Americans are too Ignorant to Fill 3 Million Jobs

In response to their forced admission that the depression remains and that jobs and industry are still being exported out of the United States, the corporate elite have re-launched their propaganda campaign designed to create a false reality wherein there are millions of jobs in the United States that Americans are not filling because they lack the skills to do so.

The top five being listed are #5 Accounting and Finance, #4 Sales Representatives, #3 IT Staff, #2, Engineers, and #1 Skilled Trades.  You see the assertion being put forth is that our young people are graduating college not having procured the skill sets necessary to fill these jobs.  Thus, it is asserted, there is a shortage of skilled labor in the United States.

This has to be the greatest insult of all time as tens of millions of baby boomers were removed from these very occupations for no other reason than they had reached the top of their pay scales and become the highest liabilities to the health insurance companies.

On a CNN broadcast, the sleazy little nasal attentive corporate elitist Stephen Moore attempted to bolster these lies in saying where he lives he can’t get a plumber, an electrician, or a carpenter.

As this article is released there will be commenters posting that they are skilled baby boomer plumbers, electricians, or carpenters who cannot get a job for no other reason than their age and the fact that their experience demands a higher wage than that offered to a Mexican day laborer.  Hell, here where I live you cannot throw a rock without hitting an out of work skilled laborer.

In reality this is what it is all about.  Stephen Moore and company want American workers for Chinese wages and so these pathetic lies are being put forth.  The American system has always provided for a constant flow of skilled labor via the older workers training the young.  Now they have taken out a whole generation of older workers which could easily fill the 3 million jobs they are talking about and have also, in the act, disrupted the learning process.

They say there are 3 million jobs that need to be filled.  If that were true, which it is not, that would still leave 97 million US nationals unemployed as a result of the corporate elite moving our industry out of our country.  When I see pathetic little dirt bags like Stephen Moore trying to push this crap, I feel like ripping their faces of with my bare hands and making them eat them.  This whole thing is not only an insult but it is also an outrage.

When we take our country back we must punish these unscrupulous slugs using the harshest methods.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had a gut full of the same people who are robbing me blind thinking they could spit in my face while doing so.  The only way this is going to stop is if we physically stop it.

I heard one propagandist say the Chinese allow protests all over their country, but if any group starts having any real affect they are dealt with brutally and shut down.  Is this not what has been done to the Occupy Movement?  Let’s face it, protests will not work.  The time has come to start busting some elitists’ heads.  You know, like they bust our heads when we try to become delegates for Ron Paul.  It is time to cut the crap and get on with the fight.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

35 thoughts on “Americans are too Ignorant to Fill 3 Million Jobs

  1. It is amazing how people point fingers. Americans were just great with giving “those Mexicans” or “those Asians” their grunt work as long as they had the better paying job.
    Americans partied,entertained, and consumed everything in sight while the CEOs very rapidly changed corporate laws all over the place.
    Americans watched as their friends lost their jobs and shook their heads-but didn’t do anything. They made excuses that their lives were “too busy” to monitor the CEOs of their companies. They started living on credit cards instead of demanding that the situations be corrected so they didn’t HAVE to consider credit as a source of income to pay bills.
    Americans watched as Asians from dirt poor countries came and EVISCERATED Americans in terms of educational grades. Even then Americans did not stand up and make sure their kids had proper educations. No, they were too busy being racist.
    Americans watched the daily stories of city, state, and government level officials breaking laws all over the place-and still did nothing.
    There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. You’d think the average American is out tirelessly looking for menial work-or protesting/checking the actions of elected officials/writing letters/sharing info for change. Most aren’t. You’d think parents would be out every single day in front of their kids school board(or congress person’s) offices in order to elicit curriculum/teacher changes. They aren’t. Kids are out of school, unemployed parents are at home-doing nothing.
    Those that are unemployed and without kids are sitting at home also. It has to stop. You don’t need gas to walk to the nearest park and talk with your neighbor about changing things. In the “olden days” neighborhoods would have pot lunches/dinners and BYOB parties to work out how to take down local officials. It only takes a couple of hours a day to work out a plan.
    The finger pointing at equally-challenged neighbors, the “The government is too big to defeat attitude”, the “I’m too busy with…” to find out how to take these politicians down-it all has to stop.
    If people do not decide, right now, to completely stop the workings of their local and larger governments so they can do what they were hired to do or face the wrath of the citizens, they won’t have to worry about it by November.
    Stop pointing fingers, go outside with that person you hate, and change the system.
    Do it right now or you can sit together with your enemy in the house watching TV because by then you’ll ALL be under government mandated house arrest. The rich bankers and politicians will already have replaced you. You really won’t exist on anyone’s radar then.
    Globally what foreign country is going to care, after a certain point, that Americans screwed themselves? More importantly, why should they care-if Americans don’t?
    Walk your talk already. Go outside. Meet your enemy and take down the government that doesn’t support you.

