Law Abiding Illegal Immigrants

The Latino insurgent 5th column and their supporters are aglow with glee following the socialist dictator Obama’s declaration for blanket amnesty for a large portion of the illegal immigrants that have stormed across our borders for the past 14 years.  If you have been listening to the communists on the mainstream, you have heard this statement a hundred times by now.  “Obama has the power to do this.”

Well actually, no he does not.  This action is yet another treasonous violation of our Constitution, in particular the clauses relating to separation of powers.  We have federal laws in place to protect us from invasion.  These laws have been nullified through an executive dictate.  A few have pointed this fact out, but will anything be done to counter this act of treason?  Well, not by anyone occupying a seat in our treasonous government.

The foreign insurgent 5th columnist, Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez put the situation in proper perspective when he described the foreign born insurgent Obama as the “Champion” of the foreign nationals invading the United States.  We who are American nationals have no representation in the foreign controlled government operating within our borders.  You cannot be the champion, hence the representative, of a foreign national state and a representative of American nationals at the same time, as any contention flies in the face of the definition of sovereignty.

These foreign invaders have entered our country illegally and taken our real property from us in the form of welfare, health care, housing, and our jobs.  This fact cannot be disputed.  Now, with this dictated amnesty, they will be allowed to illegally register and vote for the traitor that has given them our property.  We talk about corporations buying our officials and rightfully so. But would somebody please tell me what the difference is in purchasing a politician with cash dollars or illegal votes?

It was originally said that this amnesty was for 800,000 young people who just want to go to college and pursue the American dream.  Let us look at the reality.  If it were announced that the Obama Administration was going to China to take 800,000 of their college graduates for 2012, give them work visas, and bring them to the United States to compete with our children for the pathetic few jobs available here, what would be the reaction?  This is no different.  At present only 50% of US college graduates can find a job and these jobs are far below their skill levels.

Since the first reporting on the blanket amnesty, the number has risen from 800,000 to 1.4 million who will be eligible.  By the passage of another year we will find out that in reality this number is 8 million.  And of course the flood of new invaders coming across our border is going to increase enormously.

I heard a reporter make the statement, “These are law abiding illegal immigrants” and I think this says it all.  Yesterday, these invaders here illegally were felonious criminals facing arrest, criminal charges, and deportation.  Today, they are full citizens with more rights than any American national ever had.  Crime not only pays, but it would seem that it actually pays quite handsomely.

5 thoughts on “Law Abiding Illegal Immigrants

  1. I live in a very Hispanic state (New Mexico) I don’t know of any Born here Hispanics that favor opening up the gates and letting all of Mexico to come in.
    They along with the rest of us here in New Mexico have seen what happens when there is a bario in any town…….. the bario becomes a slum full of migrate workers and decay.

    The migrant workers live in two bedroom houses that they stuff 30 people into, the rest of the area becomes a haven for whores and drug dealers.

    If you doubt this take a drive through cities like

    El Paso
    San Diego
    Just be sure to do your looking around in daylight hours and don’t be too brave.


  2. Just another ploy to keep us distracted and divided in our opinions so the the ‘government’ can continue to pull even more foul schemes off.

  3. The funny thing (OK, not so funny) is that, these 800K law abiding criminals are going to be directly competing with American blacks for the limited number of crappy jobs available. Plus competing with them in the drug dealing and whoring markets. But 90% of them will still vote for Obama.

  4. Of course our government only hires foreign immigrants. Look at who we had as our National Security Advisers in the past: Kissinger, Brzezinski. And now we have the foreign president Obama. So of course, we are a foreign government. We have no one that was born in the US as our government advisers for the president or even an American Born President. How about we just get Yi Ping from China to be our new National Security Adviser. That would make perfect sense to everyone. How about a drug lord named Carlos, “The Snake” Gonzalez for our ICE agency? Don’t stop there, how about appointing Khamenei as head of Religious affairs for the U.S.? Or let’s put Al-Qaeda as the head of the National Parks since the government claims to have them be the ones starting Wildfires in the Midwest.

    Man this country has lost it.

  5. From bad to worse to even worse still to come. I’m Native American and even I know this is a really really really bad idea. Talk about a diverse group of foreigners and cultures in this country but I guess that was the plan all along. How else were they going to pull it off. Like AJ would say, “you would have to be in a coma to not see whats happening” Unfortunately, those people he’s referring to are my family members. I’m guessing the blacks aren’t gonna be to happy about this.

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