Ann Romney: ‘Mitt and I are done’

The Hill – by Jesse Byrnes

Ann Romney ruled out another White House bid by her husband, Mitt Romney, even as the two-time presidential candidate remains coy on another run.

“Done, completely. Not only Mitt and I are done, but the kids are done. Done. Done. Done,” the former Massachusetts first lady told the Los Angeles Times.

The comment came after Ann Romney discussed a research center in her name that the couple plans to launch in Boston on Tuesday. It will study diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s and multiple sclerosis.  

Romney, a man in demand on the campaign trail for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, has repeatedly said he is not running nor planning on running.

But a series of Romney’s comments made during public appearances on national TV, radio and while campaigning for Republicans running in congressional and gubernatorial races has left some questioning whether he is finished.

For now, the former Massachusetts governor is content criticizing an unpopular president and telling jokes at his expense.

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