Julian Assange Signs Million Pound Book Deal

WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange will be getting I million pounds for writing an autobiography.  He is reported to be adverse to the book deal but has been left with no choice in the matter.  As previously reported PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard have all but stopped the flow of revenues to WikiLeaks.

It is reported that Mr. Assange has already spent 250,000 pounds in his defense against extradition to Sweden and sex allegations being made by two women there.  It is also reported that his new found wealth will be used to keep WikiLeaks online as the site has lost 425,000 pounds since the incident began to date as a result of the actions taken by PayPal and the two credit card companies.

Assange is still under house arrest and staying at Ellingham Hall awaiting his upcoming court appearances. There is an old saying, “Tell the truth and shame the devil,” however in this case it would seem that it is, “Tell the truth and incur the wrath of the devil.”

Assange has stated that he does not believe the sex allegations in Sweden to be his main problem, but rather the United States’ determined drive to see him prosecuted for espionage.

Assange believes that Bradley Manning, who is the alleged source of the diplomatic cables, is being offered leniency if he will involve Assange in the theft of the information.  If he does so he can only be considered by any thinking person as nothing more than a jail house rat.  As anyone who offers testimony against an enemy of the prosecution in exchange for leniency must be considered capable of lying to save his own neck.  Of course this will matter little to those seeking to annihilate Julian Assange using the underground judicial railroading system.

Not just every journalist, but every free thinking human being on his planet should be standing up and speaking out in Mr. Assange’s defense.

I don’t know if it is a fact that the truth will set you free, but I do know that a few lies can cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands, just like they did in Iraq with the infamous search for weapons of mass destruction which were not but a lie.

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