  2. Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant SOB and he makes 35 million a year. The guys’ only skill is flapping his gums together.

  3. Ah…I see. The original justification for allowing millions of wetbacks to steal our jobs is that they were only taking jobs that “Americans refused to do.” Now that no one can find a job anywhere, they’re only taking jobs that Americans are too stupid to do.
    I guess it was silly for me to think that impoverished criminals were invading via the southern border to get free medical help and endless welfare handouts.
    Now I can rest easy knowing that accountants, engineers, and financial wizards are sneaking across the border to help save our nation.

    When the heads start rolling, don’t neglect the media moguls (and media employees) who’ve worked endlessly to deceive Americans out of everything they have. We depended on them for important information, and they gave us a steady stream of bullshit that allowed criminals and tyrants to rob us blind.

    Off with their heads. Every last one of them.

    1. Henry, you’re going to have to get in line, behind me, to rip that four-eyed white bastard’s face off. I’ve been making a list, and he just got on it. I had a good job as a Telecommunications Technician, until I got laid off in Aug. 2008, during the criminal bank bailouts. I wasn’t too worried, because I had been laid off before, due to slow work cycles. I usually got another job in three months, or sooner. Not this time. Installing cable was a big part of a Telecom Tech’s job, and there’s a skill to doing it right. Well, now most companies are hiring wetbacks to do it at minimum wage. I’ve seen their work, and it looks like shit. The more technical parts of the job, which I also did, the owners give to their core workers that have been working for the company for 15 or 20 years, Henry, you know where I’m coming from. I’ve been visiting this site for three years, and you know of my spiraling decline into eviction, staying with friends, and finally shelters and being homeless. The only job that I seem eligible for these days is fighting to take back our country. Well, its time to water the tree of Liberty, AND I’M READY TO GO TO WORK !

  4. Just sighted in my new rifle yesterday. My grouping is still just as good as when i left the army. Frankly I am tired of all the posturing, let’s get this done and over with now so we can start rebuilding our country.

  5. “…. that Americans are not filling because they lack the skills to do so.”

    Oh? Whatever happened to apprenticeships? Or teaching?

  6. Time for me to pipe in, I worked for 30 plus years in the IT field. I started during the boom years of the PC when “The AT”, IBM’s acronym for Advanced Technology PC was introduced. I started at a computer franchise named ComputerLand in Cleveland Ohio.
    I was phased out in San Diego California working for a contractor at the largest network in the world, the US Navy. All business is scripted and more so in the 21st Century than probably anytime in history. The size of modern corporations takes a very narrow script like a cog in a machine forcing you into a very repetitive job. My experience was broad in technical scope, I worked with PC’s, networks, router, programing and software doing service, teaching, prototype engineering and testing both Alpha and Beta. I learned problem solving, critical and creative thinking to do my job. In a world not centrally controlled I would be enjoying a good living working at what I have spent a life doing.
    It is clearly apparent that the reach of the international bankers boils down to each and every person on the planet. That is from where this phony belief comes that there are not enough experienced American workers. The international bankers and the corporate controllers create a depression to transfer the wealth and destroy the expertise of a generation with a con job of such things as ‘derivatives’ and ‘lacking in trained workers’, then keeping us in debt slavery to scoop up all our wealth with foreclosures for a lack of a job to keep our homes and inflation to get the rest who are not in debt.
    Their scheme is nothing less than High Treason, the internationals have no loyalty and once again prove Cicero right in saying, “An enemy at the gate is to be less feared than the enemy within”
    Time to End The Fed, fractional reserve banking, countries borrowing money and dual citizenship. Then maybe, we can all get back to work.

