8 thoughts on “AmeriGeddon 2016 full movie

  1. I watched this a cpl months ago and went to vomit after words..it is just stupid and no one had better think strategically like these dumb fks do in the movie…or they’ll be slaughtered…!

  2. (Laughing) “Release the device”. Simon Bar Sinister is the UN President. Ya, it is pretty hokey. Henry aint seen it yet, and Circle K Jones gets called a traitor.

  3. 1. Why is Alex Jones in it?
    2. Why are all of the letters in the movie (such as Army badges and alphabet agencies) completely backwards like I’m looking through a mirror?
    3. Why is a movie about this topic only an hour long?
    4. Why is the camera frame always just below the head? I feel like I have to scoot down and look up just to see what or who I’m looking at underneath the frame. Bad cinematography. Did they even review what they shot on their monitors saying “action” or “cut”? It’s a cinematographer’s worst nightmare.

  4. UGH! This movie doesn’t even deserve a half a star. It’s an insult. I couldn’t even make it past the 30 minute mark. It’s HORRIBLE! I’ve seen bad 1970’s made for TV movies that were better than this.

    1. (LAUGHING HARD!) Agreed NC……Remember the series ‘A TEAM’? LOL
      Like the movie “The Dirty Dozen – Failed Mission”
      If you have never seen the movie, you are missing nothing.
      I guess one has to think that if only one of the lost sheeple gets a clue it’s worth it.
      I posted it because Henry said he hasn’t seen it.
      Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it….

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