Angry Texas residents tell how the Biden administration is housing over 500 migrant youths at an all-inclusive $33m ‘man camp’ just feet away from their homes

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The Biden administration is paying $33million to rent a ‘man cap’ built for oil workers and engineers in Midland, Texas, to house 500 migrant youths, leaving residents disgruntled by the detention facility in their backyard.

‘They have doctors, chefs, three square meals a day, they play soccer all day. They are living better than us. I see them in new clothing, they line up for their meals three times a day, and then play and watch TV,’ Midland resident Shon Crabtree tells 

Crabtree, 42, lives across the street from the federal government’s newest unaccompanied minor immigration detention facility that currently holds almost 500 male immigrant youths in a converted all-inclusive ‘man camp’ that was constructed in 2012 to temporarily house workers in the oil industry.

In an exclusive interview from his front yard with the detention facility just feet behind him, a clearly disgruntled Crabtree exclusively tells, ‘President Biden is a piece of s***t. I blame him for all of this.’

The amenities here are in stark contrast to photos released by Congressman Henry Cuellar over the weekend that show a crowded migrant encampment in Texas where 400 unaccompanied male minors are being held in ‘terrible conditions’ in a space meant for half as many.

The overflowing detention center is just one extreme in the Biden administration’s easing of immigration laws as his team plans to alleviate the situation by spending more than $86million to house migrants families in hotels and other temporary centers.

Crabtree woke up to sound of several federal vehicles and buses full of migrant children last Monday morning.

He works in the oil industry and said he and several of his neighbors aren’t happy with the detention facility and with the Biden administration.

‘A week ago my house was worth $300K right now it’s worth zero, because of this detention facility. When I bought my house I obviously knew there was a ‘man camp’ across the street. Oilfield workers and engineers lived at the camp for periods of time. They were professional living there, I had nothing to worry about.

‘Right now with this literally in my front yard, I couldn’t sell it. There is nothing we can do, we are stuck. No one is going to want to move next to a detention facility. They are putting up wired fences, they have flood nights at night and the streets are crawling with federal vehicles.

Crabtree says since last week they’ve had problems sleeping.’The lights are shining through our windows and the sound of the generators running all night makes it hard to sleep,’ he said.

‘And there is zero privacy, the cops generally sit right there in my front driveway, it feels like you are being watched and monitored 24/7. They have three different branches of police over there, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and the state police. Who knows what they dug up into our lives, you just feel violated.’

Crabtree said he didn’t hear a word from state, or Federal authorities about the detention facility, ‘one day I woke up and saw federal vehicles parked out in front of my house. I asked them if there is something I needed to know about. And they said, ”We don’t think so.” I said, ”What does that mean?” And they said, ”Well, we can’t say anything.”’

He also says he’s worried about COVID from the immigrant youths. So far more than 10% of the camp’s population children has tested positive for COVID-19. At least one child has been hospitalized.

‘These kids interact with the federal officers who then interact with us. We are being put in danger.’

Not only is Crabtree wary of catching COVID-19 from the migrant children, he’s worried they may escape. A 10ft. chain link fence is being constructed around the camp but Crabtree says it should have been in place prior to the minors’ arrival.

Right now there is a small wooden 4 ft. fence that surrounds the property. Federal police vehicles are positioned outside of the facility on the roadway 24 hours a day, but that gives Crabtree little solace.

‘I’m worried about some of them escaping and coming to my house and holding my family hostage until they get what they want or taking a vehicle. We are scared.’

He says his wife, is especially terrified. ‘She works from home and keeps the blinds in the front windows shut all day long.’

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  1. As invaders, they would take up far less room if stacked properly or catapulted back to their side of the border.

  2. Whaaaaaa, cry baby, they’ve tested positive for the FAKE fkn virus and our house won’t sell because of this detention center, it’s now worth 0 dollars, and they might escape and hold us hostage, etc, etc.
    Did you ever think about getting your pussy neighbors together and shooting the sh*t out of those that are aiding the invasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? And get your wifey an AR15!

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