  7. Another thing that would help fill those jobs quicker is if they would stop forcing people to apply ONLINE and be able to apply in person ON PAPER APPLICATIONS. (What about the people who can’t afford Internet access? They say, “Go to the library’s computer and apply there for free”. So I have to go to the library which is used for people to look for books and interrupt students doing research to apply for a job online? Are you kidding me? THIS is your answer?) So innstead, everything including a job at McDonald’s MUST be applied ONLINE and you must take a FASCIST ASSESSMENT or as I put it, a “Psychological/Mental Exam” which is sent to a central office somewhere in another state or country for a job that is down the road from where you live and they won’t even look at your skills or qualifications unless you fill out and answer their Child-like condescending “Mental exam” questions correctly. (such as “Is this your only job you have applied for?” “How would you rate working here? 1 2 3 4 5 and 5 being the best.” and my personal favorite from TARGET store which is completely Unconstitutional and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the job, “How many percentage of politicians do you believe are corrupt in the U.S. government? 20%, 50%, Over 90%?” (No lie! Take the assessment at the TARGET STORE near you and you will be asked this very question.)) Which makes absolutely NO F$$KING SENSE!!! I have a Bachelor Degree and I can’t even be looked at for a job at McDonald’s unless I take a child-like assessment and apply online. How discriminate and Fascist can you be? That is so Unconstitutional, unethical and immoral, it’s not even funny. It’s basically saying, I have no right to work unless I suck up in a child-like fashion to the employer, then he will talk to me and look at my resume? What am I in China or something? These job regulations are disgusting. You don’t have to have two brains cells to stock shelves in Walmart or to give French Fries to people. They use these tactics as a way of saying, “Oh, it is to make the work force more competitive”. What they are really trying to say is, “It makes us feel that we (the owners of McDonalds and the company itself) are very special” (YOU SERVE BURGERS!! ANYONE CAN DO THAT!! STOP MAKING YOUR JOB SOUND LIKE IT IS MICROSOFT!!! YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL!! YOU’RE PATHETIC!!). This is also used to justify their use for being picky because the unemployment is so high. They just want to learn from China and say, “Oh, we want someone to work for us more for less money and have a career with us for just $7/hr and if you quit, it’s not a problem because we can always hire another slave from the 100 Million people who are still unemployed.” Is this what our country has become? A Chinese version of America?

    This Fascist country disgusts me in more ways than one. How people can put up with this crap is beyond me. Bunch of sheeple, if you ask me. It’s no wonder people can’t get hired for jobs when your dealing with these kinds of employers who make up probably over 90% of the job market. Most people want a job to put food on the table. These companies now use that to their advantage by saying, “We don’t want someone who just needs a job. We want someone who can grow within our company and be career/long term minded.” OH PLEASE!!!! SPARE ME THE SAPPY BS LINE!!! Do you really think we are that stupid? Do you really believe the words that are coming out of your mouth when you say that? Do you really believe people would want to stoop that low and suck up and make a career working at McDonalds? Don’t condescend me! I am not a zombie and I wasn’t born yesterday! I remember our country having bigger balls than that. Stop BS-ing each other and just do your job and work. A job is a job unless you work for the government or a public servant which is a different story. Stop promoting Taco Bell like it is a multi-national technological corporation that people can’t live without. You make BURRITOS!!! You are not contributing new technology for the betterment of society or humanity. There’s no need for strong pride in that no matter how you look at it!!

    UGH!! The issue of jobs just pisses me off. It can be fixed so easily by getting rid of Fascist regulations, but that is the reason why we are in this mess. FASCIST REGULATIONS!! Get rid of the regulations and bring the jobs home. Problem solved!! Until then, you’re preaching to the choir as well as dumb sheeple.

    1. I agree with you, NC, on this online application and Fascist ” Assessment Trick Question Exam ” bullshit. I’ve applied for thousands of jobs, in the almost 4 years I’ve been unemployed, and only 3 of them have been paper applications. I had one online questionnaire ask me ” How many time have you got into a physical fight with a fellow employee in the last 5 years ? ” a.) 2 b.) 3 c.) 5. They didn’t even have 0.) And an answer was mandatory ! It’s like they’re trying to trick you into giving an answer so they won’t hire you. I guess my next job is going to be elitist eliminating patriot.

  8. I worked in IT for a few decades. Here’s how it works and I’ve seen this first hand from the inside many times in three different large corporations. The hiring manager and HR find the candidate they want, usually an Indian with a H1b or L1 visa. They write the job requirements to fit that person specifically, then they interview a few Americans, sometimes even telling them they already filled the position, so as to not waste too much time. When they can’t find an American with the “required skills” they are “forced” to hire the Indian.

    By now it may be true, that Americans don’t have the skills, but why would they? Young people saw how their parents in IT were over-worked and underpaid only to be replaced by a cheap imported worker when they started getting a little older. Americans who plan on a career in IT nowadays must be stupid or just like to be abused.

