

  2. “Unfortunately Israel is neither our great friend or our loyal ally but is operating as a criminally insane, psychopathic nation taken over by crazed, incredibly evil and violent World Zionists (WZs) who are not only inhuman mass-murderers but are pathological liars, users, deceivers, war mongers, cry-babies, spoiled brats, Satanists and child-sacrificers.”

    A most excellent summation.

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