Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Embassy Bombings

Another package bomb was discovered in Rome, this time at the Greek Embassy which sits directly in front of the home of the American Ambassador to Italy.  The package bomb is being described as the same kind that exploded last week in the Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome.  No organization as yet has come forward to claim responsibility for the package bomb.

In reference to the two other bombings that occurred last week an anarchist group is taking responsibility.  You will recall that two embassy employees were seriously injured when they attempted to open the packages containing the bombs.  The package bombs are being described as small, basically the size of a compact disc.

Diplomats at all embassies in Rome are presently on edge as no one knows where the bombers might strike next.  There is no indication that the bombers are finished as it is now believed that the whole bombing scenario began back in November when two bombs exploded at embassies in Greece.  The two that exploded were among fourteen working bombs sent.

It is interesting how we are just now getting the full scope of the story in reference to this string of bombings.  Had the bombings in Greece been reported at the time they occurred it would have shown a direct link between the bombs and riots that were going on there, wherein rioters were fighting police using Molotov cocktails and their own version of a riot baton made out of one inch dowels.

I think it is all together possible that there is a group out there, which has established itself in at least Italy and Greece, that has taken the position that if their governments in essence refuse to do their will then they will blow them up.  It could be that the Swiss are being particularly targeted as that country is where the bankers have established their base which can only be considered as a boar’s nest consisting of international criminals.

We can only wait and see how this scenario plays out, but if the international bankers continue bankrupting and then raping countries of their resources, I have to believe it will only lead to more violence. Let us hope we can find the wherewithal to solve the economic crisis in our country before the issue is taken to the extreme.

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