  9. It’s infuriating when I read this crap as another day goes by and another load of unsolicited resumes crosses my desk – resumes of highly skilled people. Here’s what I see now: They’re asking for crap money now as well… IT, engineers, accounting, they’re all out there in abundance and they know the jobs simply don’t exist.

    And NC: Regulations my ass. I run a US manufacturing business. We have more regs from Europe than here. Never heard that before have you? Has nothing to do with the jobs moving overseas. That’s what they tell you, and it’s a damn lie. My material costs are higher than chinese selling price, because of their state support. BS comes in many disguises. Be wary.

    1. Tym,

      I see what you are saying. My wife worked for Xenia House in Denmark at their branch in China doing furniture sales and visiting plants and factories. I know there are alot of regulations in Europe as well and they are in no better shape than the U.S. is. Some regulations are good, but most of them are corporate BS to eliminate the competition and delete the jobs. Ask Romney. Those are the kind of Fascist regulations that I am talking about that are destroying our job market and the economy as a whole. I know it is hard to compete when everything is being made in China and sold for less. But the government (run by corporations (Fascism)) has to get rid of them, make government incentives to bring the jobs and factories back home, raise wages and make most of our products in the U.S. and sell them in order for us to be prosperous again. A start would be to get rid of that damn crippling NAFTA agreement which started this mess in the first place!!

      1. Just to clarify, by “government incentives” I mean have the government give the businesses incentives for moving their factories back in the U.S. to promote products made in the U.S.

        1. When these bastards take US businesses, built in the US with US natural resources including our technology, and move them out of our country, they should be tried for economic terrorism and treason. We build it, they steal it. Any incentive for moving our industry back should consist of nothing more than an attempt to avoid the gallows.
          Of course we must also take away the incentives being paid to them for moving our industry out of our country under NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and all the other treasonous trade treaties these traitors have signed. (There’s a tongue twister for you. LOL)

          1. HAHA!! I like your incentive better, Henry. Makes more sense if things were done the RIGHT way. However, mine is more simply put for those who still follow the sheeple way, rather than extreme drastic way.

          2. Love it, Henry. David Ricardo got it. He believed any businessman that moves his means of production to a developing country for absolute advantage was a traitor to his own country. When I hear them passing this crap as free trade it makes me sick. Too bad the sheeple never research what free trade is. They are traitors, and as you said, they should suffer that fate. I’ll have no quarter for any of them.

    1. Just read it..unbelievable.. this fart blossum needs to sing that shit
      to his deadweight cronies in washington that are stealing us blind.
      Put him in charge and see how many he gets rid of? Romeny is a
      wealthy clown and Barrys catching him.

      1. Whether it is satire or true, I wouldn’t put it passed Romney to do such a thing. Especially when he knows he has secret service protecting him.

        1. “Nobody, not even Romney, is that stupid.”

          This is Romney were talking about here, Henry. LOL Mr. Flip-flopper.

          1. The puppeteer pulling Romney’s strings will make sure he lies to us and tries to appear like our best friend right up until the election.
            The day after, however….

  10. Too dumbed down watching TV for diversions and the Chimpsons to do anything constructive. The sad part is that I am paying for their social welfare to remain that way. When I needed unemployment is was there and due to my hard work, including putting myself through school without a spouse, the administrative law judge ruled in my favor also stating that I deserved same after 33 years of hard work. I very much doubt the slacker meat-heads can make the same claim, and after 3 diligent years I found new employment. Yea, I did take a lesser paying job during that time numb skulls. Yea, and I am also saddened by the circumstances, but then as the 4th branch of government, we have miserably failed, and some of us have already sacrificed enough that is no longer viable for us to help others. Its now up to those 3 million to disconnect themselves from the corporate world and start picking up law books, and anything else that will preserve their posterity. Thinking for oneself could be a real revelation !

  11. Oh…here is more information for you numb skulls…want to continue to fly your cheap Chinese Americun flags…than THINK about this … CHINA is buying exchanges, theater chains, oil, gold, silver, commodities, food and farm land. See this website

    That’s even if you can read.

    Your end is near, and the Chinese didn’t even fire a shot !

    1. I have to believe that the majority of the people reading this site are not the numb skulls you are referring to…right?
      The fact is the people that deserve the tongue lashing you are handing out, if allowed to vote on it, would have this site taken down.
      And as far as doing something, there are plenty of us who have done our share, and yours, over the past twenty years.
      Two-thirds of the population of the United States didn’t even know the first revolutionary war was going on as the other third were winning their freedom and liberty, and it is the same way this time. But we will defeat our enemies, in spite of the loafers.
      By the way, if you would like to help our present effort:

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